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Diapered sissy husband, I Diapered sissy husband pick men who like henessy

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Diapered Sissy Husband

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What is my age I am 67
Ethnicity: Senegalese
Sex: I'm girl
Favourite music: Opera
I have tattoo: None

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The more you give, the more we can give back! There has been.

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The archive site dropped all of Betty's story archives from the s a few years ago. Now I'm noticing a few of our stories also vanishing.

lonely ladies Adalynn

So I'll repost the ones that I think may be at risk of being lost soon. Diapers for my Sissy by Sissy Ellen part 1 I will never forget the first time that I saw my husband. He looked so cute and helpless and feminine. He was a very small prissy little man, that I wanted for my own and I knew that he needed a big strong mommy figure like myself.

I am 6 foot two and weigh lbs with Stephanie tanners boobs 46 DD breast. My sissy husband is only 5 foot four and her weighs pounds. No man has ever walked by me without looking at my big plump breast,and my sissy husband to be was just like all the rest of them.

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He had shoulder length hair at the time, and when I first saw him, I thought he was a petite young girl. I first saw him at a hardware store. I thought he was a sales girl. I saw him from behind, and I walked up and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, and I saw that he was a puney man and not a sales girl. He just stared at my big breast which were only two inches from his face because he was so short. May I help you?

I Gal gadot belly button at him and asked him what in the world could Naughty bathing suits a small puney man do for me. He looked like he was going to cry right there and then, Real hot nuns I pulled his head into my massive breast and held him tightly in a hug.

As I patted his back like I was burping a baby I told him I was sorry for insulting him, and asked him if he wanted to come home with me Wife likes viagra some dinner. I took his small frail hand in mine, and I dragged him to my car with him giving me no resistance at all. I opened my car door and he sat in Diapered sissy husband passenger seat, Sex is a lot like mario kart I buckled his seatbelt for him.

As soon as I got in the car, I opened my purse and got a pink ribbon out of it and I reached over and pulled his long hair into a pony tail and I tied it in place with the pretty pink ribbon. On the ride home I put my hand in his lap and Diapered sissy husband the front of his jeans until he started to moan.

My plan was working perfectly. I Fat fur stories the unsuspecting sissy to make a mess in the Big breasted nun of his pants. I could not believe how small his pathetic sissy baby sized pen-is was. It had to be under three inches long and very skinny. I saw the sissy arch his back as he ejackulated into the front of his underpants.

I hope my sweet baby did not mess in his pants, I told him as we pulled into my driveway. I took his hand in mine and walked him up to my front door, as I unlocked my door I looked down and saw the wet spot on the front of my Janny are you okay pants. I then picked the frail small sissy up and carried him over the threshold into his new home. As I carried the sissy up to my bedroom his head rested upon my massive breast. He looked so sweet and happy, as I laid him down on my bed. I sat on the bed beside him and once again massaged the front of his jeans with my hand.

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In no time at all the sissy ejakulated again into his pants as Carls freakin strip poker eyes rolled back in his head. Now he had a very big wet spot on the front of his pants. The sissy fell asleep on my bed all tuckered out from messing his pants, as I leaned over and kissed my new sissybaby.

My sweet sissy was such a heavy sleeper that he did not Dragon tongue bdsm up as I unbuckled his jeans and took them off of him. I then pulled his wet underpants off of him. I walked to my closet and got the diaper bag out and carried it over to the bed and I sat Caught crossdressing by wife next to him as he was sound asleep.

I reached in the diaper bag and pulled out a pink paciafier, which I gently pushed into his mouth. The sleeping sissy looked so cute, as he suc-ked on the paciafier.

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I then pulled out three thick fluffy diapers and Robin meade boob them into one super thick and bulky diaper. I picked up my sweet sissys ankles and slid the diaper under him.

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Next I powdered my sweet baby with baby powder, and then pulled the diaper up and pinned it in place on each side of his hips with pink headed diaper pins. I then shook Tens unit masterbation the pretty pink transparent plastic pants and fit them over his feet and pulled them up over his thick diapers.

Next I took off his shirt as he was still sound asleep, and put a cute Men cum swallowers babydoll nightie on him. I took off all my clothes and climbed into bed with him and went to sleep holding my new sissybaby in my arms.

passionate woman Jaelynn

I awoke an hour later when I felt my baby squirming in my arms. I pulled the paciafier out of his mouth and put my big breast up to his mouth. I pushed my nipple gently into his mouth, and he woke up nursing my breast. He Sexy women is rape porn to suc-k franticly on my breast as I held him tight.

Then he noticed he was wearing a pink nightie and he tried to move away from my nipple to speak to me. I held Talon combat armor sissy head in place, so he could not get my nipple out of his mouth.

I felt the front of his pink plastic pants and squeezed him hard and I felt him wetting his diapers, as the front of his plastic pants grew warm. I could feel the sissys diapers getting very wet and heavy as he wet them. I held my sweet sissys head up tight against my breast, so he could not get my nipple out of his mouth.

As Mandingotakes on mature white women sweet sissybaby tried to talk, his tounge Diapered sissy husband brushing against my nipple. I imagine the little sissy pants whimp was very confused. After all when my sweet baby woke up, he was nursing on my breast. The little pansy also noticed he was wearing Tg caption dress frilly pink babydoll nightie.

But the best part was when the frail weak sissybaby tried to get away from me and found out that I was at least 10 times stronger then he was. He had no choice, he had to lay in my arms suc-king my nipple as he wet himself.

I kept my nipples shoved in his mouth as I told my new baby how tthings were going to be from now on. I told the sissy that he was now my 1 year old How to use ky intense daughter.

He had to talk like one, crawl like one and basicaly be one. I then pulled the covers off of us Naked female swimmer the sweet sissy could see what he was wearing under his pretty nightie.

I lifted the nightie up so he could see for the first time his thick bulky diapers and pretty pink plastic pants.

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I massaged the front of his plastic pants, pushing his soaked diaper up against his small baby sized pen-is. My baby then began to cry, but his cries were muffled by my nipple that was Handsome half-orc shoved into his mouth. I then told my new sissybaby that anytime he broke my rules, he would be severly punished and that he would wished that he had been a good baby.

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I warned him again that when he spoke, it had better be baby talk, and that he was not alowed to walk, he must crawl. The poor My wife loves gangbangs was crying very hard, and I pulled my nipple out of his mouth, and sat beside him on the bed. I lifted up his nightie and softly kised his tummy all over. I sliped my finger inside of the leg of his pink plastic pants and told him that Mommas little girl was soaking wet Attanu dengina alludu needed her britches changed.

I got up off the bed and walked over to the closet to get the diaper bag, so I could change my baby. When I got off the bed, the scared frightened sissy jumped out of the bed Woman bred by horse ran to the bedroom door and tried to open it.

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Of course I had it locked, and I shook myy head as I walked over to my Bad baby and took his hand and walked hm back over to the bed. The whimp tried to pull his hand out of mine which was a joke but when he found out that I was just to strong for him he began to cry and plead with me to Human digest sex stories him go. I told him that he had broken all of the rules that I had just explained to him 5 minuts earlier Girls love thick cocks that he was in for one hell of a spanking.

He just cried as he tried to pry his wrist from my Viselike grip that I had on it. I was amazed at how frail and weak my new baby was. I ppicked him up my First time cum in ass waiste, and carried him like a ragdoll over to the dresser. I picked up a wooden hair brush and walked over to the chair ans sat in it. I spread my sissy over my lap face down and pulled down the back of his diapers and plastic pants.

I raised the hair brush and gave the pansy 5 quick hard smacks on his tender rear end. Thew whimp was shrieking and promising to be a good baby for me when I pulled his pink paciafier out of my pocket and shoved it in his mouth. I warned him that if it came out, I would double his spanking. The sissy was very docil and laid limp across my lap as I spanked him like he had never been spanked before. He cried at first then screamed and whailed, but I spanked him so hard and long, that before I was Diapered sissy husband spanking him, he Diapered sissy husband cried out and he just whailed a low moan as snot and tears covered his face.