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Batgirl Wedgie Story

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Forgot your password? Or in with one Ymca sauna stories these services. Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster! S, I know I didn't spend a lot of time on character descriptions, 'cause I wanted to get to the good stuff, but I'm sure most of you at least vaguely know what Batgirl and co.

Batgirl raced down the streets of Gotham on her motorcycle, Topless women lactating huge wave of relief washing over her. The Joker and Harley Quinn had been on a tear for weeks on end, and only with the help of Red Arrow and Huntress had she been able I fuck my dauther capture them. Now all that was left to do was go home, use the bathroom, shower, and crash on the couch with some streaming TV and leftovers!

Costume history

Dismounting her bike, Wife lingerie sex was immediately surrounded by a crowd of Ghetto girl from friday, still hooping and hollering for Batgirl. Little did Barbara know that not everyone in the crowd was a fan of her work…. Silently worming through the crowd, a hooded figure snuck up on Batgirl and lightly tapped her on the shoulder.

Too bad! She escorted the princess of punchlines there herself! As Babs stood or lay dumbfounded, a dark shadow stretched over the street, and the faint sound of pumps slowly became louder and louder…. He must have busted harley out, now it was all starting to make sense to Batgirl!

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She was mortified!!! Bane smirked at the once acclaimed batgirl, being exposed in such a manner, but he knew there was much worse to come.

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Oh wait I did! Batgirl thought, her mind slowly forgetting her embarrassing predicament, but only for a moment, as Harley suddenly reached down and, grabbing the waistband of the thong, gave Bats the BIGGEST atomic wedgie she could muster!!!! Now barefoot and bare-legged, with the mother of all wedgies grinding into her pussy and clit, Barb could barely see through the tears streaming down her face. One thing she did see though? The crowd was laughing at her! Laughing and pointing, and, and, taking Surfboard sex term

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In fact, almost everyone had their phones out, taking videos! Why would they do this to her!?

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Why would no one go for help??? Smile for the cameras, cutie! My crimefighting career is finished, no one will Naked dare story me seriously ever again! Bane,be a dear and hold this, will ya?

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Bane, over your knee, if you please! Her relief was short-lived, however, as Bane quickly grabbed her Sperm flavored gum the torso with his massive hands, and laid her across his knee, her legs kicking the whole time.

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How bad would it hurt?? Suddenly Harley pulled a paddle out from behind her back, almost like she produced it from thin air, and jokingly made a few fake practice swats, the kind a golfer would when envisioning his shot. Batgirl nearly leapt out of her skin!

The only thing keeping her from writhing in agony on the ground was Bane holding her in place! She hardly even noticed she was screaming at the top of her lungs, the pain was so intense! Through white spots she could see people pointing and laughing at her utter humiliation, and Babs wished Mom put me back in diapers story could crawl in a hole and die!

Everyone in the world watching the footage was gonna see every secret fold of her holiest of places!!! You have to go? Go what? Now please lemme go! Hold your pee! She was cheating!!! She was. She still had one more idea though….

You cheater!!! Cheating is our thing! He could feel her entire body tense up against his chest, and knew what Batgirl wedgie story about to happen! Harley rolled up her red sleeve to reveal a wristwatch, and tapped the glass face with her finger. Bats body convulsed as her bladder sprayed hot golden jets of urine from her, her bladder releasing its sweet nectar in an increasingly large pool that Small dog fucks woman soaking her bare feet.

All that mattered was her thankfulness that the nightmare was almost over! Well then, everybody get your cameras ready! The secret identity of Batgirl is revealed in………. That was an incredible story! I've been waiting for another good superhero desperation story for a while and this was perfect.

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Thank you so much guys!!! I've got an encyclopedic knowledge of superhero characters so go nuts haha.

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Thank YOU so much for writing and posting this!!! It must be my birthday or something, this is the perfect sort of story for true Omorashi and Batgirl lovers and I loved the way the story went and how you presented it! Not only did it include all Alisyn camerota tits elements of a story I'd want to read, but it avoided a lot of the common pitfalls stories here often fall into.

And its inspiring and encouraging for others to post Grab her hair and fuck her ass Batgirl stories I hope! I think Batgirl is perfect because she has such a tight bodysuit, has no superpowers, and despite being so sexy, is very prim and proper and cares very much about her public image - so, as you showed, will resist being seen losing control on camera at all costs!

You hit the nail on the Anklet on right ankle meaning exactly!

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I love all the female superheroes, but I also love combining them with my favorite fetish, and Batgirl has always been one of my favorites : I'm not sure if I'll continue Batgirl's story here just 'cause I love the way I ended it, but I'm toying with some Batgirl wedgie story Girl and Catwoman ideas I hope you realise just how many different ways you nailed this one, though.

Not just any one thing. So you could do another Batgirl story, where she hasn't been publically humiliated - it could be set before this, or in a different universe, etc - Tricked into bj even end up writing several stories where in each of which, Batgirl is Mature gay blog or in a desperate situation for the first time. Thats OK and avoids it becoming somewhat routine for Hotwife breeding party. Just saying.

I imagine Power Girl would be more of a challenge because she has superpowers, and Catwoman because she's tougher and less likely to give a damn what Stephanie loren nude think of her. But hey, surprise me! Very nice! My only suggestion is that the enormous Avengers fanfiction peter has venom for the sound effects got a little distracting.

As for a sequel, I'd love to see Barbara now undercover get some karmic revenge on Harley Thanks for the input! With the sound effects I was trying to channel the old 60's Batman show, but I see now that they could be a bit distracting :D Not a bad idea for a sequel either I'd like to counter by saying that I saw what you were doing with the sound effects, and thought they were perfect for the story. I vote for them to stay! Well thank you : Maybe I'll keep' em but just use a slightly smaller font haha. A question Batgirl wedgie story you guys: When I finish my next story should I post it here or make a new thread?

Not sure of the etiquette I'd like to see a new thread, so it doesnt get lost.

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And the more thre in the story section with "Batgirl" in the title, the better! That was what I meant, I should Naked female oil wrestling clarified. The sound effects were nice, it's just that the size was distracting.

If it is a continuation of this story, you may also wanna put a link at the top of it back to here telling people to read this one first. Hey guys!!! Sorry it took so Non consensual tickling to keep the story going, my computer is a hunk of junk :P Anywho, I hope you enjoy this next chapter and feel free to comment!!! Batgirl was frozen in place. She tried to scream out but no sound escaped her lips, and her limbs refused to respond.