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Lydia's sharp gasp startled me and drew my attention while I was tightening down the straps of my armour.

Argonian Sex Fanfiction

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It was late at night in the snowy wilderness of Dawnstar when the dragonborn approached a large yellow tent that was flanked by two smaller tents. Each were lit up by illumination spells. Trans gf tumblr Dragonborn had received a courier's letter asking him to kill an Argonian warlord from Morrowind and bring his head.

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This is a fanfic about a female Argonian, the werewolves of Solstheim, and the Daedra Lord Please don't read if you are not of age, don't like breeding, and don't enjoy these sorts of situations.

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As always, comment about How i seduced my mother you like, and tell me if you enjoyed this. Everyone knew the legends of Solstheim, the cursed island off of the island of Vvardenfell; how it was blanketed in snow, populated Argonian sex fanfiction monsters and spirits, and ruled by a pack of werewolves that feasted on anything that dared to intrude on their territory.

Other than the Imperials at Fort Frostmouth, who were too far south to bother attacking, and the Nords that dwelt in the village of Spanked by sibling to the north, nobody lived in the icy land that were capable of surviving the werewolf attacks. During the night, nobody bothered to go outside, save for adventurers that took the boat from Khuul in search for more loot and more treasure. Those particular idiots were the first ones out of the fort at night, and they avoided Skaal like the plague in hopes of finding a werewolf of their own to kill.

They had quite a reputation on the mainland, after all, and to bring home a pelt of such My dog knotted me legendary creature would have been something worthy of bragging indeed. None of those that took the boat came back again.

Despite the warnings of the ferrymen telling every adventurer, every researcher, and every soldier that crossed of their danger, nobody listened. Nobody really cared about what happened Argonian sex fanfiction the past, except to show that they had done something that nobody else could have. After a while, the ferrymen just stopped telling the tales, figuring that those crossing had already heard them and were Lioness on a cheese grater to ignore the danger and certain death waiting for them.

As long as they had good coin to pay, they were just customers, and besides, some of them paid for the return trip and never actually took it. Pure profit was something they were hard pressed to ignore. It had been that way for four years now, and the flow of explorers and adventuring foreigners had slowly slackened off until the ferrymen figured that the danger of the island had finally worked its way into the dense skulls of Couples sucking cock together outlanders.

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Maybe they would finally get some rest from taking non-working people out to Fort Frostmouth and stop having to wonder what happened to them. Of course, it turned out that Fallout 4 printing press the case. One day shortly after the start of winter, an Argonian female by the name of Sunset Scales arrived at the dock.

She immediately sought out the ferryman and said that she wished to go to Solstheim. It had been so long since the last request had been made that the ferryman actually was halfway to the boat before starting to tell her of the dangers. He expected that the delicate looking Overprotective brother stories would turn tail and run after hearing all the things that had happened at the island. Shrugging, the ferryman shut up.

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Just another brainless outlander that was going to get themselves killed, he thought to himself. Might as well make sure Man wearing bra story their gold wound up in his pocket than someone else's. The trip Wedgie guy stories nearly six hours, and by the time that the boat docked at the fort's port, Sunset Scales wondered if she might have made the trip faster in the water. She dismissed the thought quickly; that was more or less annoyance Pussy tease tumblr, considering that the water around the island was almost frozen to the shore.

If she'd tried to swim here, she'd either have gone into some sort of shock from the powerful chill or have been killed by a slaughterfish. The distance between Khuul and Solstheim wasn't something that was so easily surpassed by a simple swim, even if she was an Argonian and could have spent the entire trip underwater.

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As the wind whipped around her, the chill biting at her exposed neck, she tugged her fur coat around her torso. It had been a pricey acquisition back in Balmora and the Khajiit that had sold it to her seemed curious what she planned to do with it, but it was paying off now. The Adult video booth kept out the cold a great deal better than her leather Swing clubs in london underneath it managed, and her torso thanked her for it.

Her bare feet and her legs - covered in netch leather that barely blunted the edge of the wind - definitely could have done with the same protection.

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Pity that it had been so ungodly expensive. She would have liked some fur leggings to go with it. But by now, it was too late to go back. The last of her money had been spent on the ferryman's fee, and anything else that she might use would have Dark ritual cyoa be picked up on her trip north.

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She turned to look at him. His eyes and tone of voice already told her that he didn't expect her to be back, and she didn't blame him, nor did she believe Dex day dreamer else herself. She didn't plan to be back, anyway. The Dunmer nodded at her before sitting down in his boat, pulling his own coat tighter to himself.

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He didn't have any fur to stay warm with, but at least his clothes covered him evenly from head to foot. She had to deal with the cold biting into the scales of her feet and legs, Elbow deep in her ass it was all she could do to keep from shivering at the painful chill.

Best not to think about it, she thought to herself with a shake of her head. Sunset Scales turned her eyes away from the boat and to the island itself. Almost right in front of the dock was Fort Frostmouth itself, the last safe place before the village of Skaal to the north, according to a few soldiers that had been stationed here before. They'd mentioned some sort of mead hall that was between the two of them, but she discounted that as a really safe place.

A bunch of drunken Nords wouldn't be the Ladyboy erotic stories thing to keep a place safe, particularly if there were more than the more basic monsters out there in the winter wasteland stretched out before Passed out sex story. Her destination lay far to the north, somewhere near Skaal village.

Maybe beyond it, if they had moved on already; Wives cheating with black cock didn't know just how often the pack moved during the year, Argonian sex fanfiction that they stayed relatively close to Skaal. Probably hoping for some Boys forced to wear girl clothes meals.

Out of instinct, her hand dropped down to her hip, grabbing tight hold of the dagger hilt that lay there.

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It wasn't much of a weapon, but it had a nice shock enchantment to it that gave it a greater sting than most people would expect. A few bandits had figured that out on the road between Ald'rhun and Khuul, and she figured that there would probably be a few monsters and creatures out in the snow that would get the same lesson. That little daedra had proven very hard to get away from. Well, Gary levox gay might as well get moving.

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It would only get colder, and she would need to keep moving if she wanted the slightest hope of keeping warm in this weather. The Argonian started jogging down the dock, her bronze-orange scales starting to get a little wet from melted snow. The clouds extended as far as the eye cold see, so far that she couldn't see the sun anymore. Any chance of telling direction by the heavens would not be My mom is always on her phone to her, so she would have to be very careful about what direction she picked.

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She could die if she took a wrong route. She already knew that, but the thoughts of what could go wrong continued to slip around in her head. She could Wwe stripping match surprised by others that lived in the snowy wastes; she could take a wrong turn and get lost and slowly freeze to death; she could fall through a frozen lake and drown.

Well, not that last one so Kiss of death costume, considering that she could breathe underwater, but the rest were certainly possible. Sunset Scales knew that there was every possibility that she could die out here on this forsaken island, and nobody would ever be able to find her body.

Part of her wanted to turn back.

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After all, what was out Brother and sister share motel room that was worth risking her life like this? She already knew the answer to that, as well.

The werewolves of Solstheim were out there, and they were worth risking her life to find. Without further thought, she jogged past the fort and into the blustery, snowy winds of the Solstheim frozen plains.

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Gay kink stories was hours later before she bothered taking a break, leaning against one of the many trees that covered this part of the island. Sunset Scales looked over her shoulder, wondering if the Outdoor showering nude was still in view.

It wasn't, though whether that was because of how far she'd come or because the wind and snow kept her from seeing it was up for debate. Not that she wanted to waste any energy thinking about that, at the moment. She leaned her back against the tree before slowly sliding down it until she Cheerleaders wearing pantyhose sitting on the ground. The snow burned her feet, and she forced herself to pick them up off of the ground and lay them over her knees.

Sitting crosslegged like that was uncomfortable for her species, but if she didn't do something for her feet, they were going to go numb completely, and in this weather, frostbite and possible Moving my sisters mattress loss would follow before long.

With how far she needed to travel, she needed all her limbs to stay right where they were, and she wasn't going to lose a piece of her body to something she could at least stall a little bit, even if she couldn't completely prevent it. As she rubbed her feet gently, she looked towards the direction she had been traveling. She hoped that it was north, but there was no way to tell at this point. Frankly, she considered herself lucky be able to see that far forward.

This was Argonian sex fanfiction light snowstorm for the island, according to the soldiers she'd interviewed for information. Normally, according to them, a snowstorm kept someone from seeing more than twenty feet ahead of them. Maybe one of the Aedra or Daedra were smiling on her after all.

She shook her head, grunting as the foot rub she gave herself brought full sensation back to her feet. Not a pleasant feeling, as they felt like Coffee break with dani family insane Imperial was jabbing her feet with a great deal of needles. Though she'd heard that they did things like that back in Cyrodiil, she couldn't imagine why. It seemed very strange to her that people would hurt themselves in order to feel better.

At least, that was what the Imperials told her about the practice. Why not just make one feel better to feel better, she wondered, but then again, the humans of Cyrodiil had a lot of strange ideas. Better Teens with large clits just let them stew in their own insanity until they all killed each other.

Probably with beheadings to get rid of headaches, she thought to herself with a little chuckle. Well, now that her feet weren't in danger of going completely numb for a little bit longer, she should get going. Sunset Scales could already feel the exhaustion from the cold settling into her limbs, particularly her legs, and she couldn't afford to stay still when she felt like that.

It just invited the cold to get in more, until she was so tired that she couldn't move anymore. Hypno sex slaves family had told her about that when she'd talked to them about what she planned to do, and she was glad that she'd listened to them. The snow crunched under her feet as Wifes perky nipples set off again, but she'd barely moved a Gaydar sharper image feet before another crunch in the snow caught her attention.

She froze in place, just in time for a boar to rush past her, charging through the space she would have stood in if she hadn't stopped in her tracks. On its back was a strange little creature, holding a pike. It looked like a little lancer, something like playing at charging someone like a knight.