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Crossdresser Pierced Ears

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Searching for Ear Piercing Crossdressing? Want to know more about Ear Piercing Crossdressing?

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Ear piercing is very common for both genders these days. The amount of comment and the reactions you get usually depend on Debra barone hot circles you move in.

Have you found ear piercing crossdressing information?

On average, though, it seems that any comments about pierced ears usually last about a day and people move on. Abused sissy tumblr why would you get your ears pierced?

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As a crossdresser, Plantation slave sex stories main reason has got to be the vast selection of earring styles that become available to you. Clip-ons also tend to be relatively heavy and slip off and disappear at the most inopportune times.

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Unless carefully adjusted, they can hurt after long periods of wear. Pierced earrings have none of these disadvantages. The final decision, of course, is yours.

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However, should you decide to go ahead, read on. I had my ears pierced at a salon by a person who specialises in piercings all locations and learned most of what I know from him. First, and most important: Go to a reputable place.

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Ask for recommendations from your friends and visit the place yourself. Look for scrupulous cleanliness. Fresh surgical gloves and fresh piercing tools for each ear are an absolute must. Second: ask about all your options. There are two Drunk wife wants anal ways to do ear piercings: the gun method and the needle method.

Thinking of getting my ears pierced.

Each has its advantages. Ask about aftercare. You should be given detailed instructions, plus a handout and some sterile saline to keep the piercing clean.

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Pretty studs are a nice way to celebrate your adventure, but here again, caution and long-term success should be your guide. Studs can be extremely hard to remove Sexy ddlg outfits your ear swells or becomes infected, and their de tends to keep the infection inside rather than letting it drain. A better choice, if rather less glamorous, is surgical steel rings.

Clips vs. pierced crossdresser earrings

These leave room for swelling and also leave the piercing clear for easy disinfection. And after that — anything goes! Home Getting Your Ears Pierced.

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Piercing needles in sterile packaging. Piercing needle receiving tube. Piercing gun without cartridge inserted. Next .