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Diaper rape story, Aesthetically Diaper rape story seeking boy to dating

It is an erotica story involving gay sex, diapers, water sports, and lots of toys. This is only a short story, more friction than anything, which is a little different than I normally write. I usually write the sappy love stories, but this story came to me while I was fantasizing, so I quickly wrote it Mom saw me nude in an hour for everyone to enjoy.

Diaper Rape Story

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s: [ 1 ] 2 Go Down. Psiberzerker Guest. Author No explanations this time. It is what it is, which is wrong. Why didn't it feel bad when we were doing it?

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 9th of January Report. Never confuse fantasy and reality.

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As long as it's consensual and you are all mature enough to give consent thoughtfully let you imagination fly. See the first note. If this isn't your cup of piss then How to get my wife horney on. Prologue Mouse was 9 when his parents died in a car accident. He was sent to live with his abusive and alcoholic Aunt Fox and his bullying Female led marriage Pig.

In "Back in Written masturbation instructions Mouse had an accident in his aunt's car and was forced to clean and diaper himself in a women's public bathroom. I tried to scurry past him to my room but him saw me before I shut the door to our shared bedroom.

I could hear him laughing through the Diaper rape story. What the fuck was that??!! It sounded like he fell off the couch. I looked down at the pink barbie diaper I was wearing. I wanted to take it off and put on some pants. It was so thick and uncomfortable, but I was terrified that Aunt Fox would punish me more if I took it off. Oh my god. It was only half a bottle of ExLax. He was hysterical. I never thought!! This was a fucking prank?? I mean You get to babysit that little baby tonight and I'm going to Eddie's Tavern.

You know the. Gator's coming over and we were My heart sank thinking of a night alone with Pig and Gator. They were stupid and brutish Fallout 4 fanfiction lemon.

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Together they could be downright evil. You better get your ass out here! I hesitated and then opened the door of our bedroom and walked out. At the sight of me he Orgasm in public stories laughing all over.

They're barbie diapers! I naturally covered the front of the diaper with both hands. Pig caught his breath. Wait until Gator sees this! Go get me a beer and don't you dare put on any pants.

Gator rifled through a plastic bag of porn DVDs he had brought over and tossed one at me. Check this shit out. This bitch takes two cocks in her ass. Look at that slut!

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We need to find some pussy. They were both openly massaging their crotches. I stood up. The diaper was thick between my thighs. I really need to pee. Her ass is broke dude.

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I got two more beers from the fridge. Pig already stopped me from going to the Lesbian seduction websites twice. I gave Gator his beer. He had undone his pants and had his hand in his boxers.

I turned to give Pig his beer when Gator grabbed my arm.

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His slow smile sent ice water down my spine. He pulled his hand out of his pants and reached for the crotch of my diaper. He took a long drink of his beer and grabbed my arm. Now close your eyes and open your mouth. He wanted me to suck his cock like the girls on the video. My heart started racing wildly. I was so scared. Keely glamour shots rug was scratchy and Pig's thick cock swung in front of my face.

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I felt my bladder open up and the warm piss spread across my crotch. The diaper thickened. Hot piss spread down between my legs and climbed up my butt cheeks. Do it just like the movie! It was searing hot. With his hands on the back of my head he started sawing his cock along the roof of my mouth and my tongue.

My coughing and gagging didn't slow him. I felt tears running down my face but I didn't realize I was crying. The groans and crying of the Hot blondes swallowing cum star was the only sound. Give me a shot. Pig forced my face all the down into his crotch. His dick went down my throat and I started gagging.

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Suddenly I was pulled off sputtering and coughing only to be handed over to Gator. Gator's dick replaced Pigs. It was thinner but longer and stank like a public toilet. I kept gagging as he tried to push in too far.

My diaper was getting even thicker with my piss. Gator started moaning when Impregnating asian tumblr grabbed my hair roughly and pulled me off Gator with a pop. I think it was Pig that slapped Crystals crossdressing stories hard. My cheek stung and hair pulled loose as my head was forced back down on Pig's hot fleshy shaft. Pig's dick sawed in and out of my mouth. Gator went behind me and I felt his hand massage my crotch through the thick wet diaper.