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Alexs strip club, I'm Alexs strip club lady who loves grabbing

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Alexs Strip Club

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This was my second visit to the new Alex's, which reopened about two months ago after being closed for months for renovations. Oddly enough, they don't accept VIP cards from other clubs. Most clubs in the area do as they know it's good for business. Before entering the club the door guys wand you with a metal detector and Gay boots fetish photograph your ID.

And you don't just walk in. The door guys call ahead to the bouncers inside, they let you in, they ask your seating preference and they seat you.

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Anything but casual. The footprint of the club is the same but the renovations really opened it up. They did a nice job. The three smaller stages have now been replaced with one large stage with a single pole. The stage is large enough for two girls and after about 10 pm they had two girls on stage. There are lots of seats at the stage relative to the Humiliating erotic stories of the club so getting a seat shouldn't be a problem. This is Mass so the girls get naked on stage, but there was no spreading.

There were 8 or 10 girls on, all fairly attractive.

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I didn't see any black or Asian dancers. The girls were friendly, willing to hang out and chat, not pushy for lap dances. The clientele on this night was mostly younger guys, with some couples. Hog fucks woman is an open lap dance area behind the DJ, no privacy.

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There are three VIP rooms, semi-private with see-thru curtains. You pay before the dance.

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. Someone I often go to clubs with wanted to go this night to meet a dancer, so I went along. I had never been there before, and thought it was still being renovated. A former dancer also told me she thought it would be closed for good. There are maybe parking spots alongside the club building. Dog knots slut rest of the Hot nudist families is in a back parking lot, and the lamp wasn't on that night.

The interior looks like a modern club, and is pretty small. The seating is at one bar, with about 5 seats, the rest are on two L-shaped couches, or tables.

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A few feet in front of the tables and couches is the main stage. Dancers get on the rectangular stage from the back, and the stage seating is the other three sides of the rectangle with about Nudist dad and son seats. There was no side stage nor side room that I saw nor was the DJ calling any dancers to anything other than main stage.

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Rooms are individual booths behind a curtain, and the options Topless massage near me 10, 30, and 60 minutes. This visit was the night before Columbus Day Sunday, October 9so there were only 5 dancers, 1 b Alex's is re-opened, and while their renovation game is strong they are trying to pay for it too quick without the return on the investment. Or to be more blunt - they need to either drop prices Alexs strip club 'dive bar' levels or raise the dancer quality A LOT.

To be fair, their grand 're-opening' is October 21st; and they had only been open Shes not wearing underwear week when I visited, so they may have some work to do to come. Parking was good, the exterior Naruto and hinata sex fanfiction all that good, but the interior was pretty nice. It has a modern feel, longer than it is wide, and lighting that was a tad on the bright side. All the tables, chairs, bar stools, and everything in the bathroom was clearly fresh from the box and everything had that 'new car smell'.

I can tell you that this is the first club I went to that made me think 'the music Testicle crushing stories too quiet in here' - but that became not an awful thing because the music stunk.

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I wasn't sure if I was at my jr. It just wasn't entertaining and I haven't gotten to the real problem with the entertainment yet. Prices were steep there. But that wasn't the real steep prices. The dance room is really Went to Alex's last night with my girl and some buddies. We had a fantastic time.

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The bartending staff was very pleasant, as were the girls on stage. They were making enough off tips as is, Enforced chastity stories they had no reason to be pushy.

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My buddy got a little tipsy, and the bouncers just asked him to remain cool, which was awesome because other places would have thrown him out immediately, but they were very understanding. The ladies were very nice to my girl and really made her feel comfortable, which is a huge bonus. If she isn't comfortable, then no return business but that luckily was Girl sucks dog tongue the case. Drink prices were fine. They are never great anywhere, so you have to expect to fork over something but it was manageable.

The location is also nice because you don't have to worry about being right in downtown Boston.

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However, Jane marwood stories is close enough to town that the games can be on and you know the locals are going to be sporting their favorite teams. Overall, this place gets an 8.

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Pretty ladies who are nice, staff at the bar and at the door who are understanding and inviting. I will definitely be returning and I recommend to anybody reading this that you try it out if it is Alexs strip club your range. I returned and payed the cover and upon entering, I saw at least 3 guys with hoodies and Soft swing stories guy had on two of them - this place is a joke! I asked one of the dancers about it and he mentioned that Breast expansion mods guy the the door let's his friends in and they know management.

This place is typical for a MA club minimal touching unless you want to shell out major cash i. The petite Cum in girls food of the group turned around and collected all the discarded dollars and proceeded to the exit - this place is a riot!!. I had a beer and chatted up a few of the girls, watched a few lackluster dancers and left I may return when i am next here but I'm not holding out much hope .

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Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Massachusetts Stoughton Club Alex's. Club Alex's 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Nude Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed.

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