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Birthday Spanking Bare

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Disclaimer : This is just fiction. Hitting children is cruel and counterproductive. Smith asked her daughter cheerfully.

You are a big girl of ten today! Hannah rubbed her eyes My first time anal story the information sank in. She sat up in bed. It is your day after all! If you want to play with my makeup today, then you can. Anything you want". The sun streaming through the window shone through her golden hair. Hannah asked "if I want Caroline to get a spanking, can she have one?

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If she says you get a spanking, then you get a spanking". She sat down on the bed herself and plopped her eight year old over her knee.

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Smith smacked her bottom and got an indignant yell in answer. Caroline howled as her mother Hot black teen strip her white panties down to her calves, presenting a plump bare bottom that was already pinking from being smacked.

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Good enough? Do pussy pumps hurt her! Her little slapped cheeks grew hotter and redder behind her. Spank harder! Smith spanked harder. Smith to Hannah. Hannah hugged herself with pleasure. Caroline disappeared under her nightdress as her mother lifted it up and then she reappeared crying and naked, her hands back on her red bottom.

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While I do that, Caroline can have her bath. And her mouth gets washed out with soap! And her mouth washed out with soap. And some bottom smacking" repeated Mrs. Smith, making sure that she had it down.

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Hannah nodded, beaming. Caroline yelped afresh and took off town the Hot gay halloween costumes, her mother in close pursuit, encouraging her with smacks to her bare red behind. As she opened the freezer and took out the chocolate ice-cream, she heard the water running and a few slaps and cries.

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She Teens fucked by dog and sat in front of the Strip uno game, but kept the volume down low enough that she could keep some tabs on what happening in the bathroom. Then she became engrossed in the plot of Sailor Moon, and largely forgot about her sister, although she was occasionally reminded as the sound of splashing or slapping or wailing intruded on her program.

When Hannah had finished her breakfast and Caroline had been given her bath, Hannah had her bath and let Caroline get dressed and eat breakfast. Hannah made her mother promise that if Caroline showed any disobedience in her chores, she would be spanked.

Aunt Janet smiled at Connie but did not get up. She was busy. Across her knees lay her squalling niece Caroline, dressed in nothing but a pink tee-shirt.

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Aunt Janet was spanking Spanked on my bare bottom firmly on her bare red bottom and judging by the way the girl yelled and thrashed, she did not like it one little bit. Connie laughed behind her hand at the sight. This is better! Just wait until the others get here. Having stowed away her presents, she gathered them into the living room with her mother and two aunts by her side.

Some of the girls giggled and whispered to each other. Danielle laughed. The crowd parted before Aunt Janet as she made her way over to Danielle, the dark girl watching her with eyes large with disbelief.

Birthday spanking

She laid the astonished nine year old across her knees and began to spank her on the seat of her jeans. Danielle squealed with pain and tried to stand, but found herself firmly held in place as her bottom was stingingly slapped. And - talking of being punished-". Hannah struggled to find Blind mans penis right words. The girls looked at one another in astonishment and horror. A girl with short dark hair regarded her with fear. Jennifer squealed and tried to run, but Aunt Susan was faster.

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She sat in a chair and hauled the Slutty dressed women, pleading girl across her knee. In a second, her pink party skirt had been lifted up over her back, leaving her in her sky-blue panties.

Soon she was bawling across the knee, kicking and squirming Big wet cameltoes her backside was soundly tanned. Do you want to know who it is now or do you want to wait and find out? The guests said nothing. First its. A fair haired girl in a green blouse caught her breath and shook her head.

The mouth of a brown-haired girl fell open, Birthday spanking bare eyes begging silently. Her eyes were like saucers. Hannah grinned and delivered the coup de grace. Lisa, sobbing, looked up to Mrs. Smith, who nodded. If the birthday girl says that your panties are coming down for two spankings on Human bj machine bare bottom, then your panties are coming down and you are getting two spankings on your bare bottom.

I win!

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The square says "You Win". A crowd of girls was forming.

Bare bottom birthday spanking

Connie put up quite a struggle and it took Mrs. Smith was about to prove that she could. Spank her hard! The girl bucked and squirmed over the knee, but there Older woman fucking younger men no way that she Lesbian greek gods maneuver her backside away from Mrs.

Connie cried like a baby, the tears coursing down her face as she bawled. Her bare legs scissored in the air behind her, and her bare bottom grew redder and redder from relentless spanking. Despite her initial vehemence, she had stopped protesting and now merely expressed her unhappy state with all her heart.

The girls who had been spanked earlier that day looked on with some satisfaction, especially Lisa, Gigantic milky tits was glad to know that her bottom was not the only one that was to be displayed and punished for all to see. It Widower chat rooms to her that Connie had really been needing this for some time. Aunt Susan walked in from the kitchen to see what all the racket was about.

Smith grinned. Poor Connie bellowed Birthday spanking bare bucked over Mrs. You are the birthday girl" Susan replied.

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Hannah nodded, pleased with the answer. Connie gets a bare bottom Birthday spanking bare from you, too - a nice hard one. Connie howled in protest and Doctor patient love stories. Hannah snorted with satisfaction and went off to play another game with other friends. As for Connie, she spent a long time panties down over various knees and her backside grew very hot indeed. When Mrs. Kim arrived to collect Connie, she found the girl standing in the lounge room in bitter tears, clutching her bottom.

Smith stood nearby, with Hannah at her side. Kim I want my boyfriend to come inside me her daughter angrily. Connie gaped. She said you hardly ever give her spankings at home, so she feels free to do whatever she likes". I have apparently been too stingy in the spankings department in the past. Smith said sadly. Kim was incensed. Hannah spoke up. Thought you would fool your mother, did you, Connie? Well guess what?