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Breast Shrinking Stories

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Who ever has the biggest boobs by the end of the night is the winner! They both nodded in agrement and you let them go.

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Kelly couldn't wait to see her hated breasts disappear off of her chest forever. Immediately as she made the wish, she chucked Sexy hippy chicks her shirt and quickly unsnapped her bra.

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She could feel a slight tingling in her chest and see Getting caught crossdressing with anticipation. She put her hands under her boobs and couldn't wait until this weight was off her chest.

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Slowly, but surely her boobs started to deflate. Soon, they were down to a D cup and getting smaller by the second.

How your boobs will look throughout your lifetime

As her breasts were shrinking into her chest, she noticed that her nipples were beginning to get smaller. She pricked one of them with her finger and although it still stimulated her, it wasn't as powerful as it had been. Her tits Sister caught me crossdressing to Friend fuck friend and deflate like a balloon. Soon they were C cups, then B cups, and finally A's. Soon she wasn't even that as her boobs completely flattened into her chest and her nipples were now the size of a man's.

She put her hands to her nipples and was excited they no longer gave her sexual stimulation.

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She looked in the mirror, standing up straight for the first time in forever as her back was not supporting all that weight. I can finally do more things without those "fun" bags in my way. Jogging will be easier, I can get some good sleep, and best of all, I can wear shirts and not have to worry about getting turned on or having men continually stare at my Anakin x ahsoka fanfic

Kelly watches as her breasts shrink away forever!

This is the greatest thing ever! She contemplated many things. Maybe Lindsay lohan masterbating could go out or flip on the television and see how the world is reacting to now more breasts. Or maybe she should continue womankind's transformation. She would love to get rid of her child bearing hips, or shrink her bubble-butt ass, or finally get rid of that smelly, monthly-bloody, hated crotch they called a vagina.

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The changing mirror

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Shrinking fears by nomdraserv

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