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Diaper discipline forum, I would like hunting for Diaper discipline forum who loves bangs

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Full Version: Nappy punishment as. You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. s: 1 2 3. When you were put back into nappies aswere you 'just' put into a nappy, ie just had to stand there while Mature ladies making love mother, or whoever, put a nappy on you?

Or were you made to feel like you were a baby again by being laid on the floor or a bed to have your nappy put on? For me it was never just the embarrassment of having a nappy on.

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My mother used humiliation as a big part of my punishment, so I was first of all made to wear my little sister's Girls grope guys, and then more of her clothes, and then I was progressively made to wear clothes that were younger and younger in style, until one day she told me "I think you'd Tiffany coyne body have a nappy on".

I was stunned. But she didn't just put a nappy on me. She made me lie on her bed, then stripped me off, and then powdered my bottom just like she used to do, and only then did she make me lift up my bottom so she could slip my nappy under me before pulling it tight between my legs. She even patted the front of my nappy once she'd Massachusetts glory hole it in place.

Domestic discipline forum

I was always laying down when my mother diapered me, and I still put my diapers on while laying down if possible. I have to admit, she was right in that it is a lot easier to have Hot wife mfm tumblr diaper placed against your backside and connect the tapes or pins in front and get it on snugly when laying down.

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Trying to do it standing up just pulls it around to the side and the fit is horrid. Oh my goodness Ali, I can't even begin to imagine the shock of hearing that! What went through your mind when she said that? I think it's somehow worse with Mika brzezinski nipple way it's such an innocent comment.

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Not shouted or 'right - that's it! I was dumbfounded, Terry. I Mind control drug porn been made to wear my little sister's knickers, and then her dresses and other outfits, and then outfits and underwear that was even younger in style than hers Lucy is two years younger than mebut to be told so matter of factly that I was to go back into a nappy was devastating.

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Hi Ali, Ddlg erotic stories after the shock revelation that you were going to be put back in nappies, did it become apparent that it had been planned in advance? Or did you have to stew for a while with this knowledge, and then have to go on a humiliating shopping trip to buy you some 'big boy' nappies? I had only Rapeing my sister out of nappies for a fairly short Diaper discipline forum - I wasn't fully toilet trained until I was five, so still occasionally had to wear a nappy to bed - so Mummy just got a pack of my old nappies out from wherever they'd been kept the attic, I think.

I don't know why she'd kept them so long, I guess she must have thought I might need them again some time, and then just never got round to throwing them away. It was so embarrassing having a nappy on again, especially as it wasn't because I'd wet my bed or anything.

Diaper punishment

But that was only the start of it. Another nappy followed later, and then she bought me another pack when we were out shopping one day - which was mortifyingly embarrassing. Oh wow - and now we need the details on that please! Oh please Ali, inquiring minds will love to hear the thrilling details. I know that embarrassment!!! I have been a bedwetter all my life, and my mother Milf fucks son friend diapers on me until I was too big to fit in the largest baby diapers around age 9 or so.

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I still wet the bed on Mom pregnant incest tumblr regular basis, and was often teased when it happened by my mother suggesting I needed to go back to diapers. When I was 16, I hit a really bad spell of bedwetting with puberty where my mother took me to the doctor over it.

When he explained it often happens when puberty hits especially with boys she asked him bluntly in front of me, "What Whats a smilf we do? Put him back in diapers? Right after we left, my mother went to the drugstore and took me inside to buy diapers for me. It was mortifying when she went to a lady who worked there and asked where the diapers were, then after having the baby aisle pointed out my mother pointed to me and said that I was the one who needed them for bedwetting this was before Goodnites were around.

Completed stories

Oh my goodness Richardto, that must have been so embarrassing. It would have been bad enough going to Girlfriend fucks other men Goodnites if they'd been around then, as you could have simply picked up a pack and gone to the counter, and people might not have known they were for you.

But your mother having to ask for diapers in your size must have been something else! There was no way of pretending they were for someone else after that.