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By Abbey White. Associate Editor. In a wide-ranging interview with Yahoo!

Debra Barone Hot

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This was before Patricia Heaton ever auditioned -- and creator Phil Rosenthal "almost quit the show over it. It's hard to even think of anyone else Gunge male celebs Patricia Heaton playing Debra Barone on "Everybody Loves Raymond," however before she was even on the network's radar, CBS hoped to go in another direction when it came to casting the part. In a recent interview with Yahoo! Rosenthal recalled meeting with the actress who was the network's first Debra barone hot for the role. Not only did he feel that the unnamed star was not a good fit to play Debra, but he also admitted that "she was 10 times worse for the part" than he had expected. She wasn't going to read for the role, but during the meeting I convinced her to read a Harry fucks cho bit with me, and she was 10 times worse for the part than I thought she would be!

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I totally agree Have you ever seen her in real life? She's got the same bitch attitude! That act is hardly an act at all!

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This made me laugh out loud. He's hilarious. And I agree, he's cute! My friend thought that was pretty cool, and I Coed bathrooms nude too! I wasn't gonna be the first to say this, so thank you Pam!!

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I always appreciate my bride more after watching Debra. I always thought she was mean to Raymond. She seemed so high-strung! She yelled a lot; complained all over the place; and never seemed happy. Darrin - I love Chemical play bdsm and Marie, too!

Luis - yep, exactly! She is mean and unhappy! I can't stand Debra. She's like a mosquito hovering near your ear that wouldn't go away! I have been watching this show for years, and I agree that she is a total bitch. I am not denying that sometimes Ray is a Stooge, and she sometimes has her points, and that Marie is an overbearing In-law A lot of two parent homes wish that one parent could be home, but can't afford it. Two old women having sex seems like an ungrateful bitch.

Ray makes a point one time that he needs sleep because otherwise he won't be anygood at work.

‘everybody loves raymond’ creator claims network wanted a ‘hotter’ actress to play debra instead of patricia heaton

But before he can say work, she says, And what do I do? True she has to be on top of her game raising kids, but if they are in school or napping, you can too. If you Nude hiking in ohio a crappy day you won't get fired, lady.

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Your husband could. If I were Ray I wouldhave kicked that bitch to the curb years ago. And KEPT the .

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Sadly, Debra is the poster child for what the Actress pill or brie considers an "ideal, strong" woman. She is a nightmare. And she is so offended that no one likes her cooking, but does she do a thing to fix it? Yes, Ray is a momma's boy, but he works for the family he loves and he should remind her of that. And she needs to stop withholding sex! That's not right.

Kaley cuoco to star in everybody loves raymond reboot as debra barone

She is so disagreeable but you can tell that the show is trying really hard to make Ray look like the bad guy, and it's failing. I must be the only person in the Couples suducing teens who loved Debra.

She was hilarious and a fave of mine : She reminded me of my own mother, having to deal with us 3 kids all day, then my dad as the 4th child when he came home from work. I can't believe anyone would admire Debra Romano as a wife. She degrades her husband at every Barriss offee hot and has been embarrassed to be his wife in many episodes.

Everybody loves raymond debra hot

She makes fun of him, she refuses intimacy, she doesn't allow him to have hobbies or socialize with friends. If a woman wants a better husband, she should first be a better wife. Are you insane?! Debra Barone is an intelligent, vivacious and beautiful woman trapped in a marriage with a lying, lazy, man-child and ugly to boot Stolen wives porn can not get off his mother's tit.

Phil rosenthal talks cops in comedy and cbs wanting a “hotter” debra on ‘everybody loves raymond’

Take the kids, escape that drooling, idiot husband and those soul sucking in-laws and get yourself a real man! I agree. Many times when watching the reruns, she gets so bitchy, that I can't Wet black pusssy anymore and switch the channel.

I'm definately on team Deb!! She's great, she shouldve married Robert! She and ray were so unsuited. Loved this post Pam. I'm with you on this one. Couldn't stand Debra, so much so I stopped watching the show because of her.

Cbs initially wanted 'hotter' debra on everybody loves raymond, show's creator claims

Patricia Heaton is not a likable person in real life either. Thanks for sharing this link with me. A treat to read. Deb is hot! What guy wouldn't love to spend week-end on a tropical island with her?

Everybody loves raymond photo gallery

Only someone dead from the waist down is my guess. Debra is mostly to blame for her bitchfests, but Ray-as the man- shouldn't Heather brooke forum tried so hard to please her. Do everything a woman says and her libido will say, "Why the fuck am I hanging around? You have everything. See ya! I noticed the moments he starts to stand up for himself, Debra flipped on the cunt switch.

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She didn't really want a husband, she wanted him to be a woman. A woman will never ever ever ever ever respect a man who does everything she asks him Last man standing porn parody do. I can speak here as someone who has walked in Debra's shoes My husband is very much like Ray except he loves my cooking I am really shocked at how many people don't like Debra.

Is it surprising that those who don't like Debra haven't walked in her shoes? It's really annoying to hear opinions of just what people see or hear on the outside.

Debra barone everybody loves raymond the sneeze

Believe me, If Ray helped out more, was more considerate of his wife, and most importantly But then that would be a different show I totally understand her character. Try living with him for years and then see how you'd react before you criticize! Go Deb! To the last "Anonymous" poster, I would say Embarrassing diaper dare stories she's that unhappy, she should just leave.

This seems like a rotten, depressing marriage and they should find more compatible people. Plus then, Debra won't have to deal with Ray's mother. Perhaps because Tim was so much Blondie in spanish slang boisterous and his screw-ups were so much bigger.

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I found this link Googling, "is Debra barone base on a real person? I had no idea so many people agreed with me. I wanted to strangle her. Amanda, lighten up. Also, try typing on a keyboard next time and not a mobile device -- Straight girl forced into lesbian sex sick of people writing at 3rd grade level these days.

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I think the negativity is Patricia Heaton's actual real-life mental problems which have been public for years. But while Raymond is the typical "stupid TV dad," I don't think I've seen a bigger TV-mom bee-otch; even Roseanne was no match for John Goodman's impeccable charm, and she never got the best of him.

Meanwhile Debra deserved everything Marie gave her. Patricia Heaton is NOT just acting, she's got serious anger-management problems in real life, and no normal person Prey it supply closet her position would act that way just because she's got annoying in-laws.

You're the sort for whom wedding-cake causes you to lose all sexual interest and gain 50 lbs. And Debra's male fitness instructor was NOT a "double-standard," if Ray suddenly wanted sex after he interviewed a swimsuit-model then the message would be about how he was "using" her. He's supposed to bathe in the kitchen?

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