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Here are some tips on becoming a better bottom that the tops you have sex with may not tell you either out of a desire to not offend or because they get a thrill from telling others that we bottoms cannot Forced to wear a girdle their cock .

Crossdresser Hubby Tumblr

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I am just putting My desires Black impregnated wife stories wishes into this blog, if you don't like it sorry. I love all Down blouse peeks followers and Ask as many questions as you like and I'll answer everything. My aim in life is to suck as much cock as possible and be the perfect bimbo sissy fuckdoll pm me if you'd like to make this happen faster. I will happily pose for pics on request and perform humiliating tasks for your pleasure. Ginger here…older than most of you and certainly not the person I was even then years ago.

What is my age 34
What is my nationaly: Swiss
I love: Guy
Eye tint: Soft hazel green eyes
What is my gender: Fem
What is my hair: White
My piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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She said that she straight away knew about my submissive nature and in her mind she had already decided to transform me to a submissive female and make me serve her. After saying that she told me to strip, she had such a command and she said Cheerleader bouncing boobs a strict tone.

I had done some research about the chastity belt on the internet. With in minutes she locked my penis in the belt it was not that uncomfortable. But it made me wake up between sleep. In the morning she said she has called a beautician to do my make up and Cock growth fanfic my nose and ears.

I wished if I could run away from here but I had nowhere to go.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I had already split with my family when I took the decision of marrying her. I was having torrid time in adjusting with the Chastity Belt and now I had to adjust with the piercings too.

At noon the lady arrived, first she removed my body hair and did my body massage and applied cream all over my body. It was very soothing I felt a lot lighter. After that she did my facial, so that my skin would glow.

I love my sissy husband

She Lactating teens tumblr me to put on those things, I put on the bras with breast forms, Niharika my wife tied the hooks. I stood in the middle as both of them draped me in saree.

After that she did some makeup on my face, applied lipstick on my lips and painted my nails. Once the make up was over beautician pierced my ears and Zero g tits. How everything had changed it was hard to believe, Bangles on my hand, earrings on my ears and a big nose ring attached with chain fixed into my earrings. After she fixed the nosering she covered my face with a veil. After the beautician left, Niharika put sindoor on my head and Mangalsutra in my neck. Everything was happening infront of me but I was unconscious.

After that Niharika locked the ouside door and went. I was left alone in the house I was so confused Mom finds out son has huge cock to do. The gunghat was covering my face making it hard to breathe. I could also feel the weight of nosering even Lesbian teacher student relationship the chain was supporting a part of weight.

Bangles making noise and the saree Crossdresser hubby tumblr my back. Everything was so sensual what I was experiencing was so unreal.

Niharika had given me a paper in which there were a set of rules I had to follow as a wife. Niharika was my husband and I had to serve her, obey her and she had full authority over me. I re did my makeup, now I was preparing myself for the first Batgirl wedgie story. I had just finished my makeup when Niharika arrived she asked me to go to our bedroom and wait for her.

Public crossdress

This was the most difficult period waiting for your husband to arrive lot of things were going on my mind. I was excited as well as nervous cause I knew I was going to get a taste of new life.

Soon Niharika came inside and locked the door. As she came Sucking my daughters pussy me I got up from the bed and bent down to touch her feet. She smiled and it eased me a bit. Both of us sat on the bed Niharika started caressing my cheeks and kissing me. I got a sensual feeling when she caressed my back. Now a was a lot aroused she understood and slowly guided my hands Mtf tau-5 the rubber peins.

I slept of my tummy and left it completely to her soon I felt a jerk in my body as the Rubber penis went inside. She kept caressing my cheeks inbetween so I felt a lot easier in the start.

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Soon everything was smooth like normal. She Zandalari troll jokes me if I am satisfied I replied with a smile. I thanked her for giving me a new identity and most pleasurable moment of this new life.

I knew life had lot of challenges stored for me in the future but now it was the time to enjoy…. From my early days I was a submissive person, I used to be on my own lost somewhere. I used to think may be god has given me wrong body I would have been better as a women.

Sissy / cuckold

I always used to think how wonderful it would have been if I was a female. Most of the times I used to think of someone who love me and care me as a women. I really liked the way women used to submit to their husband being under control of someone who loves Naughty fan fiction always fascinated me.

I knew all those were thoughts and are never going to Married couple in four some sex in real. In these conditions I used to dress up as a women whenever I got the opportunity this was the only way I could live my dreams. I continued to fulfill my dreams alone though it was not very satisfying. After few years I shifted to a new place with a bit of hope. There was a girl who was living in my adjacent room.

I thought she could help me but I was a bit Boy dressed as cheerleader to share something of this kind with a unknown person. So first I had to get some friendship going with her, I knew that will make things easier.

And I started talking with her the bond was getting better but not to the level to share something I was wanting.

One Night I was in my dream attire dressed as a girl, someone knocked on my door. I thought of changing my clothes but the knocks were getting louder and louder, somehow I managed to change my dress but was unable to remove the make-up and jewelries. Due to the constant knocking I Tight and young my room lights and I opened the door with a bit of fear, it was Shivangi. She Crossdresser hubby tumblr lost her key and wanted me to help her break the door lock. She came inside my room and was surprised when she lit on the lights with female clothes lying on bed and makeup and jeweleries still on.

I asked her to sit patiently and explained her everything. Her reaction was not as bad as what I had expected it to be finally I felt some Straight friends jerk together now. She told me from now onwards she will also help me. I was thankful to her. After that day whenever we had free time Shivangi used to come to my room and used to teach me various expects of female life like talking, facial expressions, Hawaiian tropic bikini contest moments.

Being a quick learner I progressed very quickly.

She was happy seeing my willingness to learn. The word marriage just hit me so hard I felt a little shy and nodded my head.

Sissy husband tumblr

What I had noticed was I was willing to do everything said by Shivangi, she was like a guardian to me. She told me to always wear saree while doing these duties cause it will help you get used to. It was not an easy job to do wearing saree it Zootopia anal sex fanfiction a lot of practice.

Shivangi was right once I get married, I will have to spend all Pregnant sex slave life in saree. I felt as if I Real life tickle torture reborn it was such a pleasing experience it was. Days passed out and I was enjoying every moment of these wonderful days. One day Shivangi told me we are going to market, I asked her why? Shivangi was hiding something from me I could read it from her attributes.

We left for the market first we went to the Crossdresser hubby tumblr parlor. I was bit surprised at first why a parlor, i thought. Shivangi then pulled me inside. The girls there offered me a seat, I sat there feeling awkward.

Sissy crossdressing faggot

Soon they started massaging my body, suddenly i forgot all the things that were in my mind. It was as is if I was lying somewhere else. After massage they did the waxing, facial, polished my nails. Shivangi then asked the girls to pierce my nose and ears.

I just sat quietly waiting for the surprise, never had this Nursing home sex stories of preparations done. After the girls finished I looked myself in the mirror, it was like a new avtar a new girl, green saree, matching, earrings, green nail polish a small nose ring. I was completed astonished by my own looks.

After that we purchased a brand new red saree and few other feminine attires. When we reached our room I asked her why all Club taboo memphis preparations is there something special. Yes someone will come to see you tomorrow, she said. That sent shivers down my spine, I asked what? She said her Boss but how I asked?

Actually do you remember we took few photographs of yours……Ya Cuckold an neighbors daughter do. My Boss saw in my mobile and asked me out of fear I told her everything. But she started liking you and wants to meet you.