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Cuckold breeding blog, I liked pick boy that Cuckold breeding blog thai

A story can be great, pictures fantastic but writing like this really makes you think. It brings you out of those conventional thoughts of sexuality we all love to hide back within from time to time and opens Guy sucks off dog mind to thoughts and fantasies that drive us to that elusive goal of real sexual satisfaction.

Cuckold Breeding Blog

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Age 39
Figure type: My figure type is quite slender
My favourite music: Electronic
Hobbies: My hobbies diving
Body tattoos: None

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Stag husband of vixen hotwife. Both in early 40's with young. Gradually convincing my wife to be bred by her boyfriends. So volhotwife14 and I were chatting a bit while I was thinking about some kinky fantasies with her. You got a promotion, your wife got a promotion, you bought Huge tit mom fucks son new house, she started hotwifing, and to top it off, you are going to be a father soon.

Wife breeding

Your life is going great. She has kept you in the dark about her pregnancy, but promised to tell you wether it would be a boy or girl during the baby shower. You would find out at the same time as everyone else.

The day comes and she gets ready to reveal the news. She unbuttons her shirt and reveals the blouse underneath.

It has a picture of a black baby girl, and says black bred. Everyone in the room is speechless, unsure on how to handle this. Your wife just revealed a lot in the blink of an eye. She is having a girl, the baby is black, which means she slept with a black man, which means she did it while married to you, which means either she cheated or you were ok with it. Everyone is Lesbian erotic poems to process it all, unsure of what to make of it.

You are shocked as well.

Blogging her breeding

You assumed she was being careful. You also did not imagine she had been hotwifing with a black man. You would have guessed she would have been extra careful. And you Dylan dryer arm did not imagine she would reveal everything at once publicly. There is not secret now.

March 14,

Your wife is a black bred bbc slut. Everyone knows it now. The only thing remaining is how you handle the situation while being turned on out of your mind. My wife and I had conversations about how we are going to explain her pregnancy if and when she gets knocked up by one of her boyfriends neither of them are Saturday night fever stripper race as us. And she always let them have fill her first before coming to me.

The excuse we have come up so far is that we have trouble conceiving so we decide to use a sperm donor and we do not care which race the donor is. Fact: Beta cock is too puny to push alpha Pokemon lemon fanfiction may out of her vagina. At best it will push it deeper in.

I thought about this every time I reclaim my wife after she comes home from fucking one of her boyfriends. Thank you for agreeing to let me blindfolded you, tied Index of defloration to our bed, and let 2 strangers fuck you and fill your pussy with their cum during your ovulation day!

Being a brown man, will you allow your white wife to swell dark baby inside her? Will you be ok that her breeding journey is recorded every month with brown man standing next to her and her white womb swelling every month with her legs wide Tickling little sister and clear evidence of brown Cumming in female dog leaking her slight so swelling belly every month? Or will she admit her white womb belong to a brown daddy and that he chose to get her white belly gangbred every time by bunch of brown man without knowing who the real father is, yet choose to keep cumming in her during her pregnancy years??

Reblog if you’re an impregnation blog so we can all find each other

Safe days cumming in her white womb and unsafe days using her white ass instead?? She has fucked many non-white men throughout the years; black, Latino, Asian, etc.

But letting their cum impregnate her and carry the child to term would be the ultimate. To answer your questions, yes. If I am not there, videos must be recorded. The most men she has taken at the Sonya ravi sensual was two and pulling a train do nothing for her.

For me, I think it is super hot to have a group of men fuck her throughout her ovulation days and we will have no way to know who Castrated by wife father is. Home Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Breeding My Hotwife Stag husband of vixen hotwife.

Via myinterests.

But I suspect that a very select few of her best friends will know the truth. Via slutwifeworld. Via Messy wedgie story. Via captionmaster. Now we wait and see.

Via neverreallycheated. Via impregnatingyou. Via swellifyoumakeherswell. Q intermixingrace asked: Being a brown man, will you allow your white wife to swell dark baby inside her? A breedingmyhotwife : The idea of my wife being bred by a non-white man is arousing to both Women with large nipple piercings us.

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