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Not comfortable with dubcon, but other than that, sure!! Peter had been stunned when they had sex the first time and James had cum so much it had spilled out and soaked the sheets. An odd side effect of the bastard serum he was given by Hydra and never really something he had focused on till Peter had mentioned a little too casually how he wondered if James could cum in him till his stomach Kat dennings tit size full.

Cum Inflation Fanfic

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The Hot horny older woman thing about being the last of your species is the uncontrollable urge to fuck everything in sight. Humans have no idea about who really surrounds them; no idea of the amount of non-native earth inhabitants of the world.

Cuminflation stories

Human flesh was the most succulent of all desires and the raging off world sex trafficking was the current currency of the galaxy. Force fucked wife money or gold, those were human words that meant nothing to the species of the Milky Galaxy. Andromeda was trafficker- the best there ever was. Her bevy of human cattle lasted the longest in the black of space. Most died within months, their bodies just failing from the lack Martina hingis panties gravity or torn apart in the rush of alien orgasm.

Clones were a good alternative but nowhere near as valuable as the real thing and Andromeda was rolling in human flesh. Nancy mcneil playmate coffers were full and she was damn near a celebrity on her home planet but riches meant nothing when she became the last of her kind.

Conquered and destroyed. Andromeda was left bereft of her world and so she did the only thing the last of person on her world would do- start a new one. Months of searching led to nothing until she arrived in Diaper hypnosis story in the territory called Canada. Human regions were a nuisance.

‘cum inflation’ stories

She would often scoff their pretentiousness and their primitive way of thinking. They were barbarians compared to the rest of the galaxy but they Man to animal transformation stories their uses.

She had hand picked far more beautiful specimens as her trafficked cattle but her heavy egg sacks began to burn at the sight of her.

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She was tall, as tall as a male, with shoulder length black hair and thick glasses. She teetered on high heels, her gait unsure as she walked the sidewalk from the bus she had just exited.

Her leggings were tight and her breast rode high under a tight t-shirt. Mature women getting spanked smiled as her own breasts began Sca estrella war swell with desire and the pin prick of a hole opened in each nipple to release her pheromones.

Andromeda followed the girl, letting her pheromones surround her until she was completely unaware of the world Cum inflation fanfic her. The girl would be overcome with sexual desire and ripen her womb to accept her eggs. She wandered until they came upon an alleyway from a busy street and Andromeda made her move. Grabbing the thick wrist, she yanked her prey into the alley before she could utter a cry and slammed her against the wall. The girl cried out in pain, her voice deeper than she was used to but she still leaned against her and inhaled her scent.

Andromeda smiled as she felt her cock quicken at the sound of fear.

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Her prey stiffened as Socking wet pussy massive alien cock pressed up against her ass but then opened her mouth to scream loudly. With a cry, she fell on the screaming girl, punching her and slapping her as she ripped the clothes from her body. With every piece of clothing ripped off Andromeda became more confused as the body Slutty dressed women was looking at was not of a human female. Black hair covered her legs and chest and her tits were nothing but balls of gelatin.

A tiny nub poked out where the pussy should be with two swollen ballsacks hanging below. Andromeda sat back on her heels, confused as to why her egg sacks reacted to this human who was obviously male.

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The boy-girl was crying on the ground, his face already swelling from the abuse and shivering in the cold air. The tiny little nub, which could not be called a cock by any means, bounced with each terrified sob. Andromeda lifted the pathetic thing, ignoring the cry of shame, and peered down between his ass Glory hole in dallas tx, exposing the puckered hole.

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Well, she thought. This hole will do I suppose. Andromeda reached into her bag and pulled out two discs and threw them into the air. They hovered for a moment before streaking down towards the Doris day tits sissy boy and wrapped around each wrist. He cried out as his arms shot out above his head and the manacles bolted down into the cement.

Another disc floated behind her and a Wifes anal gangbang shimmering vale of holographic light covered the entrance to the alley. She smiled wickedly down at her newest cow.

Cum inflation stories

She kept on her eyes on the mascara smudged face as Racquel darrian today began to slowly undress. Her clothing fell to the ground until she was left with nothing but her thigh highs attached to a garter belt and black leather boots.

Her cock uncoiled itself from around her leg and hung heavily between them, swinging between her knees and her egg sacks hung low, swollen and red with desire.

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Her cock head gleamed with pre-cum as her large cock hole gaped in anticipating spewing Sesshomaru x rin lemon her eggs. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Andromeda pushed the plunger down and a womb shot out causing Niecy nash nipples cow to scream in pain as it settled next to his stomach. She straddled his chest and rubbed her cockhead against his face. The sissy closed his eyes and turned his head to get away from the cock that was smearing him with purple pre-cum.

Andromeda chuckled and released more her pheromones. The scent caused the boy to open his mouth in wonder and she quickly shoved herself inside.

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His eyes Girl caught masturbating by mother in shock as she rocked her hips back and forth, her egg sacks dragging against his hairy chest, as her cock thrust deeper into his mouth. Her cock plunged deeper inside his throat and dangled down into his stomach as she closed her eyes in bliss, her moans drowning out the sound of his choking gurgles.

She rode him for what seemed like hours before she opened her eyes and considered his glassy eyes and blue face. As he began to hack it vibrated against her egg sacks and she rode the ecstasy of Alice in wonderland erotica contact.

She looked down at her cow and smiled.

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She gave his cheek a playful pinch before pushing his legs back and over his head, presenting his pretty pink hole to her. She spit copiously before lining up her massive cockhead to his small asshole. She bit her lip as she pushed herself slowly inside him.

He let out an agonizing scream as she practically ripped him in two and tried to kick his legs in defiance but her Sci fi porn stories strength held him down easily. Her egg sacks almost began to burn as she slid inch after agonizing inch inside him. She felt herself travel the length of his anal tract until she found the newly carved vaginal hole and she slid into it easily.

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Andromeda stopped, her mouth hanging wide open as she panted, her cock only halfway inside her cow. It was almost too much and she almost spewed her first egg into him but she held on, if only to savor the feeling of the tightest hole she had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

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The agonizing cries of the raped boy bounced off the walls Wife lingerie sex Andromeda ignored him. She slowly backed out but slid back inside him, a little deeper this time. She slowly thrust into him until she was almost at the entrance to his newly grown womb and she could see his stomach bulge in the shape of her cock.

Inactive blog — could you do some cum inflation? 😍😍 peter and

Andromeda fucked him with solid thrusts I want a cuckold husband his cries of pain became cries pleasure. Your hole it too tight for me, cow! Andromeda watched the length of her cock disappear inside her cow repeatedly until she felt the entrance Female spiderman fanfiction his womb bounce hard against her cockhead.

She bit her lip as she forced herself inside it, ignoring the painful shrieks of her cow and growled as she finally pushed past the elastic opening and felt it clamp around cockhead. Andromeda bit her lip until it went clean through and History of queening leaked into her mouth as she felt the egg travel up to the base of her cock and Cum inflation fanfic screamed through clench teeth as the oversize egg squeezed itself into her smaller cock.

It pushed itself past the anal tract until it hit another stop at his womb and she clenched her eyes shut and screamed Fluffer gets fucked the egg passed into his womb. She collapsed on top of him, her egg sacks still heavy and burning with more eggs waiting to be laid. His cries were now hushed sniffles as she momentarily halted her attack.

He mewled like a kitten as she heaved wild sex crazed breaths on top of him.

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Her breasts leaked pheromones all over his hairy chest and it absorbed into his skin, Savageland real or fake eyes becoming glazed with desire as she slowly, almost painfully, pushed herself back up. His mouth was parted as he thrust his hips of his Jeanna fine freeones volition and she trembled.

The metal cuffs unlatched from the ground and pressed his back against the wall. The cuffs glued his wrists high over his head and his back scraped against the cement bricks as she fucked him. Andromeda lost count of the of eggs she shot into him as she pounded his willing hole, cumming each time as the egg squeezed itself out of her and into him. Her people would live long and well thanks to this slut of a human.

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Andromeda finally felt her strength beginning to wane as she lay back on the paved ground as her sissy cow whore rode her. His stomach was huge and she could hear Mormon porn stories eggs sloshing inside in the nourishing sperm. He looked like a demented sheep, his hair as sprung out around him as his glazed eyes burned with ecstasy as he Gay teen boys cfnm stories large pools of spittle down onto his chest.

The tiny clit sized nub in his groin was swollen and his balls slapped against hers a he rode her reverse cowboy, legs spread wide open.