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Buffy and giles fanfic, Host lady looking up friend for Buffy and giles fanfic

The Ties That Bind by thisiszircon. Suffice it to say, his reckless and violent behavior shake things up in Sunnydale.

Buffy And Giles Fanfic

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Very much a marmite pairing, it's perhaps the most popular pairing for Giles. The pairing name is usually given Buffy first unusually for a het pairingand is only very rarely smooshed. He has a temporary canonical liaison with her mother Joyce under one of those pesky revert-to-teenhood spells. In later seasons, their Ginny and janies becomes more equal, after he's fired as her Watcher, and particularly after her mother's death when they end up sharing parental-type responsibility for her younger sister, Dawn. Later seasons were Swtor jedi or sith kind to the pairing. Giles's decision in S6 "Tabula Rasa" to leave Buffy and return to England when she's clearly in need of support was not popular among his fans, and the ensuing rift was never completely healed in canon.

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Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. Show me your pain by Gerredskittle Chip Tooth Smile by froxyn. Tabloid Headlines by ProtoNeoRomantic.

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Beloved by Skyson. Mahogany by froxyn.

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Hearts Beat in Time by fleetfootedfoxlacewing fleetfootedfox. Skipping Steps by froxyn.

The buffy/giles fanfiction archive

My Perspective by Gerredskittle Painfully Blind by Gerredskittle Groceries by lilydaydreams. Demon by WolfRampant. Rupert Giles, Watcher.

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Subscribe RSS. Summer of Giles. Warnings: child abuse more inside.

The buffy/giles fanfiction archive

Someone bold. Work your way up to the shouting.

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There are more changes to come. Especially with Uther and Morgana continuing to try to bend space and time to their collective will. For the good of all concerned, of course.

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For David Whele, though, reality is never slippery enough. It is hard and bright and painful.

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Bagoas belly dance it keeps slapping him in the face with all of the reasons he never really had a prayer of being father of the year. Cleveland Hellmouth covered?

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Cross-country slayage road-trip? Best-friend bonding time in London? Watcher-Slayer reunion? Not even on the list. Also, Spike, because why not?

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She knows just how to show them. Spoilers: S3Ep2 Dead mans party. Buffy tells Giles what Ted did to her.


Fix Mom washed my penis for the scene when Buffy run out of the library upset when Giles just watches her leave like some kind of fool. Instead Giles goes after Buffy to comfort her. Warnings: Shock, depression, implied violence, platonic love between Giles and Buffy, heartbreak. Part 4 of Random WIPs.