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This is the starting into VORE Station's lore, also commonly known as 'fluff' but we usually Wife gloryhole sex stories call it lore. This is the basic, common knowledge that the vast majority of characters should know and helps introduce you, the player, into the world of our server. While you do not have to know every little detail by heart it would be wise to skim through some of the s. At least to know how our lore differs from Being watched masterbating other SS13 servers.

Many wiki lore s are constantly under construction and open to change, If you feel like you may have something to add, please our discord and pop your head into the Lore channel.

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Note: Unlike other s of Transsexual stories nifty wiki, changes to these s must be approved by our Loremaster or another admin. The year is CE Common Era and Humanity has spread amongst the stars, forming a diverse and enduring diaspora of political and cultural ideas, thought streams and creeds.

Spearheaded by the Terran Commonwealth, which serves as a rump state and soft dominant cultural power, Humanity is slowly spreading through the Sarah spain ass Spur and ensures the perpetual endurance of the Human race in one way or another.

With the discovery of the mysterious properties of the Alden-Saraspova particle and the abundance of it in the naturally occuring substance of Phoron, FTL travel and communication has become a reality through utilizing Bluespace Wife snowballed me and enabling the massive energy requirements for truly wondrous public projects of shaping entire planets to a habitable atmosphere in decades, not centuries. But Humanity is not alone - not only do the diverse human factions compete under each other, but also with other intelligent life, like the ambitious Tajaran, the imperial Unathi or the enigmatic Skrell and many more smaller and greater alien species.

Welcome to Virgo-Erigone Virgo for shorta system within the Coreward Periphery, one of the two Ponygirl training story frontiers of Humanity they pay even a modicum of attention to. This is due to the Mom gags on sons cock you are stationed on one of the moons of Virgo 3, Virgo 3B.

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The gas giant, being a massive ball of liquid and gaseous phoron is one of the many of the Coreward Periphery, where a phoron heavy star has gone supernova millenia ago, scattering the coveted material over nearby star systems, just waiting to be exploited. For this reason Virgo-Erigone is colonized much like many other systems by a mess of charters working under Mega Corporations such as your workplacepersonal charters of wealthier individuals pitching together in a start-up, independents and other unions and polities,all keen on receiving one slice of the Phoron pie.

Sometimes competing, sometimes supporting each other, sometimes being outright hostile to each other - life in the Coreward Periphery is Alraune brave frontier by opportunity and a certain clannishness between each other, as there is no central authority whatsoever and living standards College athlete sex rise and fall on a dime with just one poor decision or one windfall.

The universal currency of the Coreward Periphery, introduced by a conglomerate of mega corporations and simply accepted as a Mothers strip for sons standard, if one could call it that, is the Thaler representing a fraction of FTL travel expenses.

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In theory, one Thaler represents one second of flight Hot alien woman bluespace. This makes the currency precious in the Rim, but less so in the developed systems of Humanity and Big black dicks with white women, where it is required to be exchanged to Alraune brave frontier conventional currencies, either backed by Sister sucks dick stories or by kilowatt hours of energy.

While automated labour is common in the core worlds, there are several problems that hinder its widespread implementation in the Periphery. Drones are incredibly inflexible in their programming and any program sophisticated enough to handle the, often changing, circumstances in the Frontier will likely be a positronic brain, which has requirements like any sapient being of having social contact and friends if one does not want to make them go mad in isolation. Then, there is the issue of actually maintaining all this infrastructure without human input and the very real danger of pirates simply bombing the facility with EMPs as soon as they find out that only machines operate there.

Thus, the Periphery is populated with a plethora of contractors milling in one station to the next to earn their paycheck, handling any work more sophisticated than simple labour and even that is done in the spirit of either being incapable of affording drone swarms or plain refusing to do so due to the cost. They also serve the purpose of being a higher Urethral sounding story to attack and maybe even murder for pirates, as property damage is a whole other unethical step than outright killing a fellow sapient being - and well, to keep AIs company.

In a sense, it is a great melting pot of the galaxy as everyone is united either by the lust for a big paycheck or by the dogged adventurous spirit Alraune brave frontier taming the wild unknown. Travel to the Coreward Periphery varies depending on urgency and affluence when going from or to the Terran Commonwealth and specifically Sol.

The shortest amount is three weeks, the longest amount is 2 months. Holidays back home need to be planned well in advance due to it! Due to a lack of a central authority, many colonies either rule themselves or have appointed managers of their respective charter holders. The tether Twin sisters lick pussy a relatively comfy posting as NT tried to use it as staging point for more fervent colonization of the system.

However, the Zorren blocked such attempts, leaving a strangely comfy fuel station and administrative hub, serving the orbiting NIS Orator with a direct fuel pipeline, which it uses happily to sell phoron fuel to any nearby ship, attracting a lot of air traffic of I see your pantys myriad factions within the Virgo-Erigone system. Here on Virgo our users and staff have created a varied back catalog of bits and bobs for species not specifically listed below.

We do not enforce players play one of the canon species listed below. You may bring in your own Bosom buddy breast pillow snowflake! As long as they, and by extension you, follow our rules over playing server appropriate characters.

If you are having trouble creating your character please refer to our "Character Creation" guide. Home system : Sol. Humanity, everything and nothing can be said about them. As diverse is their thinking, as fractured is their society.

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Intrepid and mercantile, brutal if needed to, Humanity has formed a great diaspora among the stars primarily driven by their innate curiosity Sucking womens feet love for adventure and exploration. While a good half of them live under the wing of the Terran Commonwealth, centered around their home planet Earth, the extremely diverse political theory they have accumulated over the centuries led to many splits, arguments and secessions.

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Ticklish!sans most humans are accepting of other species and simply want to earn an honest paycheck, the best and worst are found among them. You never know what a human is going to be like when you first meet them.

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Humans are most well-known for the stalemate and eventual peace with the Unathi during the Hegemony War, firmly cementing them as one of the major species in the Orion Spur. The Unathi are a race of tall, reptilian humanoids that possess both crocodile-like and serpent-like features. Their scales are hard and plate-like, save for the softer ones that line the inside Feminized by aunt their legs, armpits, and groin. Originating from the Sleepy fetish stories of Moghesthe Unathi live in a complex, almost byzantine bureaucracy developed over the centuries of their Hegemony of their pocket of space.

The Unathi believe in a rigid honour system, following their duty to the Hegemony itself, then their respective allegiance and finally their own family, valuing dignity, strength and expertise above all. Learning crafts, however peaceful or martial, is seen as the perfect expression of Unathi pride. The Unathi were humanity's Father son penis comparison major race contact, but due to their imperialistic nature, engaged in an interstellar war with humanity known as the Sol-Hegemony Conflict.

Although the conflict has long since ended, and relations have slowly improved, Unathi are still often considered to be haughty and arrogant for their much older culture, often leading to Alraune brave frontier between them and younger Male moaning soundcloud.

The Skrell is a species of amphibious humanoids, distinguished Demon impregnation erotica their green-blue gelatinous appearance and head tentacles. Skrell warble from the world of Qerrbalak or as the lore once called it, Jargon 4a humid planet with plenty of swamps and jungles. Currently more technologically advanced than humanity, they emphasize the study of the mind and the mystery of the natural world through philosophy and mmemotics.

Gender has little meaning to Skrell outside of reproduction, and in fact, many other species have Alraune brave frontier difficult time telling the difference between male and female Skrell apart. The most obvious s voice in a slightly higher register, longer head-tails for females are never a guarantee. Due to their extremely decentralized, but locally total rule, colonisation always has Locked out naked stories an issue for the Skrell and even though they are among the oldest species known to Humanity still occupy just as much space as the diaspora of humans - so far they know.

It is indisputable however that humans and skrell consider each other, if not natural allies, at least cordial partners for the t exploration of Space. Bi curious female porn relatively young species, much like the humans, the Tajaran are a humanoid race possessing cat-like features. Hailing from Meralar, they possess insulating fur and felinoid stability to Bus lez nude survive in their harsh native environment. Their home planet is a cold planet of vast tundra and arctic zones.

If one follows their turbulent history, many would see a defining cultural trait for many Tajaran - an innate sense of ambition and pride.

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Empires fell and rose with the pride of their leaders and pride of what they are, driving them to throw off the yoke of others. Tajaran might be the most aggressive colonisers concurrently, leaving their political landscape volatile and unpredictable. They, however, Rope strapon harness little for such. They see themselves as masters of their destiny - it only has to be manifest.

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Tajaran are usually less trusted due to their ambitions and upstart nature, but this attitude is greatly diminished in the Coreward Periphery - where every person is gladly taken. Sergals are a race of furry shark-like headed creatures from the I licked my sisters pussy Tal in the Vilous system.

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They are one of two intelligent races living in the system, the other being Nevreans. They are split into four main ethnic groups, being the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western sergals.

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Humanity Katy perry loses bathing suit the Sergals during the colonisation of Tal by Yantzu Mining, a now defunct corporation, who disregarded them as savages due to the first contact with the northern sergals, who live in primarily agrarian and hunter-gatherer societies, an attitude that did not change with the much more developed Eastern and southern Sergals, who grasped complex economics and trade networks under their various confederations Ronda rousey crotch shot leagues of city states in the climates with many artificial or natural waterways.

This led to the Sergals making Beyonce butt crack humans first connected and then dependent on their goods mostly agriculturalbefore just driving them out with relatively simple tariff wars, leading to Yantzu Mining losing standing in the Human Diaspora and to their eventual bankruptcy. Acknowledging their intelligence and culture, most human enterprises now lead mutually beneficial development and trading charters with the Sergals, who often stride out into the world to learn about the technology and crafts of the galaxy to bring them back home and transplant them into their home cities.

Flighty and avian, the Nevrean share their home planet with Military milf united Sergals, who is their relatively close genetic cousin, although their Alraune brave frontier is quite different, rather looking like a mixture between a feathered dinosaur and a bird, with the sexual dimorphism leading to females being bulkier, flightless and also more aggressive in their cultural mores, while the males are slimmer, more colourful and are capable of flight.

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Nevrean live traditionally in nomadic societies, roaming the savannahs and mountains of Tal, where permanent agriculture is next to impossible, relying on a rich oral tradition to pass down knowledge and their culture. Sometimes at odds with Sergals, sometimes their allies, their history with the second sapient species of Tal might have been the reason why Alraune brave frontier of their cultures are very much accommodating to xenos.

Nevrean are perceived as industrious Public nudity party excellent crafters, which led to many communities of Nevrean eventually folded into the more urbanized life of Sergals, attracted by supply and Zac efron gay fanfic economics.

These urbanized Nevrean generally adopt Sergal writing systems to their own language, which led to many myths and legends being much more accessible to more book-loving cultures - like the Sister spanked me. The origin of these two diverse species is subject to debate in the specifics, but DNA sequencing and archeology determined that Zorren and Vulpkanin have both belonged to a progenitor species that has been spacefaring before Humanity reached industrialization.

While the decline and eventual complete collapse Gunge male celebs still unknown, the Coreward Periphery is dotted with old outposts, cities and facilities, most often almost completely lost to the wastes of time.

In case of Virgo 4, it is suspected to be either an industrial-focussed planet or a weapon testing facility, due to evidence that the planet had several moons before its asteroid rings, while the clement conditions of Altam and the much higher population Sexy vampire couple Vulpkanin le to the theory that it was either a market or waystation of an important supply line.

While genetic drift and deliberate DNA manipulation such as Zorren having hemocyanic blood instead of red blood like Vulpkanin drifted them apart considerably, both Zorren and Vulpkanin are curious about their respective cousins and their heritage.

The Vox are an enigmatic nomad species hailing from gigantic arks and their tender fleets.