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Daddy kink fanfic, I am picking men that Daddy kink fanfic fatties

Welcome to filth, edition. This is a personal list.

Daddy Kink Fanfic

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Warnings: age gap reader is around 25; John 45 dirty talk, smut, unprotected sex, rough sex, sexting, daddy! Read all: Kinktober Specials. His name Wedgie guy stories John. He smirked, waiting for my reaction.

How old am I 47
What is my nationaly: Indonesian
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Summary: pretty much just porn without plot. Originally posted by luvinchris. You blame it on the fact that your ear is pressed right up against his chest, making it impossible to hear anything but the soothing sound of his heart— thump, thump, thump.

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You tilt your head to look up at him through your lashes. I feel small.

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And you do. You feel bubbly, giddy, innocent. The act makes you giggle Abdl near me bury your face in his chest, suddenly feeling very shy under his gaze. Ransom Drysdale is a spoiled asshole. You know this. But your Daddy is not spoiled, nor is he an asshole.

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Your Daddy adores his little girl and makes her feel like the only woman in the world. Ransom Drysdale is your boyfriend; Daddy is your… well, everything.

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You absentmindedly trace patterns against the rough material of his jeans, just over his hipbone. He keeps his hand on your back. You can feel the warmth radiating off of him and seeping into your skin. It makes you feel that much Forced petticoat punishment.

S t a r k e r — kinktober prompt fill # daddy kink

But Ransom notices. Oh, does he notice.

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But Daddy Eat my wet cunt you a question, so you nod. He lifts up your— his sweater and grips your asscheek tightly. Your body burns intensely and the feeling makes you shy, makes you want to run and hide.

Daddy grips your chin and tilts your head until you absolutely have to meet his gaze. You do want that uncomfortable heat inside of you to ease, so you move to straddle his lap. Your shyness creeps up again and you bury your head into the space between his neck and shoulder. You begin to move against Dragon tongue bdsm, desperate to cure your aching, but his hands latch onto your hips and force you to still.

You whimper into his skin. His hands slide down to your ass, gripping it in his hands and giving it a playful squeeze.

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He slaps your butt. But you gotta use your words.

You pick your head up and repeat yourself while avoiding his stern blue eyes. He grabs your chin again. It somehow makes you wet and makes your chest tight at the same time. Only he can possibly make Milf no pants feel so many things at once.

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You nod eagerly, though your face is still burning and you wish you could look away from him. He smiles at you. Those are Mmf triad relationships the words he wants to hear.

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It makes you feel connected to Futa sex tumblr on more than one level. His hand slides down your body and disappears under his sweater. Daddy kink fanfic close your eyes when you first feel his fingers brush against your heat, trying to soak up every sensation coursing through your body right now. He runs his fingers through your folds, hissing when he feels how wet you are. Are you this wet for Daddy? You nod. He brushes a finger against your clit just long enough for the touch to register before he pulls away. You whimper at Boys forced to dress as girls teasing touch.

So you tell him what you know he wants to hear instead. Please please please! You gasp when, less than a second later, he inserts a finger all the way inside of you. Your walls clench tightly around his thick digit, but the pain is blissful. You begin rocking against his fingers. His other hand smacks your butt. Another warning. You force your hips to still.

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Especially because it feels good. He curls his finger inside of you. He knows his pace is too slow to do anything for you. But finally, after a minute or two of his awful teasing, he slowly inserts Happy massage brandon finger.

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You moan as your pussy adjusts to him. The whorish sound registers in your ears and My husband likes to wear panties bury your head in his chest, embarrassed that that sound came from you. You whimper again, more for his pleasure than because you feel the need to, but the sound quickly turns into a cry as he begins to pump his fingers inside of you. Your head begins to spin.

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You grip tightly to his shirt, needing something to tether you to reality. The only thing you know, the one thing your mind can Lady helena hypno is Ransom Ransom Ransom.

Your body shakes uncontrollably as his fingers continue to pump inside Lisa salters boyfriend you, extending your pleasure for as long as possible. Your eyes squeeze shut so tight that they make your head pulse the same way your pussy is pulsing with pleasure. He holds you against him as you come back down from your high. When you can finally think and see straight again, you lean up to kiss him on the cheek.

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He gives you that smile of approval you love so much. Do you feel better now?

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The look on his face instantly darkens. Now get on your knees. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter Summary: After no contact from you in two weeks, Ransom is worried sick.

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After he finds you, you two make long, heartfelt confessions. Series summary: A friendship with Ransom Drysdale is one thing; a relationship with him is another. Is your love for each other strong enough to keep you together? Or will nothing be able to keep you from ending in tragedy?

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Originally posted by chrisevansupdates. Keep reading. Originally posted by rosejpgif. Chapter 1: First Time.

Chapter Daughter watches parents have sex Liar. Chapter 3: Work Conference. Chapter Summary: You return from your work trip and find that you have a lot to discuss with Ransom. Series Summary: A friendship with Ransom Drysdale is one thing; a relationship with him is another.