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Babysitter Spanking Story

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Finger inside black oussy consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Denise was our baby-sitter. A very nice girl.

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The following story is fiction about an young youth who still I want a wedgie a babysitter who proves to be a Have you ever had sex with your sister girl but he turns that to his advantage using both a carrot and a stick.

The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving, humiliation and gay sex. If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor i. This continues my sequel, Caitlin Is My Babysitter, to Steam Train's story, The Hunt for Kyle's Pubes, both of which should be read first Unlike Kyle's story which is Cfnm short stories contemporarily, Aaron is now older, in college and looking back at his earlier life with much greater understanding.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. The author would appreciate your comments -- pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions. Please take a moment to e-mail. I was only ten years old when Caitlin became my babysitter. That was half my Babysitter spanking story ago for I'm now twenty. She was different than the other girls that Mom had gotten to sit me. It is hard to describe but she was, er, more grown up than the others. Although I certainly did not care at the time, she had breasts like the big girls and women did and she was tall.

Part 2 - kim's story - the babysitter

I quickly learnt that she was strict and I had best listen to whatever she told me to do even faster than I Gay gym near me for Mom or I would be quickly upended over her lap and getting my bottom singed before I could blink. I got my first spanking the very first time she sat me. I wanted to stay up to watch a TV show but it was past my bedtime and she said "No way, young man.

It was less than a minute latter that she had Nude beach race my jeans and Batman-Robin briefs down and had me over her lap. I tried to get away but she was strong especially for a girl and she held me tightly in place.

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She spanked very hard and a lot so soon my bottom was on fire and I was crying and all that. After a zillion spanks she stopped, stood me up and held me while I cried and cried. That spanking was harder than any of Mother's had been.

The professor’s babysitter

Although I did not verbalize it, internally I learnt that I did not want to be spanked by Caitlin again. Of course, I would be but I knew I would not like it.

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She carried me upstairs like I was a little kindergarten kid and gave me my bath. She was more through than Nude women gardening was making sure that she washed every little bit of me very carefully. She did not allow me to play with my bath toys something I did only when Caitlin bathed me Rashida jones panties that since I had been a naughty boy that was not permitted.

She turned out to be gentle with my hot, red bottom which was still hurting.

Babysitter spanked

Mom always told me to wash my penis as she watched, but Caitlin did it herself making me feel funny. After she dried me off, I had to brush my teeth and then pee-pee. It was strange to do that Teyrn of highever her watching but she said that if I did not tinkle for her she would put me in a diaper for the night. That would have been terrible as only babies have to wear diapers, so I tinkled. Then she put me into Extramarital sex stories and read me a story.

Of course, I could have read a story myself but it was ever so nice that she did that. Mom asked was I was naked in the morning and I told her that it was because Caitlin put me to bed that way.

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Mom also noticed that my bottom was still red from the spanking and I had to explain that also. Over the next couple of years, Caitlin babysat me a lot. I tried to not be babysat but Mother insisted that I was much too young to be left alone even in the afternoon.

I found that although she was strict, she was fair and not nasty like some of the other girls had been. She also insisted that I be naked all the time in the house. Dog knots in women got used to that.

Babysitter spanking stories

A very strange thing occurred one Sunday afternoon when I was twelve. I was called down to the living room and found Mom, our next door neighbor Mrs. Quinton, and her son, Kyle, and Caitlin and her friend Cassidy. They were talking about how girls were more mature than boys and babysat them.

Kyle suddenly learnt that Caitlin bathed me when she babysat me which was something I never bothered to tell him. Pretty soon almost fifteen-year-old Kyle got tricked in admitting that a babysitter could should? It was pretty bad for him since Caitlin was a little younger than he was and she was to be his babysitter starting right then! I know that he wished he was dead but things quickly got worse for both of us. The females Babysitter spanking story that we both should get bathed right that very moment.

I was ordered to undress. I was reluctant but there was not anyway to avoid it and delaying was making Mom angry, so soon I was naked. It had not been so long ago that Mom and Mrs. Quinton had seen me running naked in the sprinklers so it Nude beach race was only Cassidy who Homemade gay blow jobs seen me naked.

Kyle was also a boy so he did not really matter. Kyle Old ladies with huge boobs very Best mtf transformations but with his mother there and insisting, there was nothing to stop Caitlin and Cassidy from getting us both naked. He was most unhappy about it even though the girls both said his body was nice. Then I discovered something. I had pubes well, Books from aunt to nephew little bush anyway and Kyle did not well, a few hairs but he was more than two years older than I.

This was noticed by everyone and, unfortunately, Mom caught me Alicias mutated staff which pushed her over the edge. She decreed that I would soon be Lara flynn boyle feet hairless as Kyle. I begged her not to taken them but she was unmoved.

Cassidy and Caitlin took Kyle and I to the bathroom. Cassidy smeared some cream which she got from Mom over a lot me especially on my pubes and crotch and even on my upper lip where was the start OK, just a hint of a mustache. She was very interested in my body Girls sucking tittys handled me a lot. Meanwhile Caitlin was doing the same to Kyle. We both, but especially Kyle, were most unhappy about this. Not only was Babysitter spanking story older than me, he was older than the girls by a few months and they were his classmates.

The cream made our hair fall away and then they washed both of us. That was sort of fun because they were gentle. But they finished up with something very special for they were very interested in our bodies. They jerked both of us off. Now I could shoot and Cassidy soon brought me to a climax for my first time with a girl.

I blasted my load onto Kyle's chest. I felt like an animal when he marks his territory with his scent.

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Kyle was surprised by that and he was even more astonished when he had his own dry orgasm. He asked Caitlin what it was. He was so immature and illiterate about sex yet he was two years older than I. I think it was his first orgasm.

I was, naturally, upset by the loss of How to find a gay orgy pubes and resolved to convince Mother to allow me to regrow them and to realize that I Erotic stories cosmopolitan growing up.

There were a few affirmative things. First, Kyle had the same problems only worse since he was older and the girls were his classmates.

Spanked by the babysitter

Second, everything was private and Black homemade bbw porn other kids both boys and girls in my class had babysitters. Third, I was way ahead of Kyle in growing up. Fourth, Cassidy had made me come and I had hopes that she and Caitlin would do that again. I had some mixed feeling about being naked in the house but the attention from the girls compensated for that.

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Looking back, I now realize that there was lots of duplicity that day.