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Cum Faced Tumblr

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Ok here cums water :. Facial and cum kiss. Facials and cum face clean up. Sleazy dream chat on tits and face, cum kiss and cum clean up. Cum face clean up. Thanks for this submission!

Years old 37
Nationality: I'm from Canada
Color of my iris: Warm blue
What is my gender: I am fem
Hair color: I've thick hair
I like to listen: Folk
Stud: None

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Just epic facials

The summer after high school I got a job at summer camp They put me in a bunk house with 2 other guys He also served as the lifeguard for the lake front. Couple weeks in him and I got pretty close Late one night we had gone down for a late night skinny dip in the lake Ky and snuck Skyrim kill vittoria vici bonus into our cabin to find ourselves alone Ky surprised me and pulled a bottle of Smirnoff from under his bed and poured us both a drink I had never What does dick you down mean drank before but played it cool.

It was also hot as hell in the cabin, with barely any airflow so we both had stripped down to our underwear. Just two guys hanging out We started wrestling on my his bed and next thing I knew he had me pinned down I felt my dick swell but when I looked down so was his. We both smiled and laughed Cum faced tumblr it felt so good. Ky pulled away I felt his hands massage and feel my firm ass I let out a loud moan!!!

I moaned with pleasure. His tongue probing my ass It hurt Ky kept splitting my cheeks open and licking deeper and then Probing me with one, then two and then three fingers!!! He leaned down and kissed me.

Fuck it hurt He kissed me again until he was deep in me. He held me there and kissed me!!

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Then he slowly starting pumping in and out of my tight ass!! I was cumming So hot!! He grabbed my ankles and picked up pace He collapsed on top of me My whole body was tingling I want more!! Posts Likes Archive. Oh yeah reblog if you want to serve a tranny goddess like Celebrities exposed and forced gangbang. Reblog if you are looking to meet other Tumblr members for sexual encounters.

Yes please! We are! In it. OK, you talked us into it….

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Yes we are! Yes…for sure :.

Yes I am looking for a couple to ply with every now and then. We are!! I can dream…. I can hope!!!!! Sure are, but very selective…. Amen to that!

We have! Could be. It depends.

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Hell yeah. Still going both ways and still wanting to get some! Yes I am and bi here. Like this one. It most certainly is!

Would really love to!!!!! Curious about location lol. Recently Liked.