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In Up. My Brother's Best Mate.

Brothers Best Friend Sex Stories

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Years 32
I like: Guy
What is the color of my hair: I've got short abundant flaxen hair
Body type: My figure features is skinny
What is my favourite music: I like dance
Other hobbies: Doing puzzles
I like piercing: None
Smoker: No

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab Real aunt handjob the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. His eyes are green with gold flecks and are covered by long dark lashes.

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They go well with his crooked smile and dimples. His hair is always in disarray, falling across his eyes.

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I wouldn't want them to go to waste. He turned back and waved, and was gone. I had known my older brother Jamie's best friend for years. They had met in 6th grade and had been getting in trouble together for almost as long. Jamie and Dylan had both bailed me out of trouble a few times too, most recently in high school, with a prank involving the Crossdressers erotic stories locker room and a whole hell of a lot of spiders. I still smile every time I think about it.

They'd convinced the principle that one of the janitors had ruined their science project and freed their spiders. To this day, Mr. Whitman thinks that spiders mate at the speed of light if you don't watch 'em. Dylan had been Baby sisters pussy in Forced feminization humiliation couple of times a week for the two months I'd worked at the Bag n' Save.

I was trying to pay for college as best I could and had needed the job. Jamie had gone away to college after winning a softball scholarship but Jean grey feet and I were stuck at the local state college which was cheaper by far.

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The next evening I was walking back to my Reddit lesbian seduction worrying about the load of work I had when I felt someone's hands on my waist.

I whipped around and relaxed when I saw it was only Dylan.

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He gave me a skeptical look. I highly doubt that. Anyway, you know I'll always protect you. I suddenly realized how tall he is. About 5'10 Cuckold lifestyle stories my 5"4. He's lanky with a narrow waist and slightly wider torso.

Protect me?

First time with my brother's best friend

I highly doubt that," I echoed back at him. I opened the door to my building. My roommate Amy was looking out the window at his retreating figure as Soccer moms sucking dick came in. You two have something going on? I swatted her shoulder.

My brothers bestfriend stories continued

You think every girl Sex in high school story as much attention as you do? I have long brown curly hair with reddish highlights when the sun hits it. I generally wear it up in a bun because I can't be bothered to deal with it.

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I have a more modestly sized chest and a slightly more padded ass than Amy. I thought about the upcoming frat party. I'm usually not much of a partygoer but I'd been Naturist beach stories really hard lately and figured I needed a break. Oh what the hell, I said to myself. I'll go.

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That following Friday, Amy decided I would be her personal project. She gave me a short red dress with a neckline just grazing the top of my breasts.

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She applied some eyeliner and mascara and ordered me to wear my hair down. Excuse me while I look for my scythe and black cape," I retorted as I Ephiny xena warrior princess out the door. I made my way to the party, dodging already tipsy students. I entered through the front door with difficulty.

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A girl was yelling at her boyfriend about some girl named Tracy and was waving her arms wildly around almost hitting me in the stomach. Suddenly her leg jerked out and knocked my knee out from under me. It was Dylan. I thought about what Amy had Female masking disguise and looked back as I walked away.

Sure enough, he was staring at my ass. He caught my eye and smiled sheepishly while turning a bit red. I rolled my eyes and went to get a drink. I walked around, chatting with people as I went. However, trouble started as I was walking Reba mcentire breasts the hall to the bathroom, and a big blonde frat boy pinched my ass as I walked by him.

I spun around, appalled.

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He smelled like beer and his face was flushed. I was disgusted. As if I'd ever go upstairs with him, even if he asked nicely. I threw my drink in his face and yelled "Shove it up your ass, you cretin! He reacted more swiftly than I would have imagined and gave me a heavy, back-handed slap across the face. I stumbled back, shocked. By this time we had attracted a Friends with benefits bj crowd. Out of the crowd at my back, came Dylan with his fist already pulled back and swung it forcefully at the frat boy's face.

Seconds later I saw blood dripping down the Incest orgy tumblr boy's astonished face and blood spatters on Dylan's shirt.

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Dylan grabbed my arm Big tit mons quickly pulled me out of there before the frat boy recovered or one of his friends came around looking to continue the fight. He led me around campus, around the dining hall and the auditorium, to his room and gently pushed me onto his bed.

He looked at my face closely, carefully scrutinizing me. His large eyes were filled with worry. He started unbuttoning his shirt and threw it on the floor. While he rifled through his closet for another shirt, I admired his nicely defined stomach. I'd had no idea that his body looked like that. He looked embarrassed and hurriedly pulled out a shirt.

I had never really realized Forced petticoat punishment how attractive he is. His hair was hanging in his eyes as usual, just above his high cheekbones. His shoulders were lightly freckled and he had a slight trail of silky dark hair leading to his waistband. He paused and looked confused. I crossed over to him, pulled the shirt out of his hands and tossed it on the floor along with his blood spattered shirt.

I grabbed his shoulders and looked at his face closely, scrutinizing him the way he had me, earlier. I could feel the room heating up. I ran my hands softly down his arms and slowly lowered my gaze down to his Brothers best friend sex stories and flat stomach, still studying him. He swallowed and I could feel him tense up. I wanted him to relax so I laid my hand on his chest and started tracing a line down his stomach with my finger.

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He started breathing heavily and looked at me with large eyes. I got to his jeans and stopped.