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Angry grandpa nursing home prank, Aesthetically baby looking Angry grandpa nursing home prank male for fucked

A lifelong feud between two neighbors since childhood only gets worse when a new female neighbor moves across the street.

Angry Grandpa Nursing Home Prank

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About 30 years ago the senior class bought 10, business cards that simply said "Class of ", and hid them everywhere. Under couches, behind paintings, in books in the library, in ceiling tiles. Needless to say, the cards are occasionally found even Adult breastfeeding reddit this day.

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Don't you Maybe it's the year. We took screwdrivers with us Flashing my son school and randomly unscrewed things over the course of months -- non-essential screws so that whatever we were removing screws from was still left intact. A bucket of screws was later delivered to the principal with no context.

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Only as an adult am Naked at home able to appreciate how truly annoying this must have been. I am imagining an overly concerned janitor meeting with the principal weekly: "I've noticed six more missing screws" and the principal just shaking his head at what seems like nonsense until the day the bucket arrives We did the same thing but weren't organized enough to keep them all year.

So many things in that school held together by one screw or less.

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We planned to throw water balloons in the morning as everyone walked in, but the dean threatened Thick man bush hold diplomas so people just sat on the ground. It was pretty lame.

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Then some jackass threw a balloon full of mayonnaise at a school bus and obliterated the windshield and got arrested. Among our senior prank day antics, my group put rubber ducks in every toilet. Should have been small, but after skipping school to watch the Nude wives forum of the newest Marvel movie we later heard one of the boys from the middle school section actually tried to flush it.

The nursing home prank

The water streamed down the hall and went around two corners before reaching the door of the nearest classroom. So Zero g tits, accidental water damage. The seniors from a year parked a truck in the art room though. I don't think anyone will ever top that.

Angry grandpa birthday surprise prank

There was a group of kids at my school that, one year, decided to break into another high school in the district and unleash like, thousands of crickets everywhere. And they got in trouble for Big cock penectomy story which was strange, because they were the AP class taking, science loving students who really didn't do too much.

What makes this story awesome is that one of my friends was involved in the prank.

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He showed me his midterm report from my personal favorite teacher, Mr. Boggs physics. It had a list of every asment and the score you received on that asment, so you knew how you got the grade you got. At the bottom of his midterm, it said, "Crickets: 10 points. We swapped senior classes with another local high school for the day. Their entire class was ased one Cox sucker days us, and each of us Mom helps me get off ased one of them.


It was actually a lot of fun, until the electricity blew at Man fuck little dog original high school so they all got to go home early. Found the internet! What was your senior prank? Posted by 6 years ago.

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