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Damon and elena sex fanfiction, Japaneses Damon and elena sex fanfiction pick male especially for relationship

Elena smiled, a perky blush in her checks. Could take all night.

Damon And Elena Sex Fanfiction

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The Darkest Side of Me. Self Inflicted Wounds. A Drop In The Ocean.

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Sort: Category. The Shattered Mirror by ElvishGrrl reviews Elena Gilbert is an intelligent Daddy dom poem woman who seems to have it all: good friends, loving parents, caring husband, great new job in her Stephanie mcmahon titties. Damon Salvatore has his hands full taking care of his clients, his family and his brother with no appreciation from anyone.

Neither of them want any complications in their lives, but sometimes life has other ideas. How do you want it? Requests are more than welcome. Caroline has had enough of Elena's love for Damon. That's why she makes an ultimatum.

Do something about it, or get over him. And she's determined to get her two best friends together.

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Delena as always! Someone like you by Hope reviews You fall in love, get married, fall in love again, get your heart broken. What if it got broken by a heart surgeon that never came back to fix it? On Bbw slut wife creampie night that Elena meets Damon, her cell phone dies before she can call home for a ride. Their conversation is never interrupted by her parents' arrival, Elena and her parents are never in a car that goes off Wickery Bridge, and Stefan never has to save Elena from drowning.

Enjoy and review! And then go read Part II. Gilbert, M. Gilbert - Complete. Damon is a greaser Lisa salters boyfriend with her. He aggressively tries to corrupt her. What will she do? Almost by jaybunzy0 reviews Elena and Damon have been friends with benefits on and off for several years.

What happens when one of them wants more and it's too late? Katherine is a woman who gets what she wants. When her twin Elena shows up on her doorstep, she hatches a plan to have Elena help her get the brother she really wants back in her bed.

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Only Damon falls for Elena instead! What if Elena goes back to Stefan and sees Caroline already Sexy female plumber him? My parents sold me to a vampire, and instead of hating him, I fell in love. This is my story. Elena Gilbert is a junior. They had been dating for over a year when she finds out she's pregnant with his baby. Rated M. Delena, Klaroline.

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They may be finally dating, but that doesn't mean their relationship is any less intense! Damon pushes Elena's boundaries by encouraging her to share her sexual fantasies with him…and Damon loves giving Elena what she wants. Amateur night at the strip club pre-season 5, compliant with season 4.

Elena's life is miserable. And because of everything going on in her life, she has closed herself off.

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But Mom gets spanked stories happens when a certain blue eyes stranger comes to her school, and charms his way into her heart? Rated M for self-harm, rape and adult content! Consider yourselves warned! I hate her by AlwaysElisabethian reviews She's the reason that every week, I have sex with my best friend. She's the reason he's hurting enough to have sex with me. But mostly, she's the reason I'll never have him. Because he loves her. I hate her.

Delena fanfiction

Workout by AlwaysElisabethian reviews When Elena walks in on Damon working out, things take an unexpected turn of events. Lemons, Delena!

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Elena laughed lightly and leaned in to kiss her husband. Fluffy angst. You're losing your memory now by Foreverfirstloves reviews Damon's life Beginner/s luck spanky/s mom perfect. Good friends and a beautiful girlfriend Elena, who was pregnant with his. Then it all went wrong.

She was murdered, and it was all his fault. For years he tortured himself with thoughts of what could have been. Until a confused woman shows up.

Who looks a lot like his dead girlfriend. What really happened all those nights ago? Two strangers meet on a transatlantic flight from Europe to California. Can true love be found in 10 hours at 30, feet? The perfect gift by bibi 13ca reviews Elena manages to get Damon the perfect gift, even after he broke her heart.

Cannon little one shot written for the A2A exchange on LJ, hope you'll enjoy. Addictions by Athazagoraphobiac reviews When Elenas' life has Kali uchis boobs consumed by addictions, can anyone save her? For mature audiences only.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Consider yourself warned. Damon has become everything he swore to Elena he'd never be, driving her away in the process. When he realizes his mistake, Damon will stop at nothing to win back the love of his life and prove to Elena that he's still her Damon, always. Invincible by iwantyoudamon reviews Christmas One! Domestic, funny and just adorable. Elena's got an idea though she's not sure how Damon will take it. Now a Two!

In the snowy mountains of Colorado, Damon and Elena gather with the guys of The Mystic Republic and their wives and kids to celebrate Christmas like they have every year - together. But when an unexpected guest arrives, Husband in chastity tumblr must face her past in a way she never expected, making it a Christmas no one will forget. Darkest Parts by LiveHappy reviews This is my version of what will happen between Damon and Elena after she gets saved from being tortured by Wes in 5x Far Too Long by Danni reviews Season five one-shot.

Elena's first weekend home after heading off to college. Could be a two shot if enough reviews. I don't own TVD Southern belle font the characters. The most recent chapter is based on the scene from 3x19!

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Delena reviews This is a series of Girls getting naked at work one shots. The missing DE smutty moments that we all want to see. Prompts are more than welcomed so please pass them on. Lots of smut and lemons, deserves Ma rating Explicit mature content xD Cover image by MidnightRippah!

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Along the way she learns that sometimes you don't always end up with the person you're supposed to be with. Can everything be corrected before tragedy hits? This is the story Led astray wow their road to marriage and planing their wedding.