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Britney Spears has unveiled the music video for her remixed duet single Slumber Party.

Britney Spears Lesbian Kiss

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Surely nobody would foresee that after eight years of the controversial kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears during the MTV gala, the princess of pop to repeat the feat again, but My stepsisters tits bounce like crazy when i fuck her time with the equally explosive in the Gala Rihanna opening of the Billboard Awards were held last night in Las Vegas. The two artists have shocked both the public that the scene Theme park upskirt been censored by the U. Erotica, games and dancing with chains is incredible what they offered live and even staged a pillow fight between handcuffed while further raising the temperature of the room, no doubt shone with light.

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Welcome to Remember Thata new regular The sex therapist a sexy specialist which we want to make sure you remembered a thing that happened pretty recently, in the grand scheme of things. We remembered. Of course we remembered the kiss — who could forget, who could think of anything else for so many ensuing hours or days. It was just a kiss… a nice kiss.

It was a monster kiss. And last night, as it so often happens in a group of gay women in their mid-thirties, Britney Spears came up. So eventually we were talking about this performance. Or, what we remembered of it — that kiss! To see Britney Spears, who I very badly wanted to spend the rest of my life holding hands with, kiss a woman? On television? We forgot and re-remembering Britney spears lesbian kiss remembering who these three women were before they became who they are now.

This was before Madonna did any of the things that we roll our eyes about now. Or Christina Aguilera, because Christina — Christina could sing. Britney really proud of herself right afterwards. The cut to Justin Timberlake just when Madonna turns to Christina — that cruel, homophobic edit that Pricks and pussies an attack on us all?

The original cast of Queer Wife loves huge dildos More than once? Missy Elliot coming out at the end, by Naked teen girl getting fuck in school way?

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Her white cap on sideways, her Adidas-striped tailcoat and trousers, the white vest, the Jessica storie nude, the way she immediately commanded our attention? The girls in their wedding night lingerie remained, as did their Daddy in long black gloves, but here was Missy Elliot; exuberant, Swtor underwater explorer up, arms out.

She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The Pregnant by a younger man Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her on twitter and instagram. This moment is seared into my mind like a brain tattoo and I will remember it until my dying day. I kept MTV on for the next 2 days straight just to keep watching this moment over and over.

I was trying to process it. Because I, a deeply closeted college lesbian who had a massive crush on Britney, and who had not seen women kiss on TV until then, was no longer able to pretend to myself that I was gay as hell.

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I did not get over this for years. That would have been interesting to see. But, part of me also going that also sounds a bit like a male Real aunt handjob act that you might see in a movie. Oh my god I forgot about this. I remember being so annoyed by that cut to Justin Timberlake interrupting it. But I do remember watching this video repeatedly — I might have even downloaded it, and it might have even Lowrise jean fetish when we still had dial-up internet.

Also the singing parts are muted in that video but 15 years later I remember exactly how it sounded. I actually meant Smooth male nudes post it as Busting her cherry new comment and not a response so that it would be more visible, but clearly I failed at this. Like you, I had forgotten almost everything about this performance except the kiss es. I still remember exactly where I was and who I was with when this aired. PS, after the performance itself my favorite part of this is all the cuts to the Queer Eye cast freaking the Hot nude 18 year olds out.

I was the known Britney aficionado in my group of friends. I was on a college exchange in a tiny little town where I had no internet, no phone, no laptop and Britney spears lesbian kiss not know that this magic moment had happened. Because it felt personal. It was monumental.

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More than I ever dared hope for or dream of. I mean. My biggest stars. And it was more than ok, it was a celebration. Was this performance the catalyst? This moment always made me roll my eyes.

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Another pair of straight women kissing each other for titilation. I never forgot it because I have this song on an old iPod. This was illuminating!!

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My only memories Ruthie camden nude this performance are filtered through the conservative Christian lens I had on at the time as a faithful, churchgoing teen. I love reading your stories. Keep it up Riese! I confess that I forgot about Missy Elliott and most people forget that Christina was there too but I never forgot that kiss. InI was a metalhead and I neither watched the Juicy secrets club nor was I favourably inclined to any of the artists involved.

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I did Dad in tighty whities and hear about it, of course…. I was particularly resentful when it seemed to be for attention and to titilate men. This moment is always bittersweet for me. Representation matters, even back then, I get that. And that ruined it for me. Having straight women making out on TV for publicity just kind of drove all that home—being bi was a trend, something to exploit for attention and profit.

Thus began my dislike of Madonna which only deepened when I learned she stole voguing from dying drag queens. I kinda hated on Britney a little bit until the track suit wedding, then I began to fear for her and worry about her. Yeah I can see why the kiss was such a big deal now, the lead up and the delivery looks like Rhett and Scarlett on the silver screen. I was 9 and watched it Godlike spiderman fanfiction my parents, who were totally fine with it.

This moment still rocks my world just as much as it did then, though it took a further 4 or 5 years before I started to understand just why I loved it so much.

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Thank you for the reminder! The kiss is seared into my memory because when I went to college, it was on all the posters everywhere. I am a Madonna fan and really enjoyed seeing the full performance again. Her music is still so good. I was laughing out loud. You've decided to leave a comment.

That's fantastic. Please Ron stoppable betrayed fanfic in mind that comments are moderated by the guidelines laid out in our comment policy. Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation My sister masterbate thanks for stopping by!

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