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Clois fanfiction nc-17, I searching somebody who Clois fanfiction nc-17 henessy

Within the Smallville 'verse, I generally like all the characters except for one in particular and seldom do I ever read Clois fics, with this character in them.

Clois Fanfiction Nc-17

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This story takes place sometime between Season and trust me, it will satisfy any UST issues! In addition to any recs Dick in a box halloween costume wish to post at any timethe comm has monthly rec challenges issued by the mods! Herein is the complete list of all Manifestos ships, characters, and fandoms done throughout the history of het-reccers.

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Please consider all these stories as part of an alternate universe. They follow on from Season Six of Smallville and do not adhere to the canon set in Season Six and beyond.

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Elements of later seasons may appear in my stories but for most News reporter strips live, this is my take of a show that was always a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately for them, their vacation away le them to becoming sacrifices for an ancient Aztec Cult. As Clark comes to South America to find his missing friends, he runs into mysterious billionaire Bruce Wayne, who may just have secrets as great as his own.

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Rated NC An encounter with blue kryptonite finds Clark completely powerless. As he adjusts to life as a human, a powerful enemy emerges with des on acquiring Kryptonian DNA. Only with Bruce's help can Clark hope to regain his powers and keep Skinny nude movies secret from being exposed to the world.

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Self bondage experiment years after Chloe Sullivan's death, Clark Kent returns to claim his destiny as Superman but while it's easy for the world to embrace the Man of Steel, its far more difficult to mend Lois Lane's broken heart. Clark Kent now firmly established as Superman, reconnects with Bruce Wayne after five year away.

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As they rediscover their friendship, their dynamic is changed by Big black gaydick certain Amazon princess with a quest to save the world from an ancient power. Rated M. The mysterious arrival of Kara Zor-El gives Clark Kent a connection to Krypton he never imagined while in Gotham, Bruce Wayne find a young boy facing the same tragedy of his own life.

Updated 2nd April Based on the Episode 'Hydro'.

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Brainiac knows he can never count on Clark Kent for help to resurrect Zod but Kal is a different matter entirely.