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David laid face, Swede David laid face looking up boy to flirts

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David Laid Face

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David Laid Natural or on Steroids. This guy is such a fucking twat. Preaching this natural Chin nuts joke. Highly Effective. If there were 3 people who I could punch in the face due to their punchability it would be Zach Zeiler, Justin Beiber, and David Laid in no particular order. Small waist, Delts popping but not TOO.

My age 18
My sexual identity: Guy
Color of my iris: I’ve got lively dark eyes
My favourite music: Rap
I like: In my spare time I love shopping
Tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. OP Taylorswift Start date Sep 10, Who mogs? David Laid Votes: 41 Taylor swifts pussy Jeff Seid Votes: 45 Total voters Taylorswift Unfixable subhuman.

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ed Jun 17, Posts 7, Reputation 19, Time online 65d 6h 28m. Ladyboy morning anal Laid :. Deleted member It's only begun. ed Mar 31, Posts 7, Reputation 17, Time online 69d 6h 17m.

Easily seid. ed Jun 23, Posts 3, Reputation 6, Time online 60d 23h 48m. Young David laid is a literal apex predator faced mogger. Click to expand Taylorswift said:. He is final fantasy character tier pretty boy. I am final fantasy maxxing tbh Gonna grow long dark hair and train Slut confession tumblr Will complement pointy chin. NVRH Professional. ed Sep 19, Posts Reputation 1, Catholic school girl spanked online 16d David laid face 14m.

Easier for David to get laid imo. ed Aug 12, Posts 4, Reputation 5, Time online d 23h 23m. ed Oct 12, Posts 5, Reputation 7, Time online d 13h 39m. Short Ugly and Brown said:. Jeff is 7PSL 8. Typical of a PSL aspie like yourself. Nah nigga. David Laid has higher IRL appeal because his face looks better. JizzFarmer Dark Lookz Mogger. JizzFarmer said:. Cherry picked. Sikkunt23 Retiredhere to look better.

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No affiliations. ed Nov 12, Posts 10, Reputation 18, Time online d 13h 14m. EktoPlasma Xephir. ed Jan 17, Posts 10, Reputation 18, Time online d 3h 31m. EktoPlasma said:.

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Seid is really 6foot next to 6'3 Laid. ed Aug 14, Posts 18, Reputation 36, Time online d 8h 39m. Sikkunt23 said:.

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David is post prime here. His prime was like 19 yrs old. Both are larping about their heights. Jeff is 5'10 and David is 6'1. Laid doesn't look more than 3 inches taller than Old lady sex com in that picture.

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ed Oct 5, Posts 9, Reputation 28, Time online d 14h 38m. What the fuck jeff mogs hard better jaw better zygos better eye better hair better eyebrows better maxilla better uner eye support godlikesz Truthmirrorcoper. Rupert Pupkin Zephir. Zach Aunt saw my penis both. ed Sep 25, Posts 3, Reputation 4, Time online d 9h 58m. Truthmirrorcoper Zephir. Wow another ez win for the perfectly sculpted Jeff seidi only got one thing for you op EverythingMattersCel The chinpill destroyed me ed Apr 11, Posts 3, Reputation 5, Time online d 14h 54m.

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SteveRogers said:. EverythingMattersCel said:. Damn, Laid only 6'1. Makes you wonder how many of these other Forced to drink own cum influencers are frauding their height. Connor Murphy claims 6'3 but is likely closer to 6'1. ed Apr 14, Posts 4, Reputation 7, Time online d 7h 7m.

Warlow Young man lost in space and time. Disgusting rate from u tbh.

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Warlow said:. LondonVillie Pretty boy. ed Jan 2, Posts 50, Reputation 55, Time online d 17h 32m. You take subhumans along your wing as a chadlite and then try to proclaim them as slayers knowing all of us will laugh at them. LondonVillie was right there are so few ch here yet everyone here claims to be one. You're the only genuinely gl member from your group, zaynmaxxer is average manlet and poor frame and indeedhelo is a ht Confessions of a cheating gf cake at Clitoris torture stories. Now give me a vomit react and tell me i'm wrong.

LondonVillie said:. What about MrGlutton? How Pashtun are you? You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Thompsonz Oct 1, Offtopic. Replies 11 Views ArvidGustavsson Sep 12, Offtopic. Replies 14 Views Sep 12, Lmao. Mogs Jeff Seid is the perfect masc prettyboy. MikeMew'sBitch Sep 10, Offtopic.

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Replies 2 Views Sep 10, subhuman incel. Biiyo03 Oct 10, Ratings 2 3 4 5 6.