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Do women like big loads, Do women like big loads look up femme who like twister

Don't let this news be cause for alarm. In fact, it should be kinda reassuring. The bigger you are, the harder you fall, and the bigger you cum, the harder she cums, too.

Do Women Like Big Loads

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Discussion in ' Sexuality ' started by hugeballsFeb 24, Personal info as kik,skype etc.

Years old I am 41
What is my nationaly: Australian
I like: Male

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The only time I come in her I'm fixed is when she hasn't got to come yet, but that is rare.

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I actually prefer to come in her as it feels way awesome. Sexual Health.

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I Naked cougars outdoors fairly large lo, as in several tablespoons full, and she thinks that it is the hottest thing ever to watch. I realize that load size would never matter for a relationship with a woman, but how many girls think of large lo as hot?

Do women like big lo?

Share Facebook. Huge lo?

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Do women find this hot? Add Opinion. Is this still revelant?

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Rissyanne Master. I love to see it.

Huge lo? do women find this hot?

But there is something about him shooting deep inside me. I feel like it is more intimate.

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Especially if he cums a a lot and he cums hard. So you know what I am talking about. It does feel awesome. Up Now! Related Questions.

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Show All. Do girls like a guy cumming on their face? Sort Girls First Guys First.

Savage love: should i warn a woman about large amounts of ejaculate?

KimmyB 2. Ok so to answer Alicias mutated staff question- ya it's def hot, because when it happens I always feel like the guy was wayy turned on.

I think it's hot. My ex boyfriends would shoot out everywhere in big lo, I love watching it shoot out like that. I love that!

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The amount of come would not matter to me, watching in general is sexy but I'd rather feel it in me. Related myTakes. What nearly all my very successful Christian friends do.

Do girls like big lo?

What is more important than beauty in attraction. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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Learn more. Yes No.