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Bruce banner fanfic, I liked seeking friend that like Bruce banner fanfic

Bruce Banner Syndrome describes the situation where the character tag for a secondary canon character usually on Archive of Our Own is overrun by fics in which they're a minor character — sometimes so minor that they don't even have a speaking part or appear in a scene.

Bruce Banner Fanfic

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I feel as though the characters r a bit ooc oops. Originally posted by peteparkrrs.

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And you can continue writing if you want :.

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Originally posted by littlemisssyreid. Tony looked at him like he was insane. Bruce Banner, leaving early? But then Femdomsissy-stories he had been doing this a lot lately.

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He would come in early, and leave on time. He never really had a good answer, and if he did, if you asked about the reason the next day, he would have forgotten Hot wife fantasy stories excuse. However he only left early every few days, mostly on the weekend or Fridays.

Using a fanfic to break down privilege and introduce service-learning concepts

Tony noticed the odd behaviour a few weeks after the Battle of New York, and has been going on for a few months now, nearly a year. They went to his desk and tried searching for anything- a calendar, a journal, anything. Despite knowing Bruce would probably hulk out if he saw them Cowboy nails plano through his work, the two spies started searching as well.

All the Avengers were curious about where he was off to. Why walk?

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He has a car. As they made their way there, they started contemplating reasons. They scanned the area in the obvious bright red sports car.

“bruce banner can be an asshole”

Natasha had complained that it was a bad idea but Tony begged differ. Nat just pat his shoulder. He nodded realising and went back to looking ahead. They saw Bruce headed down the road, and they got out the car and followed behind Rita du clark as stealthily as a super solider, a deaf man, a strong independent woman and a famous Billionaire can be.

Brucebanner stories

They saw he was sat alone at a table for two. Nat rolled her eyes. They Do flight attendants cheat in silence before the bell at the door ringed. Bruce saw her and stood up smiling. They then watched him give her a hug and a kiss, and give her the flowers, which got him another kiss, before she sat down opposite him.

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They all looked at each other. Bruce was dating!? Cutting to you and Bruce, you were having a nice cup of coffee with your boyfriend. Judgement of naaru knew Bruce was sneaking around to keep you a secret since the media would be all over it if they found out, and the Avengers was another matter.

Bruce banner syndrome

You had met Bruce one night getting mobbed by the press, and you on purpose went down an alley and screamed before circling the block quickly to see the press had Phone sex audio tumblr to investigate and you quickly pulled Bruce away. He made the joke that he owed you Men sexing dogs life, in which you responded by making it up to you through coffee. You knew about the other guy before you met him but you admitted during the Battle of New York, he actually saved you.

You had a lot in common, being reserved, quiet people, and you made each other smile. You looked back at your boyfriend.

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They tried to cover their faces with menus and by Tickling little sister down their chairs. He sighed, and cursed under his breath. You took his hand to get his attention back on you.

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You finished and paid before walking out hand in hand. Natasha and Steve had to drag Clint and Tony back to the car to stop them stalking you both.

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The Downblouse blow job day he came into work with everyone in the lab wiggling their eyebrows, in which he glared. You got a call later that day by the avengers, apologising for ruining your date.

You had a pretty good idea what happened. Thank you for reading! Hope you liked it! If you have any questions or requests, please send them in! Bruce Banner x fem! The reader has a severe allergic reaction to something and is taken to the infirmary at the tower. When she wakes up, she finds Bruce at her side, worrying about her and refusing to leave her. Originally posted by stove Bruce rarely left the lab Asmr stories to read it was by force or the end of the day, or the big guy was needed for a mission, which was rare.

It was because of this, Swinglife erotic stories you usually came to him instead of going out for dinner.

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Keep reading. Request: Hey girl!! Could I request a fic where the reader is an agent and comes back Injured twisted wrist, cut on cheek, and bruised ribs from a mission with the avengers and while in the hellicariar they find out that Sharing my wife sex stories gets car sick and Bruce helps her out?

— monster - bruce banner

Thank you! Sports groupie stories bad news being that you were too injured to work for a while. This included a pained wrist, a possible new scar on your cheek and pain in your ribs that made it hard to walk.

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Request: If you havent done something like it already could you do a bruce banner x fem! Originally posted by writers-square. Her appearance was an immediate warning that something was needed, or Tony and Bruce were in trouble, though most likely Tony. However, with her greeting being towards Bruce, he knew he was the subject, and immediately straightened up and faced the woman.

Originally posted by petils. You had been with Banner for nearly over a year now. You managed to make him smile when he was low and stressed, Who is brandi belle you could get him to open up when he was the most silent. If something was wrong, they knew you could make it right, which was pretty vital when it came Jen the lyft driving slut the big Stories of horny wives. Request: Hi!

Love your stuff! Originally posted by dailymcugifs. You had been seeing a scientist for a while now, that scientist being Dr Bruce Banner, who is also an Avenger. That started the routine Bruce banner fanfic you every day getting him his coffee, and lots of small talk, before he asked to go get it with you.

Simp nation — a different kind of green (bruce banner x reader)

Request: Honeypie, love your lod: can I ask one in which the reader is young and beautiful and starts living in the tower with the avengers and she flirts with all of them just for fun, and all of them think that she is in love with them and at the end they start fighting except bruce banner cause he is insecure and ask reader which one would she choose finally and she chooses ruce and very funny dialogues First time fucked by a dog love u.

Originally posted Young exhibitionist stories fandomnationwhore. You were a specifically chosen by Fury for your abilities in manipulation and seduction Bruce banner fanfic. A fresh start of instead of being the villain, being the hero, though you carried your nickname of being The Siren along with you, and with pride.

Originally posted by brolinjosh. Bruce smiled, taking a momentary break from his calculations to take it and take a sip. Running late?

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When you finally talked to him it was a weight off his shoulders. The R has a secret they self-harm. So he sets up a meeting with the crew and the next day R walks in and the crew have to act normal but then comfronts Strapon domination stories R but the end is very fluff.

~lazy doodles and fanfic~ — undercover lover (bruce banner x fem!reader)

Originally posted by pirateavenger. He turned as you walked by to go to the cupboards, starting to Michelle mylett butt them for an appropriate breakfast choice. Good news, he was not next! In fact, she accepted him as her mate, he learned the crane mating dance and now every year, he artificially inseminates her with crane semen to expand the very endangered crane population.

True story. Sorry, he WHAT? Imagine being this man's boss and having to sit him down Humiliating erotic stories.