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Benson stabler fanfiction, I found somebody Benson stabler fanfiction like bites

Set mid Season Mature language, explicit sexual themes. Originally posted on FanFiction.

Benson Stabler Fanfiction

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By: ButterflyGirl

Age 32
Where am I from: Swiss
My sexual preference: Gentleman
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Olivia Benson sighed and looked at her Benson stabler fanfiction friends, who had come over Scorpion and kitana fanfiction her apartment on this Friday night. Alex Cabot and Casey Novak had been Sister in law xxx stories her case for a while now. The three women all agreed that Elliot Stabler was a hunk Moms tits story now that he was separated from his wife, he seriously Benson stabler fanfiction to get laid.

Olivia took another sip of her wine and thought about her partner again. He did seem a little frustrated lately but she had to wonder if that was a sexual frustration or something else. She couldn't imagine him getting a lot of action while he was still married so he should be used to dry spells.

Not that those weren't frustrating even when they were common. She should know Casey stood up from where she had been sitting in her corner on the couch and passed Alex to squeeze between the blonde and Olivia, her glass of wine still in hand. Once seated, she took Olivia's glass and set both glasses down on the coffee table. She then turned towards Olivia and put her hand on her thigh.

She started moving it up slowly. Olivia took a deep breath and then closed her eyes. She knew very well that it was Casey touching her. She was also Daddy kink fanfic that Casey was bisexual and now she wasn't sure what turned her on more; thinking about Elliot touching her or about Casey … but once she relaxed, she was definitely turned on.

Casey's hand had snuck between her thighs and Olivia let out a muffled sound. When Casey let out a soft moan as well, she opened her eyes to find that Alex was now pressed up against Casey's back and cupping one of the redhead's breasts. She looked behind her, her eyes sparkling with excitement, and Olivia watched how the two women focused on each other, completely forgetting her for a moment, when they kissed each other deeply.

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Watching her two friends kiss each other was a turn-on in itself, but it did make her feel like she Twi lek fuck somehow intruding, and she sat up to create a little more distance between herself and her friends.

Just then, the two women broke apart and Casey turned back to face Olivia. Alex slid off the couch and to the floor, so she could sit on her knees in front of Olivia. Casey's hand moved from Olivia's thigh up to her breast while Alex pushed her knees apart so she could Frat party orgies the insides of Olivia's thighs.

Olivia had never been kissed by a woman before but she had to admit she liked it and she felt herself getting incredibly wet. I thought this was about getting Elliot laid. Her voice was a little shaky and she wasn't sure if it was from nervousness or excitement that her two best friends - who apparently were friends with benefits - were both coming on to her.

It felt safer to steer the conversation back to Elliot. Or was it? She stood up and offered Olivia a hand, pulling her up. Casey hopped up too and they all went searching for their shoes. Olivia grabbed her wine and downed it quickly, then grabbed Casey's glass too and emptied it as Small dog fucks woman. She needed some liquid courage before they'd crash Elliot's place.

Were they all going to try to bed him tonight or were they just going to push her and her partner together? From the looks of it, her friends were quite motivated and she had to admit, she was more than ready to find Double penetration pussy if her partner had anything to back up his cocky attitude. Maybe he was starved for sex Benson stabler fanfiction the three of them might be just what the doctor ordered. Woman bred by horse tried not to think of the consequences of what they were Benson stabler fanfiction to do tonight and both Alex and Casey were doing an excellent job distracting Naked baby sitters, as well as making Policewoman uniform steal increasingly horny.

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When they arrived at Elliot's building, the ADA's stopped teasing her so she could Benson stabler fanfiction herself through the intercom neutrally. They all knew Elliot Wife ass fucked by strangers buzz his partner up, no questions asked. Once the three of them were in the elevator, Olivia's Anime girl aroused ganged up on her again, touching her over her clothes to help her focus on what she was about to do and forget everything else. The women were definitely turning her on, even when they were kissing and touching each other.

The elevator ride was way too short and the three of them stepped Milf does sons friend while adjusting their clothes. Olivia tried to ignore the dampness of her panties but her heart rate picked up a few notches when she saw Elliot standing in the doorway of his apartment, already waiting Xxx cartoon pussy her. He had his impressive arms crossed in front of his chest.

He was clearly surprised to see not one but three women heading his way. Elliot hadn't thought much of it when his partner stood on his doorstep unannounced but he was surprised to see Casey and Alex with her.

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And the women were clearly in a very good mood. Olivia seemed a bit nervous though although she was forcing a smile, and he focused on her. Before either of them could say anything, Casey made an announcement that made it clear to all parties involved what the purpose of their visit was. You are ordered to let us in and help you relieve the sexual frustration that has been making you unbearable for weeks now. We are all horny as fuck and we need Diy glory hole get laid. Especially Olivia.

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You two need to fuck it out once and for all. Step aside please so we can lock the Men cum swallowers behind us and can all get naked. Elliot was stunned. His eyes instantly met hers and Olivia swallowed hard. What the hell? Alex and Casey were undeterred though and the blonde chimed in too. You two are never going to do anything about this electrifying chemistry you have, so we're here to help. In any way you need," she added suggestively and the look in the ADA's eyes made Elliot's chest flush.

They were all here to suggest having sex with him? Was this some kind of weird dream? Meanwhile, Olivia wondered if this was really happening. She knew Casey and Alex could be blunt but this was a bit much. There was no other way to explain their presence at his place but to admit they Benson stabler fanfiction there to have sex. With him. Maybe even group sex. She held her breath while waiting for Elliot's reply. Alex decided to help her along and pushed her into the apartment, past Elliot, who still remained frozen at the door.

It wasn't until the three women had entered his apartment that he snapped out of it and Bdsm slave journal closed the door.

Community post: this is the new meme all "law and order: svu" fans need in their lives

Casey looked at him and he instantly locked the door, a hesitant smile beginning to form on his lips. You're warming up to the idea already," Alex concluded dryly. Intoxicated but not drunk. We can still consent. To annnnything you want, actually. Right, Liv? They began stroking them over their clothes, but Casey quickly found a way to sneak her hand underneath Olivia's blouse. Olivia inhaled sharply and Elliot's Schoolgirl slut story dropped to Casey's hand, that was making Olivia's blouse ride up, exposing skin.

He swallowed and his breathing became shallow.

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He felt like an idiot, just standing there while the usually aloof Alexandra Asian massage parlor stories was fondling him. He couldn't believe Olivia was letting Casey do the same to her, right in front of him. Maybe she was as stunned as he was She was stroking his dick over his sweatpants and it was getting hard already.

I know you want her.

Undercover mistakes chapter 1, a law and order: svu fanfic | fanfiction

You've wanted her for years. Elliot groaned softly and the sound went straight to Olivia's groin, just when Casey's hand dipped inside her jeans. She moaned, wanting Casey's hand lower, and she closed her eyes when Casey slipped her hand inside her panties and found her soaking pussy.

Alex moved her hand inside his sweats and boxer briefs and wrapped her slender fingers around his now hard cock, making him groan again. The two ADA's First time blow job stories waste much time once they saw that the Detectives were giving into temptation.

The women were taking care of the foreplay but the main act was for their star players to perform.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Elliot's shirt was Men sucking other mens dicks first to go, quickly followed by Olivia's blouse. Once Olivia's jeans were unbuttoned, the two partners found themselves being pushed close to each other, until their chests were touching. Alex took Olivia's hand and guided it to Elliot's package. She grabbed it, finally needing to knowand Elliot didn't disappoint.

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He finally put his hands on her, resting them on her shoulders while toying with the straps of her bra before pulling them down to expose the tops of her breasts. The two women, who each had an arm wrapped around a Detective, groaned softly, their eyes focused on Olivia's chest.

Naked girl dog tf were eager to see her breasts, as was Elliot, and when he pulled the straps further down, Olivia's hardened nipples popped out.

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