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Auto fellatio forum, I would Auto fellatio forum seeking men that like stilettos

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Years old 25
Where am I from: I'm slovak
Who do I prefer: Generous guy
Languages: Russian
My favourite music: Easy listening

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Register Now - It's Free! Go to JoeBanana is offline. I am one of 'the capable,' here to help any of those out there who've gone for the gold, but only ended up with a bruised spine. Definitions: Auto-Fellatio: sucking on ones own penis. Autofellatiator: a greasy person who auto-fellatiates My Story It happened one day as I was slouching at my computer, watching some porn, and looking down I thought, 'hey, that's not too far.

I'm 6'2 so it's not just for shorties Mom wants me to cum in her mouth, a bit flabby around the midsection as you can see in the pics in my sig so you don't have to be super skinnyand have a 7.

So there is hope. Some warnings.

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You will get your neck sore the first few times, so don't sue me or anything if any major damage occurs. You know the risks Huge fattie cunt not, watch 'Clerks'.

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FAQ Q: If you can do it, why would you ever leave the house? A: Cause it's a strain, and something you won't feel like doing everyday. Also it doesn't beat the real deal. I see one wittle wee wee The first successful run I had was doing it with an empty stomach important and at the end of the day when my muscles are nice and loose in the 'C' technique, which is where you lay on your upper back, raising your legs and lower body over your head so your penis droops down over your face.

Try resting your feet on a wall or a chair, and if Sex poems for him funny, prop your head up slightly with a pillow. Also, prepare your penis so it's at its maximum stretchness. Some people can do it sitting down.

I can barely, but not as well. I've found it easier lately to simply do the yoga-thing by putting my knees on either side of my head, which is a load off the neck.

There it is, hope it works out for you. Last edited by JoeBanana : at PM. Eilan is offline. I'm curious. And how does one prepare one's penis so as to achieve maximum stretchiness?

I need to be able to tell my husband what to do. EJFan is offline. This certainly falls under the category of things that don't turn bi on. Sybarist is offline. HEY, You and Ron can start Smoking pussies gang club together!!

Of course, that begs the question Until I discovered Lit, I thought that autofellatio was giving someone a blow job in a car. Thank you, Lit! This chillingly reminds me of the driveway scene in The World According to Garp. Timkitten is offline. Hi, I've spent many hours over the years trying to see if there was any position I could do this in.

And no suckess! I've been doing that How i seduced my mother it's a yoga position called "The Plow" for years and I still can't get anywhere close to my penis. My torso is too long.

Find Antigua nude beaches Posts by rosco rathbone. Michael Milton, is that Robin Williams' character? I remember two things from that movie. The driveway scene and "No glove no love. Kryocide is offline.

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Some other ways to help achieve your goal: Variation 1: Place a pillow on floor, about a foot out from the bed. If a normal bed pillow, fold in half and place the V toward your neck, and the "open" ends away--the extra "springiness will help later on. Facing away from the bed, lie on your back, with head on pillow. Depending how high up your box-spring begins, this may Forced insemination stories may not work.

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The lower the better. The trick is to use your legs leveraging against the weight of the mattress to give you extra pelvic push toward your face.

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The pillow is to cushion the neckbone, and also to give the jaw an extra lift toward your cock. Variation 2: If you've got a bunkbed or low ceilings or a very high bedplace a Wife gives up pussy under your head, with your eyes to the ceiling. Swing your legs over your head and align your pelvis with your jaw.

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Doing this will bring your cock closer to your mouth. Variation 3: Simply lying on My sister has big nipples bed, with head on pillow and eyes to the ceiling, swing your legs over your head and plant your feet FLAT to the wall. Doing this will allow you to use your legs to help force your pelvis toward your face.

You will need to try various distances from the wall to get the best alignment. Be sure your feet are clean, or that your walls have washable paint Used fleshlight for sale that you at least have some matching touchup paint Variation 4: This is the most dangerous, but most effect and less straining method.

The object is to sandwich yourself between the box-spring and top mattress. First, squirm in between the mattresses naked with your eyes to the ceiling. Press your feet against the center portion of the top matress and practice balancing the weight before doing anything else.

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With mattress hovering, scooch more toward the center of the box-spring until you get good positioning. Cum swallowing redheads pillow under head, swing legs over your head and align pelvis with your face. Wiggle around until you get the best alignment of mouth and penis.

Simply allow the weight of the mattress to push down on your legs and buttocks. It may take some tries before you're able to prevent the top mattress from falling off to the side.

Removes breakables Have fun! And be careful!! And use at your own risk!!!

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Last edited by Kryocide Xxx cartoon pussy at PM. FTW is offline. I've done 3. Well I couldn't go all the way, due to my big gut and small dick, but I got my dick over my face.

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I ended up cumming in my mouth which was alright except it gave me a sore throat to go along with my sore back. ChicksDigGuitar is offline. BigM is offline. Oh man. All this hurts Misty prepper divorce thinking about it. I'd rather just get my wife drunk and coax her into giving me a bj.

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Everything is relaxed and if you breath and go with Slave maker guide, it's very simple. Felt like a pinched nerve Be careful! It's VERY easy to get excited and get into it and begin grabbing the sides of the mattress to use your arms to pull you in closer and closer That's where it can can very hazardous.

Know your limitations and be realistic about your flexibility. Also, it get's damned HOT between those mattresses, so you might want to place a fan on you to keep you cool Having someone else suck your cock is great. But being able to do it yourself is just lots more fun FastFastr is offline.