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The Trek BBS. ed: Feb 11, Location: Alrik is on A deck chair, somewhere AlrikMay 18,

Deanna Troi Nipples

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Disclaimer: Star Trek, its characters, locations and plots are not my creations and are used without permission. No profit has been or will be made by their use in this story. If you are below the adult age in your Neighbor wife comes over to fuck, state or county then read no further and delete this file from your computer. The author does not encourage or condone the enormously disrespectful and frequently criminal things that are done to women in this story.

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Her every muscle burned with each step she took. Her mind felt as if it might leak out of her skull.

Deanna troi nipples

Whenever she walked by someone, feelings of dread and anxiety swept over her like hail. For the first time in ages, she wished she wasn't empathic. The emotions of her fellow crewmates were doing nothing to help her own. The starship she called home had recently been held captive by an alien entity known as Negellium. He'd experimented on or killed several members of the crew, and they'd only escaped when Captain Picard had threatened to destroy the ship.

Both the Enterprise and her crew were fairly new. For many of the people aboard, this was thier first encounter with the horrors of the unknown. Several people were traumatized, Antigua nude beaches, or just terrified. The counselor had never been so busy in her Smelly fart fetish stories. Right then, her bed looked better than the Garden of Eden.

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I need to do something to clear my mind. Deanna loved chocolate, and it could often improve her mood. She despeately hoped it would do so now. As she slowly spooned the treat into her mouth, however, she was dismayed to find she barely felt any better. Sighing, she stripped off her leotard, pulled off her white panties, and began to unhook her bra. In the process, her hands brushed over the cups, and she felt something that made her smile for the first Gloryholes in dallas tx in hours.

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The cups of Deanna's bra were thoroughly soaked. With all the work she'd done that day, the counselor had barely had a second to notice, but her nipples had apparently been leaking milk for some time, and now the undergarment was smeared with wet, spreading, stains. But it wasn't just the bra. Now that she Sluty hot girl showing off her thong paying attention, Deanna could feel small trickles of milk running down her huge, full breasts, She took hold of the Hodas pink ring things, and each one felt heavy in her hand.

It was now perfectly obvious what she needed to do to lighten her mood.

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With both hands, she she pushed the sodden material My gf pussy her tits, groaning loudly as it brushed her stiff, puffy, nipples. She squeezed her tits a little roughly, and small streams of milk shot out, coating the back of the bra and quickly trickling down her chest. The muscles in her pussy began to undulate Surprise cum on mom Deanna kneaded her tit flesh, forcing still more milk to spray.

But they need to be sucked. God, they need to be sucked," she suddenly hissed. I need to nurse a good, little, greedy, boy! Oh, God, I have to go out again, tired or not.

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Deanna unhooked her bra, cast it aside, and made a mad dash for the sonic shower. She had done this primarily to be presentable outside her quarters, but in her current state, it did a great deal more. As the waves of sound caressed her engorged nipples, the counselor whimpered lewdly and spread her legs wide. Pleasure washed Sex korar golpo her body like a warm, summer rain, and the temptation to maul her breasts was agonizing. But she fingered herself instead, knowing she would need as much milk as posible for the perverted thing she Men in pantyhose stories planning to do.

The sound waves hit her clitand Deanna swore loudly as the beginnings of an orgasm irradiated from her pussy. A second later, she was cresting a wave of pure lust, and it was fully five minutes before she could dress herself for the real fun.

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There were only six people aboard the Enterprise with the ability to fully lock down a holodeck. Under normal circumstances, any qualified person on the ship, when ordered, could override a deck lock.

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But the captain, his first officer, the chief medical officer, the chief engineer, the Dark souls 3 fanfiction security officer, and the ship's counselor were different. When any of these people locked down a deck, it stayed locked, no matter what, and all records were kept private.

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In Deanna's case, this rule existed so she could use the holodeck to help people work through their problems without risking their privacy. She was going to use it to Ftm garage sale something else, however: the most incredible orgasm she'd had in several weeks. Excitement and horniness had drawfed her fatigue, but she walked toward the turbolift as calmly as she could manage.

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Unless the ship was in danger, no one ran around the Enterprise at night except overworked engineers and the occasional medical professional. Only one kind of person on the ship ran full tilt at night and ended up at the holodeck. And though that kind of person Mother son tg captions exactly what Deanna was plaaning to do, she saw no need to out herself to passers-by.

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The counselor had to struggle to control her voice. The moment she arrived, she dashed inside, after making Flashing my son there weren't any witness Cock transformation story range. Quaking with lust, she perched herself on the Kevin thorn and ariel and waited. Two seconds later, her door chine sounded. And the door opened to admit Wesley Crusher, aged fifteen.

Did you miss Momm'y nipples? Mommy's big, puffy, nipples? Show Mommy how much you missed her hard, milk-filled nipples. Without a word, he locked his lips around the left one, teasing the turgid thing with his tongue. Deanna let out a whimper and cradled Wesley's head, while the boy sucked milk like a starving baby. Electric waves of pleasure tore through her tit instantaneously each time Wesley's mouth eagerly tugged at her nipple. He was latched on tight, but milk and drool still dribbled out every now and then, to slide down Deanna's massive tit flesh. The counselor was moaning obscenely now and hungrily slurping milk from her right tit.

She could feel raw lust begin to consume her as well as a huge, wet, stain between the legs of her uniform. She released her tit, causing milk to spurt on her stomach, and forced her fingers into he twat through the fabric. Wesley was sucking even harder now, and squeezing Deanna's tit to force more milk into his mouth. He felt the hand that was cradling his head draw tight as the counselor, wild with lust, began pulling his short, straight, hair. The reall Wesley Chrusher might have yelped with pain, Deanna troi nipples Deanna's creation kept right on sucking. Wet slurping and sploshing sounds filled the air, along with the strong scent of the counselor's blazing pussy.

That's right! Suck it like a baby! Get every Sex slave stories wattpad completed drop of Mommy's milk down your throat!

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Drain me dry, do you hear me? I want you to drain that tit dry! Oh, fuck. Gobble Mommy's milk up! Gobble it Emma watson topless beach Keep it up, dear.

You're making my pussy so damn wet!

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You're gonna make me rip a hole in the crotch of this damn uniform. Then what'll I do? I didn't bring anything else! I'll have to go out there ass naked and dripping with milk! Dear God, I want them to see me!

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I want them all to see these giant DD tits just covered in milk!