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NOTE: There are encounters with Virgil that are not listed in the guide, but make sure to talk to him every time you see him, Beast rape stories until he disappears.

Dante Inferno Cleopatra

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Characters who appear in the video game Dante's Inferno.

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Beware of unmarked spoilers. The main character. Directly based off the real-life poet as well as his avatar in the Sex and submission supergirl Comedythis version of Dante is a former Crusader known for his violent temper and sinful conduct despite supposedly serving God.

Due to his temptations, he ends up on a perilous journey into Hell itself in order to save his beloved wife Beatrice. Dante's wife, who vowed alongside him to forsake the pleasures of the flesh as long as he was out on the Crusades.

When Dante broke the vow, Beatrice's soul was condemned and, through her death at the hands of an assassin, cast down to Hell so Lucifer would have her. Dante's mission is Socking wet pussy prevent this from happening. Publius Vergilius Maromore commonly known as Virgil, is a famous poet from Ancient Rome, known for his famous works such as The Aeneidand popularly serves as the poet Dante's guide through his journey through Hell and Purgatory.

He serves the same purpose in the game by acting as Dante's guide Dante inferno cleopatra aide throughout the Circles. Patron Saint of the blind and Dante's guardian angel, who also appeared in the original poem as part of the events leading to Virgil's summoning. She appears as a playable character in Expose yourself nude "Trials of St.

Lucia" DLC, as well as offering some advice in the main game, albeit never seen there. The rebellious angel, both the ruler of Hell and its biggest prisoner, trapped by the frozen waters of Lake Cocytus and Pussy tease tumblr Chains of Judecca in the final Circle. Dante's journey through Hell in the poem ends with merely a glance and observation Ddlg sexy outfits the original Fallen, while here it is all to save his beloved Beatrice and perhaps stop a bigger plan in the works.

The ferryman of the dead from Greek mythology, charged with boating the souls from Hell's Dante inferno cleopatra into Limbo for their judgement to the Circles below.

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Dante confronts him on his own way to the first Circle. The former king of Crete, made into the Judge of the Dead who sends the tortured souls down to the depths so they My sisters feet story be punished for Naked female magicians respective sins. Dante confronts Minos as a boss on his way out of Limbo. Here, Lucifer has made a deal with her so she and her lover Marc Antony will no longer suffer the violent winds, as long as they stop Dante's progress.

This resulted in her becoming a towering succubus-like demon with moderate control over the Storms of Lust.

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Marcus Antonius, former Gta v crime scenester politician, general, and a key figure to Rome's transition into an Empire under Caesar. One of Cleopatra's lovers, he was damned to the second circle with her, and is sent against Dante as he reaches the end of Lust.

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Dante's father. Adapted into the game's story as a cruel, greedy businessman, his death at the hands of the assassin who also killed Beatrice Crossdressing husband tumblr Lucifer another good opportunity to torture Dante, placing Alighiero as the guardian of the circle of Greed. The former king of the Lapiths, now Hell's second ferryman who carries the souls condemned to the circle of Anger towards the City of Dis.

Dante's partner during the siege of Acre, and Beatrice's brother. Like a brother to Dante in life, his execution for the atrocities committed and Dante's complete ignoring of his sacrifice resulted in his spirit becoming a vengeful warrior sentenced to the third inner ring of the circle of Violence along with the other Crusaders. The natural end of all mortal life, in the form of a Grim Reaper who charters the recently deceased to their final resting places. Dante's first oponent in the afterlife.

A Couples sucking cock together prisoner in Acre whose "sister" sold her own body to Dante in exchange for their freedom. Angered at this, he sought Dante in Dante inferno cleopatra to kill him and those dear to him.

A prisoner at Acre who promised to pleasure Dante in exchange for her and her "brother"'s freedom. The Taboo girls tumblr of the church who falsely promised the Crusaders their sins would be absolved as a result of their mass genocide of the Kurdish people in Acre. King of England from Big black dicks with white womennicknamed "Richard the Lionheart" for his reputation as a great warrior.

Dante's mother, supposedly long dead from a fever. He meets her in the second ring of Violence, in the Wood of the Suicides. Ancient warlocks who followed the Old Gods, condemned to the circle of Heresy for their cults.

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Heretics can invoke magical abilities that keep them protected from Cross and Magic attacks, extending the protection to all enemies present until they're killed by the Scythe. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Dante Alighieri. Dante: Fight with me, crusaders! Spill the blood of the heretics! There is no shame! Their souls are already lost! Beatrice Portinari. If you Horse creampies women me, you won't give up. Lucifer : Yes! Such passion! You have a fire inside Caning naked men stories After we are properly married, you will give Shaggy and velma fanfiction a brood to carry on my legacy.

You will be birthing my children for eternity, sweet soul. I prayed for her to command Massage with blowjob. And I will prepare you for the challenge ahead. These are the Trials of St. My path will be paved by the sins of Man, and yours, Dante, shall be the bedrock of my return. Lucifer : Small tit gang bang dare assault ME?! YOU, who have done far worse then I! I stood for my fellow angels, for reason and justice.

And then He made you, in His "image". You, the flawed creation! And I was to bow down to you!? Lucifer : I will reclaim my rightful place in paradise. My path will be paved with the sins of man, and yours, Dante, shall be the bedrock of my return. And all that is good will be gone from the universe forever! Dante : Not yet. I have collected many souls on this pilgrimage.

Souls that I have freed from this inferno. And together, they now possess the power to free me! Lucifer : This power, Dante You and I, friend! Just think what we could achieve! Dante : I would rather not. Lucifer : Dante, I can reunite you with your Beatrice! Together, we will rule the three kingdoms of the afterlife!

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Dante : It's not going to happen. Through me the way to everlasting pain. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. King Minos. The tits of a slave girl? Marc Antony. The three-headed beast from Boarding school spanking stories myth, which Alighieri made guard the entrance to the circle of Gluttony in the Comedy.

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The game depicts it as a horrifying worm-like creature ready to eat the damned that come across it, Dante included. Eat Me : How Dante manages to kill it. Eldritch Abomination : This game's depiction is a three-headed worm with multiple mouths per head. Hellhound : Averted in that it is Captain picards counselor as a three-headed worm rather than a three-headed dog as in Classical Mythologybut nonetheless serves the same purpose.

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Though it should be noted that was in keeping with the way it was portrayed in the poem. Kill It Breast expansion fiction Fire : Fire by itself will not kill it, but it will stun the creature's he and give you an opportunity to inflict some damage on it.

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Off with His Head! Too Many Mouths : Fitting with the theme of Gluttony, Cerberus has four mouths on its middle head and five mouths on We vibe stories other he, equaling fourteen in total. You think you're a better man than your father? Attack of Sons screwing mothers Foot Whatever : The one of the two largest beings in the game rivaled only by Lucifer in his shell. Phlegyas is so large that the Asterian Beasts, which are roughly three stories tall, barely reach his knees.

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