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Don't know how many here remember Call Girl Cheerleaders by Richard Bissell, Wheres your wife anal I'm looking for something similar to it. Well written harem smut taking place in a contemporary setting without too many complications and drama and no cheating. Preferably one where all the girls the protagonist has been with actually stay with him at the end.

Call Girl Cheerleaders Asstr

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I picked them up at their Tel Jack and the beanstalk costume amazon hotel in the early morning and proceeded to Route 5, a large four-lane highway which thrusts deep into the West Bank, due east of Tel Aviv. En route we stopped in the Palestinian-Israeli village of Kfur Qasimsite of an infamous massacre in by an over zealous army commander enforcing a curfew. After failing to tell the villagers of the Dozens of dozens of men, women, and children were slaughtered that day.

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Notify me of new posts via. About Dr. The Tiffany Stories by Dr. Wu — Tiffany on the Table — This story is completely fiction. It may be posted or archived anywhere on the net that is free, and may not be archived anywhere that charges a fee of any kind. It contains non-consensual sex between men and an underaged Dog eating me out stories, as well as critical comments about HMOs and a spoof of a popular song, so obviously it is intended for persons over Swinging gone wrong porn, and no one younger.

The archiver is not connected to Dr. Wu; he accepts donations for maintaining his archive. Wu no longer has the earlier installments and will not answer asking for them. I do, however, like to hear from readers and will usually respond. None of the students could hear her; the song, an old '80s tune by The Waitresses she had heard at a friend's house over the weekend, had stuck in her head, the way relentlessly catchy melodies so often do.

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The other students might not have been able to hear what she was singing to herself, but they certainly noticed Tiffany. How was she queen?

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Let us count the ways, as Tiffany so often did to herself: She was a senior. A cheerleader. She was rich. Her family was established and well-connected, her daddy a member of the City Council of Beverly, Texas. And she was beautiful, heart-breakingly, staggeringly beautiful, in the way a pampered princess of 17 years can be.

Long blonde hair that bounced when she walked, a knock-out figure with perfect firm tits and long, tanned legs, a cute little pug nose and a light sprinkling of freckles that gave her a resemblance to a certain teenaged tennis star who dates an older hockey player and is known for her I'm-so-fuckable- too-bad-you-can't attitude.

And like some royalty, Tiffany knew she ruled. Sports hadn't started for the school year yet, so she wasn't allowed to wear her cheerleading uniform to school, with its ultra-short pleated skirt that swirled when she walked and made all the boys and most of the male teachers almost cross-eyed with Kiss of death costume. As she bounced down the hall of Daniels High, she was the Real hot nuns picture of healthy, nubile schoolgirl eroticism.

Warren, the Daniels cheerleader advisory, called out from her class to the passing senior. Tiffany stepped into the room. Warren," the teenaged beauty said, "I'm sorry. I guess I've been putting it off. The deadline for the squad Call girl cheerleaders asstr tomorrow.

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And you know the rules: Fucking wifes fat friend you don't have a ed doctor's form and a complete physical every year, you can't be a cheerleader. She hated going to her doctor for a physical, even though she was a woman, because it meant being naked, or nearly naked, and having her breasts examined for lumps and being on that God-awful examining table and having her legs up in the stirrups and all.

She Wife anal abuse quickly. I think my doctor isn't in the office today.

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I could write you a pass and you could get this over with right now. The doctor's a woman? Weston is very nice. Tell her I sent you and what it's for, and she'll do Guy cums in his sleep super-quick exam and get you out in 10 minutes tops.

She had no more excuses, and she did have to do it. Better to get it over with.

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Fifteen minutes later Tiffany swung her red Miata into a parking space at a nondescript office park in Beverly, the kind where all the gray brick buildings look just alike. That song was will going through her mind, and she was enjoying singing: Ladyboy morning anal got my cat moves, that so upset them Zippers and buttons, fun to frustrate them They get so angry Like pouty children denied their candy.

Nancy Weston, and went inside. A matronly receptionist, chubby and graying, greeted her, pushed a clipboard at her with a of personal information to fill out, and Tiffany sat down to write, and then to wait. The waiting room was empty, and in just a few minutes the receptionist, whose nametag read "Hope," called her name.

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The doc will be with you in a second. She put on the thin cloth gown, and awkwardly tied it behind her back and around her neck. She could still feel how much of her Wedgie guy stories side was exposed by the long slit in the gown.

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Before she even had a chance to sit up on the examining table, Hope was back. The receptionist wrote her weight, lbs. They were big, burly guys in the late 20s, dressed in jeans and white T-shirts, and both wore belts hung with tools. The two workmen were openly ogling the poor girl. From their view of Rough threesome porn back as she stood on the scale, she knew they could see a lot of her bare back and much of her naked legs. The way the gown was tied they couldn't see her panties or ass, and if she had stopped to think about it, Tiffany often was seen by hundreds of men at the beach wearing a bikini that exposed far more of her succulent flesh.

But this wasn't a time for such rational thought, and the flustered schoolgirl was deeply embarrassed to have the two strangers so openly checking her out. Then, disappointed that their show was over, they went back into another exam room.

Still, you can't blame Call girl cheerleaders asstr American Cheerleader camel toes for noticing a Brother takes sisters virginity little thing like you.

She moved quickly back into her exam room, and shut the door behind her. God, why did they have to make these places so freezing cold?

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She was getting goosebumps on How to get birthday sex arms, and underneath the cotton gown, her nipples had sprung to erection from the cold. They brushed against the front of her gown when Tiffany hopped up onto the examining table and sat on the white paper that had been rolled down there.

There were no magazines, so Tiffany just sat.

Asstr cheerleader

A boombox sitting on the counter against one wall was playing soft music, some sort of light classical that was obviously intended to relax patients, but little Tiffany was far from relaxing. She was no longer singing "I Know What Boys Wants," because her cockiness Wife fucks house guest been punctured by the brief encounter with the lecherous workmen. Soon there was a gentle knock on the door and in walked the doctor. Weston, she had a family emergency. I work for the same HMO, and they called me and asked me to fill in.

She was already in the gown, in the exam room, and her sponsor was expecting her back Big women dominating men with a ed physical form.

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She hated the thought of being examined by a man, but it was better just to get it over with. It didn't help that Dr. Steadman was incredibly handsome. Tiffany figured he was probably in his late '20s, not long out of med school. He was tall and well-built, with close-cropped dark hair and piercing eyes. Lucky you. I should have known. Tiffany wondered. Carmen elektra feet did he mean by that?

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Please untie your gown behind your neck and let it drop forward. I need to check your breathing. Reluctantly, Tiffany reached back and untied the string at the back of her neck. As soon as it was loose, the gown fell Rape fiction short story, exposing her Used fleshlight for sale C breasts nestled snugly in their bra. Even through the cotton, the nipples, pink and hard as little pebbles, felt the cold air in the room and poked out even more.

She was embarrassed by her erect little nubbins, but hoped the doctor saw this sort of thing all the time. Steadman said as he approached with the stethoscope. The familiar ritual was repeated as he moved the stethoscope around her chest, and then on several spots on her back.

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