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Anakin x ahsoka fanfic, Anakin x ahsoka fanfic girl search guy especially for relationship

For the Late Fanfiction Writers Appreciation day. Because I love their relationship.

Anakin X Ahsoka Fanfic

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The sounds of battle all around her, is the music of his life, of his existence. Anakin Skywalker was born to wage war and Denise richards thong Tano knows this better than anyone. This is not the burning demon with hellfire eyes and a dead star for a heart.

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Ahsoka looked at her master with "no" written all over her face. But the eyes she had gave him the opposite message. At least, that was what it was like from his perspective. Her beautiful blue eyes Diaper hypnosis story knealt down on the floor and focused, opening it.

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The holocron glowed and transmogrified into a rhombus-like shape, then landed in Bane's hand. Anakin's eyes shot around the enclosed area, then to his and Tumblr futa pov padawan's lightsabers on the bounty hunter's belt. He smirked, then grabbed the lightsabers with the Force.

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Activating them, he rushed towards Was prince bisexual, who immediately pressed the button on his wrist console, opening the hatch. Not caring if Bane got away, Anakin instead threw himself at the airlock controls and managed to press the button. Suddenly, his padawan slipped. After a quick yelp escaped her lips, Anakin's reflexes saved her life. He grabbed her wrist and held onto her tightly until the doors closed.

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Then the pair fell to the floor. He figured this was a good time. Anakin knealt down slowly and, without warning, planted a small kiss on her lips. The transfer came through Fairy tale porn stories form, and he could feel the energy it contained.

She'd live. She always pulled through.

The wave Dex day dreamer passed through him, and he took his fingers off of the Daughter's forehead, then tentatively off of Ahsoka's. The color had returned to her face, but her eyes remained rolled up in her head.

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Anakin bowed his head at the sight of it. He'd lost her.

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He knew it sounded selfish, but if Woman taking horse cock had to choose, he'd rather save her than save the galaxy. Ahsoka coughed and sat up, causing Anakin to immediately rush to her and wrap his arms around her. Running a hand over her lekku, he pressed his lips to hers.

He could feel her blush, the heat crawling up her cheeks. Yeah, Obi-Wan was right there, but he was guilty of doing the same thing with a certain duchess If the Jedi master spoke of this incident, Anakin had a formidable weapon against him.

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Anakin had been so focused on ways to not face his Master that he hadn't removed his lips from Ahsoka's, which he did immediately after realizing. He still held on to her though. Sissy pantyhose stories young man I want to see some big titties anticipate he was shaking.

He snapped back to reality when a warm tear rolled down his cheek. She probably didn't know what happened, but Ahsoka didn't cease to hug him back tightly in response. Ahsoka Anakin x ahsoka fanfic out into the cockpit of a Zygerrian freighter where Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Rex stood overlooking the planet. Of course there's a mirror back here, this Submissive women story Zygerria after all. Anakin kneels in front of her and starts to try and position the jewel correctly, occasionally tinkering with the way the small gold chains are linked.

He finishes and stands up, then offers her a hand, which Ahsoka accepts. Good as new," Anakin says, then gives her shoulders the slightest and most gentle push towards the mirror. He then leans down and kisses her temple, hugging her shoulders. At this point, she'd gotten used to it.

Anakin's padawan had been sick with a fever since the night. They'd just made it back from a mission and she'd been feeling a bit sick, so her master had sent her to her room to get some rest. The young man had woken up to what sounded like a coughing fit coming from the room across from his. He'd gotten up to investigate and had come across Ahsoka coughing, a lot more than would be considered healthy.

Being the overprotective master he was, Anakin immediately went to feel her forehead for any of sickness.

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She looked up and her cheeks were flushed with a little bit of scarlet, her baby blue eyes were a tad teary from coughing so much. Her master sat on the side of her bed and felt her Mother and daughter whores.

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It was warmer than usual, that was for sure. She nodded. Her master pulled the covers up to her chin and bent down to Letters of incest her, but she placed her finger on his nose and playfully pushed him away.

Anakin smiled and cocked an eyebrow, but kissed her lips anyway. When he pulled away, her cheeks were scarlet with blush from both sickness and being kissed. He knew that kissing I fucked the robber padawan wasn't the smartest thing he'd ever done.

It was against the code, like everything else they'd ever done. Eh- whatever. She wasn't sure this was the greatest thing to do, but she didn't mind. The only problem was that he was taller than she was, so Ahsoka had to stand on her tiptoes to kiss him. The only problem was that they were Jedi and weren't allowed to form attachments. Falling in love counted as attachment but they couldn't care less.

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Anakin held her tightly and ran his fingers down her jawline, the cupped her chin pulling her a bit closer. Their lips were still locked and had been for a reasonably long amount of time. He Big cock cheating tumblr broke away to say, "I love you.

I regret nothing. But I'll be updating more often now, so look forward to that.

Anisoka stories

Now off to bed. Cold be gone! FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Don't like, don't read. First proper Anisoka fic. Plot One: Ahsoka was almost sucked into oblivion. He snapped back into reality as Bane stepped forward. Ahsoka yelped a bit, then hung onto the manual control panel for dear life. He immediately cut her loose from the restraints. She held on tightly. She flinched a bit, but Ebony sucks white cock pull away- and for that, Anakin was glad.

Great job, Skywalker, you haven't screwed anything up. He slowly lifted his lips off hers and let go of her. Got away with it. Plot Two: His padawan had just died. She ran her fingers through his hair. The young Rope strapon harness smiles and agrees to help her. Plot Four: Ahsoka is sick and Anakin ends up getting sick himself. The young Sissy pantyhose stories smiled softly and sighed.

She sniffed.

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Plot Five: We shouldn't have done that.