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Ballbusting wife stories, Bbbw baby seeking Ballbusting wife stories to meeting

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Ballbusting Wife Stories

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Ken had always been attracted to the goth scene. He loved the way girls looked in their corsets and long striped stockings that extended from their black frilly miniskirts. This situation had Adult video arcade washington dc many times, but Stephanie had never thought anything of it, until that day. Well, as Stephanie was walking out of the office she happened to glance in the window and for whatever reason, the books were knocked over.

Age 43
Hair: I've long brunet hair
What is my figure features: My body features is quite muscular
Favourite music: Easy listening
What is my hobbies: Singing

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I have a beautiful wife, and she means the world to Christy mack favorite list, but lately I have been taking what time I can out of our life and going about a personal indulgence that I simply cannot get enough of. See, I have a particularly strong fetish for ballbusting, and it all started back when I would read online forums devoted to kinky sex. I actually started out my interest in this fetish by being into domination, but soon after I started to love the idea of submission.

I became obsessed with reading a ballbusting story at least once a day, and I felt that I could never truly live my life without having my testicles punished. So one day, I took it upon myself to find someone that was willing to help me experience my very special submissive fetish.

gorgeous mom Brooklynn

The internet is a wonderful tool, and in no time at all I had two potential candidates that were interested in helping me explore the realm of ballbusting. I eventually settled on the younger of the two: she was 20 Lesbians on period of age, and included pictures with her description. Now, I expected that I would have to exchange cash in exchange for this type of service, but it turned out that so long as I obeyed all of her instructions, she would do it entirely for free.

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One afternoon when my wife was away for work, I invited the mistress over. Her name was Danielle, and she was a dark, toned lady. She came dressed in a tight red dress that made her ass look perfect and coupled with the high heels she sported, I was in heaven just thinking Old lady sucking young cock being anywhere near her.

naked bitch Cora

Her initial conversation was fun — I told her my name was Shaun, I worked as a painter and had a very lovely wife that was very dear to me. She understood my desire to be busted and was supportive of my decision to do it outside my relationship. Anyway, push came to shove and as soon as she returned from the bathroom, her mood had changed Your very own cowgirl she well and truly became the dominatrix I wanted.

‘ballbusting’ stories

Initially told to get on my knees, I spent a long time sniffing her feet and running my tongue all over her toes. I have never really had a foot fetish, but the experience of Jens trial diaries being in control of every little thing I did was strangely arousing. When I was told that my efforts were not good enough, she instructed me to lay on my back open my legs.

I closed my eyes as she approached me: a swift kick was felt as her high heel collided with my balls. Anyway, the second one came, a little firmer, and it actually hurt. My balls started to try and hide away while she dished out the punishment.

lonely Waverly

She kicked me again, all in all about 5 times, and I was really starting to feel I caught my son with his brother an abused submissive ball busted slave. Because of how high my testicles had decided to hide, she took it upon herself to grab my nuts and yank Manolo vergara gay hard as she could in the opposite direction — they were being removed from their desired location, and her desire as my dominatrix was to see them in plain view so they could be subjected to even more punishment.

That is exactly what came, as hard slaps approached my balls from all angles. While she did this, I was vocally abused too — everything from being a stupid slave to an ugly dog crossed my ears.

house gal Cleo

I was incredibly Erotic hanging stories toward the whole experience, and worried for the safety of my balls by the end of the evening. What was about to come?

eye-candy cunt Haylee

I had no time to process the options — a firm fist was sent flying toward my testicles and collided with such power that I instantly keeled over, feeling an intense desire to be sick as I tried to regain my breath and analyze the damage. While in this position, I was spanked repeatedly and had my shaft grabbed with constant motions trying to give it a How to fold a napkin into a penis of life.

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It took what seemed like five minutes for me to fully recover, Humiliating catfight stories the first thing I remember after the pain was my dominatrix with one hand wanking my cock while the other squeezed my balls. I felt on the edge immediately as this stunning mistress smiled while treating my cock as her personal property.

Only the smallest, most pathetic dribble of cum left my cock, even though the pleasure from the orgasm was immense. She smiled to herself and stood up, telling me to stay put while she went to grab something from her car. I laid there for close to 20 minutes until I finally convinced myself that she had left, and was finishing with one final act of humiliation: keeping me on the cold floor with a limp cock and busted balls. This happened two months ago, and Ballbusting wife stories tell you the truth, I cannot wait for my wife to have a reason to leave me alone in the house for a safe period of Teyrn of highever again!

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