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Desperate housewives danielle, Thai chica found male to Desperate housewives danielle

Her secret affair with the bad boy in town left her pregnant, which her mother tried to cover up.

Desperate Housewives Danielle

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I'm rewatching season 5 and I'm wondering how they explained Danielle taking Benji away since everyone except Adam thought he was Bree's biological son.

horney gal Mikaela

Whose names did they even put on the baby's birth certificate? They just glossed over that but it's been nagging at me, lol.

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But Bree told her friends everything anyway. They just never discussed his disappearance lol.

sexual teen Zariyah

I completely forgot she had told the others about the baby. Still, the rest of the neighborhood must have been confused XD. I wonder the same thing as far as his birth certificate. So Maybe it was Danielles name.

lonely lady Hayden

But if Benji discovered this later in life how would they explain it to him?? Soooo many theories lol.

Joy jorgensen: danielle van de kamp

And so many potential problems down the line especially if Benji is registered as Bree's son. I guess they just dropped the ball on that one lol.

eye-candy girls Vera

That made me so made as well because Spanked by sibling birth certificate would have made it a legal thing. When it shows Danielle taking Benji away, she tells Bree her husband is a lawyer so not to even bother trying to fight her.

Danielle van de kamp

Which, is probably a logical explanation. I think it was something about her new husband being unable to have kids and she thought 'Hey I got a kid I can rip away as I see fit! Found Getting sucked off internet! How did they explain Danielle taking Benji away? Posted by 2 years ago.

ebony girl Leanna

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