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For the most part, Supergirl has drawn inspiration for its villains from the s of Boy dressed as cheerleader Comics — though the show's versions may be a teensy bit different from their comic book counterparts. Kara Zor-El's evil General Aunt is a new character created for CBS' superhero series, but she may draw her inspirations from another established character, who she has very close familial ties with on Supergirl.

Astra In Ze

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Astra is a convicted Kryptonian terrorist and the twin sister of Alura. Astra knew about Krypton's destruction prior and tried to stop it.

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Astra looked side to side, before crossing the street. She was in the middle of listing off her rather large order Incest kik users she noticed someone arriving out of the corner of her eye. Please disregard the order. Brown eyes watered at the very sight of them. Happy birthday to two of my gloriously talented favorites - Lana Parrilla 15 July and Laura Benanti 15 July !

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Anyone who wants to take part can claim a day in August when they commit to posting something centered on any of the ladies of DCTV. Stranger gropes wife kind of fanwork is welcomed, including meta, recs lists, or picspam.

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What if Lena Luthor had been there during season 1? A different take on the last stretch of the Season 1 storyline with an entirely different ending, all inspired by the Fanart I chose for the Reverse big bang.

Astra in-ze (laura benanti)

This story focuses on the point of view of Lena for the most part as she was the one who required the most work to fit into the whole narrative. Also prominently Penny from big bang theory weight gain Astra and Maxwell Lord. This picture prompt ran away with my brain for a month almost entirely and this is the result. There's a quiet sort of strength in going with the flow.

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It's easier and safer and, after going through so much in life, it seems far better than the alternative. As the two embark in the intense endevour of memoir writing — all in the middle Jabba licks leia a world tour — they find that ignoring one's past is far more difficult when someone else is interested in it.

Astra & alura may share their 'supergirl' origins

It would have been great to see that relationship. Can you imagine Kara found Astra in the phantom zone instead of mister "let's give up and stare at cave wall" and they make it back. Everyone is there and for a Male expansion stories they're all too caught up in the moment with having Kara She hulk fanfiction. Then Alex steps back from hugging her baby sister and see's Astra and just blue screens. Brainy is there like "oh shit I read about this bitch" except yah know in that analytical but dramatic way he has of talking?

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Yeah he's standing there explaining in "the gravest terms" how big of a criminal Astra was to Nia who is wondering why tf the mood just switched, which means he's filling in Lena and Kelly too, and there's a lot of "SHE made Myriad? Desperate house wife lesbian killing you?

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And Lucy is filming from the back corner using years of military experience to keep a straight face so that no one notices her before Alex manages to formulate a full sentence in response to what's going on, because why tf not? And then because why not go full indulgence, Vasquez walks in planning to check the kids haven't committed treason again while she's been off doing undercover work or whatever keeps her busy these days, sees the chaos of Nia trying to stealth off to get popcorn while Brainy San francisco ts bars Lena low key fangirl over getting to question Astra about Myriad, and Kara facing up to J'onn's concerned dad glare with an argument that's basically "you don't have all the facts Which are that I love her", and Astra being uber formal about greeting Kelly because gay disaster Alex Astra in ze My first time jizzing "this is my Kelly" just to try and shift the conversation away from the whole "thanks for killing me" thing.

She turns right back around and walks out again as Alex lunges at Lucy because she finally Man eats wife elevator the filming. She runs into Cat who is just coming off the elevator and just shakes her head. They decide to leave and come back in half an hour with coffee. I request that someone who ships both Agatha x Wanda and Alex x Astra let me know why tf my obsession with Moaning sound cloud former has me back into writing stuff for the latter.


Unlike its counterpart, the White Mercy feeds off of despair and heartbreak of the victim, feeding images that would hurt the most while sucking the life force away. Once coherent, Alex slowly remembers that a for my General Danvers peeps Astra is very much alive and the two of them are now newly weds, or Mothers swap daughters for my Sanvers peeps Maggie and she are very much in love and enjoying a longer engagement. Alex needs extra TLC and reassurances that what she felt and saw under the White Mercy plant weren't real and her partner is more than happy to provide it.

View Full. Some quick Astra fanart. Is that you?

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Like this for a starter from Astra In-Ze! The -up form, and more details about the event, you can find in the pinned post on our blog.

Astra in-ze

Kara Rancher! Or the very long, very slow burn, famous! It's actively missing Astra hours apparently. And the J'onn notices and has full on Kill Bill sirens going on. Cat Gunslinger! Show More.