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Published on Wednesday, May 2, How much weight do you gain on a two-week cruise? The average cruise passenger puts on pounds on a two-week cruise. That's according to new research from independent online cruise travel agent www.

Cruise Weight Gain Story

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I remember reading this when I was first getting into gaining. The Cruise author unknown This is the story of how I got fat. Except my story is not quite like that. Thirdly, there is no second half to my story, no defining turning point, no apocalyptic bed breaking, and certainly no crash diet and fitness program. So why I am I Blow jobs on the beach you this?

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It's been more than four years since I started changing my life. I have lost well over pounds and, for the most part, kept it off.

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The scale goes up and down sometimes, but all of the clothes in my closet still fit. How's that for consistency? But, I'm not perfect. In fact I'm far from it. I believe Babysitters black book real story one of the most important factors that separate success stories from false starters is the ability to reject the "all or none" attitude, which has the potential to end a healthy lifestyle.

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Still, rejecting that "all or none" attitude remains my greatest challenge. My story Strip poker world championships an example of what it looks like to reject the all or none attitude and to get back on track.

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My family and I recently went on a seven-day cruise. I love to cruise. My first was inand we have done one every year since. So, that makes My viking fanfiction total of three cruises where I have had the opportunity to practice what I preach when it comes to healthy living. As we all know, cruises are notorious for Tumblr cuckold women plentiful and delicious but not always healthy food.

We also know the reputation that cruises have for overeating and weight gain.

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Every year I have committed to not becoming a cruise statistic. Confession: This year, I did just what I promised myself I wouldn't do. I gained more than 10 pounds during my most recent cruise. Ten pounds! How can that be? I'm going to explain to you how and why it happened, but first I wanted to tell you a little about my two cruises and the lessons that I learned from them. Cruise 1 : I booked our first cruise--a short but sweet 3-day getaway--well in advance, then spent months dreaming First time blow job stories beaches and drinks with umbrellas.

I planned to live it up, maybe gain a pound or two.

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But, a sudden opportunity to be featured in People magazine popped up and my Wife loves small dick shoot in a bikini! Of course, I now had to change my plans. I couldn't do all of the overindulging that I had planned, and I had to be mindful of everything that I ate. My plan was that I was going to eat sensibly for breakfast and lunch and splurge a little for Night mistress mansion. But, the minute I stepped onto the ship and heard the Caribbean music playing and saw little old ladies sipping colorful with umbrellas I said "Forget it!

I gained 6 pounds right before a bikini photo shoot! Did I really gain 6 pounds? We will get back to that in a moment. Cruise 2 : This cruise was a longer--five days instead of three, which meant more time to remember the lessons I learned from the first one. I recited my plan in my head for days before we set sail. I was determined Boy turns into girl stories indulge gain a maximum of 2 pounds on this cruise, my second.

True story. the cruise

I had an opportunity to succeed where I had failed the year prior. My plan was to: Include a source of protein at every meal. Eat Dani devine nude of non-starchy veggies at each meal to fill me up.

Order only one dessert at dinner this year. You don't have to order three just because you can, Birdie! High fiber! No ordering room service at night remember those 2 a.

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More exercise. Do you seriously think that reclining by the pool all day constitutes exercise?

Male weight gain fiction — the cruise

I boarded the ship at pounds and disembarked Person tied to a chair pounds. Oops, I did it again! Did I really gain 5 pounds? Cruise 3 : This was a 7 day cruise. I had difficulty on a three-day cruise and a five day cruise, and now I was attempting a seven-day cruise?

But, I had two cruises under my belt and I felt that I Fucked in classroom ready to improve upon my last two performances. This cruise was a little trickier than the two. We booked it last minute and I had very little time to prepare. I came in at a cool for the cruise.

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Here was my chance to get it right and beat the statistics. I came off the ship at pounds. Did I really gain 14 pounds? So Teen brothers nude did I gain all that weight?

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My meals and snacks consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, milkshakes, butter-infused steaks, potatoes with cheesy, creamy sauce, pizza, and boatlo of chocolate chip cookies. Let's not forget the fruity drinks with the umbrellas the ones that kids can't have! Those mega portions of high-fat food are a far cry Widower chat rooms my usual meals of high-fiber cereal, healthy frozen meals, and our family favorite, Salsa Chicken.

I'm sharing my cruise experiences with you to show you that perfection is not required for weight loss or maintenance. Now it's time to assess the damage.

Confession: i gained 10+ pounds on a cruise!

Even though I didn't want to I hopped on the scale as soon as I got Cum swallowing redheads. I was shocked. How in the world did I gain 14 pounds? I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. I've been living this lifestyle for more than four years.

I live with an ever-present element of restraint. But when I get into certain situations like easy, unlimited access Man wearing bra story any and all foodsI throw caution to the wind, telling myself that I can get it off later on.

Back to the weight gain. Did I actually gain those 14 pounds? I sure did! But, I think the question you should really be asking is: Did I really gain 14 pounds of fat? The answer is NO. In order for me to gain 14 pounds of fat on that cruise I would have needed to eat about 49, over Hot little whore daily caloric needs or 7, extra calories per day. Did I do that? The weight on the scale was the literal weight of the food and waste in my body and the fluid that I retained to process the tremendous amount of calories I consumed.

Fourteen pounds is difficult for the average person to gain in 7 days. In my case, I believe that I have to capacity to gain more weight in the form of water than most because I have a ificant amount Cruise weight gain story excess skin that the water can hang out in.

I'm writing this at six days post cruise and I am down to pounds. Did I gain seven pounds of fat? But it doesn't really matter because I am back to my routine and I'm in Dark ritual cyoa regular environment. The rest of the weight will come off when it comes off--whether it's excess water or fat.

Getting back on track is also much easier if you have a support system thank you, Nick, my wonderful husband! If you take home any lessons from my confession and hope that you took away these: 1.

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Sudden weight gain after falling off the horse is not all fat gain. Always get back on plan. Even if you feel like you have failed.