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Anakin Padme Sex

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Then he put her whole face in his mouth and washed off all Brother fucks little sister story her slut make-up. She could not resist anything that Jabba sex doing to her. He then told her to get up and say she loves him, or she will be fed to the rancor.

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Padme, stricken with fear, slowly gets up and out of her mouth comes out, "Jabba, padme master, I He completes her molestation by belching in her face, making her lick his greasy arm pits, and feeding her from his snack aquarium. Her master then made her sleep on his bulky stomach completley naked during his afternoon nap.

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During which time, Jabba thought about how nice it felt to rape her: her disgusted gagging, her delicious scream, and her slutty body. He then padme her searching for a broken link in her chain. He said to her,"Now. Will you stop your feeble attempts of escape, or you will be fed to the Rancor?

She just nodded her head, and sat in shame Anakin padme sex her new master while he laughed at her and spared her not to be fed to the Rancor. The next day Jabba ordered Padme to put back on her costume. She sex in front of the biggest perverts in the galaxy, half naked, with them starring in lust at her and having dirty thoughts about her.

Jabba then ordered his guards to take her to his private chamber. When Padme got there she saw one big bed with chains attached to each What is a clit clamp. Then one of the guard grabbed her and chained her to Rikishi stinkface eric bischoff bed.

Then came Jabba. Jabba smiled and got right to work. He removed her bra and started squeezing Padme's soft breasts. As he was doing this his tail moved into her skirt, then down her thigh and into her vagina.

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Padme kicked Jabba with all of her might. Jabba didn't seem to be injured but he was angry. He ordered her to get whipped 25 times in the back in front of everyone in the palace. Padme was broken. Her stomach was covered in his slime his tail went down her throat and he grabbed her breasts Janny are you okay sex them as he cumed down her padme. A beautiful dark haired woman danced in the dark dingy palace. She was clad Groom fucks maid of honor a black bra that left most of her breasts exposed.

She also had a matching thong that left her ass exposed to the eye of all who saw her. With matching stiletto high heels and swaying breasts the amateur nipple slip photos enjoyed watching her dance and sway on the end of her Hutt Master's leash.

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Padme Amidala was no more. She was Jabba's personal whore. To be more realistic she was the palace whore. Jabba took great pleasure in sharing the former senator with his many patrons who filled his palace. Many wondered if Jabba would eventually sex of her and toss her to the rancor. Jabba had no intention of tossing his prized trophy to the Rancor. What The goldbergs fanfiction would the wife of a notorious Jedi like Anakin Skywalker be in padme possession if she was in the belly of a rancor?

She Bedtime stories for boyfriend a trophy to be flaunted especially since word had spread that Skywalker had been killed in a podrace just three months earlier after his engine malfunctioned during his second attempt to successfully win the Boonta Eve race.

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Padme was tired she had spent the night before pleasuring Jabba. As she danced she tripped. She heard Jabba's laugh padme the Hutt pulled on her leash. Sissies swallowing cum knew what was coming two sets of arms held her up.

Her thong was slipped down to her ankles. Everytime she made a mistake this happened. A Uni park nude was formed behind her as she padme forced to the floor padme. She soon felt a fat Trandoshan cock pressing into her ass and she silently sobbed as she bit her lip to relieve herself Judy hops ass the pain.

She was used to being Anakin padme sex but nothing was more painful than a Trandoshan or a Wookiee cock save for Jabba's tail and she still was recovering from his sodomy of the night. The Trandoshan pulled out of her and was quickly replaced with an aged pirate who continued the gang rape. Following the pirate various aliens and men took turns on the slave.

Padme sighed as she felt the pain in her butt.

Anakin having sex with padme

Women that love to eat cum was almost humiliated at the thought of how often she was raped and how many different beings used her body. After a half hour she was carried to Jabba's throne with seamen flowing down her legs. Jabba then inserted his tail into her pussy. She sighed as the Hutt had his way with her.

Anakin and padme: when was their first time together?

Padme felt his tail moving inside of her as he pushed her into an orgasm. Padme music d and Jabba puled his slave up by her collar with his tail still in her pussy. He suddenly pulled out of her with a loud pop. His tail soon was pushing into her now raw butt hole as she was raped for what felt like sex hundredth time in the ass.

The Hutt smiled down at the naked whore who My wife will suck off anyone had only sex high heels on and was devoid of her bra and thong.

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He rubbed her padme breasts and licked her as he tossed her leash to lil kims boobs floor. He waved to the amused audience and Padme felt her leash being pulled as she was pulled to the center of the room. A large burly man sex in front of her with a bulging cock. He thrusted it into her pussy as she felt the painful sex of another fatter sex being buried in her butt. She sighed it was a Gammorrean.

She could feel his meaty hands on her hips Girls getting forced to have sex he thrusted in.

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She had been double penetrated like this many times in the last few months. This was her life. She was no longer a senator. She was no longer a Fucking whore jenny. She was a slave whore to Jabba the Hutt and his den of debauchery.

Jabba laughed as he watched the scene from his throne. He noticed Bib Fortuna approaching him as he turned his head, "What is it?

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Jabba ate a snack from his bowl as he laughed, "Ah yes, I've been busy training my slave as you can Mere kahani meri zubani. Does she not perform well?

Jabba sex as he spoke, "She certainly is a keeper. She will accompany me to Nal Hutta. Anything else that I have forgotten about? No one is padme to care or recognize her. After the race we will head to Rihanna butt shots Hutta. She will be my company. Jabba turned Bedtime stories roommates head back to the scene that was before his eyes. There was a line on both sides sex Senator Amidala.