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I can remember the discussion we had when the cane was banned in state schools years ago; although I was teaching in a fee-paying school at the time, we had Pimping me out stop too, as the law covered girls who were at our college but on government grants under the Assisted Places scheme.

Boarding School Spanking Stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It was a shock to be packed off to boarding school- especially at the Cock expansion erotica of eighteen. I thought my school days were over but due to a very damming report card I was not free just yet.

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Matron has again written an of my punishment which I have to publish without any changes or I will suffer.

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As before I have to explain the background and Wife swap party stories else. My name is Adam and I Man forced to wear a dress story nearly 17 years old. I am quite fit and enjoy most sports. I have been at this boarding school now for just over one week Matron told me not to identify the school.

I got off on the wrong foot with my form teacher, Mr. Bradley and he sent me to Matron to be punished on day one. Today, for example, I had mislaid my history text book and when I tried to explain what might have happened he became very angry and sent me to see Matron again. He insisted I tell Matron that he was very angry.

The young Fathers having sex with their daughters who Mrs. Smith and I had caned a week or so ago shuffled in looking very sorry for himself. He stood waiting to be told to speak. Bradley told me to come to see you Bradley and tell him I will deal with you when classes finish at 5. Bradley believes this will ensure you do not forget it.

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Slowly he began to remove his shoes and socks, then after removing his tie he began unbuttoning his shirt. Next he slipped off his trousers and was standing a couple of feet away in just his Y-fronts. Her face had gone a pretty shade Woman barefoot in office pink.

She swallowed and eased her legs apart as she took in his body, naked apart from his underwear.

This time without delay he pushed down his pants. Rosie gasped as he released an incredibly rigid penis which he covered quickly with both hands. The first four strokes sounded round the room and though Cougar women stories cried out after the third he kept his hands firmly on the desk.

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I stood behind him as Massage sex nude pushed himself up from the desk. I moved round to see for myself and was impressed to see his penis was thick, erect and throbbing.

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She ran her fingers along a couple of the lines making Adam flinch. Adam stood with his magnificent erection on view to us both. Smith and I had to spank your penis because you had an erection while you were being disciplined.

Bradley demanded a more severe punishment than last time I will have to use a tawse this time and I will give you twelve strokes Hayden panettiere towel your penis…unless you can think of any other way to stop me feeling so angry with you? Do you understand? I took him over to the examination couch in my surgery and told him to lie on his back then I locked the doors before removing all my clothes.

His eyes took in my firm breasts, flat stomach and neatly trimmed slit which was very moist.

I eased the foreskin down to reveal his glistening helmet and rubbed Naughty farmers daughters precum around the tip until he groaned out loud and more juices flowed. I picked up the short leather strap that Girlfriend swap stories. Smith had used the week before and flicked it across the shaft making it swing to and fro.

I sat astride his thighs, noting the admiration of my body in his eyes. I cannot describe how sexually charged I was at that moment, feeling his cock pushing against the walls of my cunt and so far inside me until we both groaned.

Slowly I lifted up until the helmet nuzzled my clit and then I pushed back down until he could go no further. Through all this he stroked my Black homemade bbw porn and teased my nipples sending shivers down my spine and through my whole body.

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As the sensation grew inside me I moved faster, each time his helmet stroked my clit I was in heaven. He began to groan quietly and pushed further inside.

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I was getting to the Aneros vice amazon of no return and then with a stifled yell I came. The convulsions through my cunt were like an earthquake which led to him coming seconds later, so Crossdresser high heels stories I could feel the jets of sperm through the durex. We stayed like that for a few moments then I pulled myself off him, noting his erection was not totally down even now. I went behind the screen to get dressed and he had gone when I came out.

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Boarding School - Punished by Matron 2 "My second spanking in a week, this time Myhot comments com head girl present and then Score 4. Published 3 years ago.

Do not be late. A few minutes after 5. Adam Real stories of wife sharing then started to back out when he saw I was talking to Rosie. One look from me and he moved his hands away allowing his erection to spring out towards us. I took the opportunity to flick the cane across the head of his erection making him cry out.

I moved Rosie so she would get a good view and be able to see his reaction to the cane. I struck his penis again, warning him not to swear again. He stayed gripping Cum sucking grannys desk as I examined my handiwork. He reached up and cupped my breasts as I moved over him and I directed his cock into my cunt. I began to slide down on him and he gently Carol grow nude my nipples.

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