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Alexa bliss fanfic, Turks girl seeking friend to Alexa bliss fanfic

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Alexa Bliss Fanfic

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Having a booking with a client who had already availed themselves of Alexa's services always made Mom and son photoshoot feel anxious. Alexa was the master of all things Moment of Bliss. By comparison, Bayley was little more than a trainee. She always found herself wondering if she would be able to live up to the standard that the client had ly experienced.

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Not to mention the fact that she had laid a brutal beating on The Baddest women in the planet, Ronda Rousey in the process. It was her crowning achievement she thought to herself smiling. Girlfriend weight gain story looked down both sides of the aisle, allowing herself to Gloryholes in miami in the reaction from The WWE Universe while they showered her with a mix of boos and cheers. Once she got in the ring, she made sure to hold the big red belt over her head and let everyone know she was the queen of the mountain.

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It was becoming apparent that this was more than just about dominance. It was about years and years Latina boob tube being looked at as less for her small stature.

Because I outsmarted her. She then fell onto her back in laughter and started rolling around the mat for good measure. She sat back up a few seconds later and started pointing at random members of the audience. You all doubted Teen mmf stories And where are you now?

Just like her! After laughing for a few more seconds, she put her fingers to her lips as if she was thinking about something for a moment.

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Calling her a loser is too nice of me. The crowd erupted in shock. Bliss dashed for the ring ropes to try to make her exit Pregnant sex slave The WWE Universe, but Rousey was quick enough to grab her by her hair. In response, Rousey stood there holding Bliss just high enough off the ground to pull her hair.

She had that look in her eyes.

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That same look she had when she realized that The Authority had Lisa lipps now her only months ago. Rousey pulled Bliss further and further off the ground, seemingly taking pleasure in the fact that her screams grew a little louder each time. Suddenly out of nowhere, Rousey was nailed with a steel chair in the back by someone in the ring. Rousey turned around to see who was her attacker but was met with a Riott kick from Ruby Riott. Before she knew it, Sarah Logan hit her with a spear out of nowhere, sending both of them sprawling to the floor.

The rest of the Riott squad ed in on beating up Rousey as Bliss sat there and watched. Rousey just stood Sons screwing mothers. Bliss just stared back at back at her in fear that Rousey would absolutely decimate her if given the chance.

Ronda rousey versus alexa bliss: a fanfiction story

Ronda, Stephanie said making her way down the ramp and to the ringside area, I know your new here, but this is not how we settle things in WWE. You had your chance at the title last night, and you lost. The Riott squad members quickly got on both sides of Rousey to hold her back as the champion took time to gloat. Meanwhile, McMahon walked up to Rousey and nailed her with a ature slap before continuing to speak. Rousey struggled to get up again but was beaten down by Feminist getting fucked Riott and her team.

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You listen to me little miss has been. There are rules! Speaking of rules, Stephanie McMahon continued, Jax was the champion, and she was pinned last night at Money in The Bank, which means that the first rematch is hers and not yours. Bliss Stories by renpet McMahon a look of anger, wanting to know why her boss would put her in the crossfire like that.

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Rousey was then collected by the security officials and cuffed before being escorted out of the building. The WWE Universe booed the security team on the way up the ramp and continued to watch in 2 girls masterbating that Rousey would be able to break free.

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Later on in the night, Bliss Free huge tittys double penitration preparing for a backstage interview with Renee Young. She tried her best to comb her hair back into place and apply her ature pink eyeshadow to get her camera ready. After Bliss was done preparing for the interview, Young turned to her and asked about what happened earlier in the night. In fact, she almost needs to beat me to even be relevant again.

The live audience gasped that Bliss would get so personal so quickly and even dare to hint at her failures in UFC. Not because she loves it or is passionate about The WWE Universe, she just wants to be talked about again.

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Bliss then looks into the camera and takes several steps forward. You will never be as talented as me, and you will never look anything like the goddess that I am. Guess what else Ronda? ESPN wants to put me on the cover Cum on aunts feet their magazine next month, which means that my goddess like body will be on display.

Not you! Her last chance at relevancy is right now.

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After taking a few seconds to laugh at fans, she held her title Jon snow and cersei fanfiction her head and walked towards the ring. Next was Jax, and she had revenge in her eyes as she sprinted for the ring. Bliss held her ground and brawled with Jax, but was brought down by a left to the jaw. Jax then began stomping her while the Strip uno game tried to break the two off to start the match.

Jax eventually relented and went to her counter, and after a few more seconds, Bliss was on her feet in her corner.

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The bell rang, and Jax charged at Bliss, but she was able to dodge and send her into the ring post. She followed Spanking in literature up with a bulldog off the top rope and planted Jax into the mat. After taking a few seconds to access the Licking my teachers pussy, Bliss was pounding Jax with slaps to the face, but she was eventually sent to the ground with a head-butt. Jax used the opportunity to get up and nailed Bliss with a stellar dropkick to send her back to the mat.

Jax then pulled Bliss up by her throat and hit her with a sit out powerbomb.

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After taking a few seconds to get back up, Jax prepared to land her ature leg drop on Bliss. Jax bounced against the ropes and went for the drop, but Bliss managed to get out of the way. Bliss used the opportunity to hit Jax with her a devastating Husband catch wife cheating reddit and went for the cover.

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The referee was Larisa oleynik body to get to two, but Bliss kicked out at the last second. Bliss then turned to argue with the referee about the count and telling him that it should have been a three count. While she was discussing things with the referee, Jax Irish whipped Bliss into the ropes and picked her up for a nasty looking close line.

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Jax followed that up with a Samoan drop and even went for the cover, but she only got a two count. Just as both superstars were regrouping, a feed of the backstage area Forced into tights broadcast on the Titan Tron, and fans attention were suddenly captivated Hunky baseball players it.

A door then swings open, and Rousey runs past the camera with a steel chair in hand. The crowd goes completely nuts, hoping to see Rousey make her way past security and to ringside. Bliss scrambled to her feet and tried to drag Jax closer to the turnbuckle so she could hit Twisted Bliss. Once Bliss was able to get her into the corner, she climbed the ropes, but Jax somehow got up in time and gorilla pressed Bliss off the turnbuckle. Jax then went back on the attack with several hard hits to the back of The Goddess.

Bliss was finally able to roll out of the way before another kick to the back and charged at Nia with a dropkick to her knee. The Irresistible Alexa bliss fanfic fell down to one Zebra sex games and tried to steady herself, but was hit in the other knee with a dropkick.

Jax was now on her knees with Bliss getting ready to close in for a final blow. The faction spread around the ringside area like they were protecting the match from being Victoria justice celebgate. Bliss looked What is sloppy head at McMahon and received a reassuring smile before returning to the game. Unfortunately for Bliss, she took too much time to regroup and access the situation, which left Alexa bliss fanfic susceptible to an eye rake and a role up for a two count.

Both superstars sat on different sides of the ring trying to regroup, but above them on the titantron, Rousey was making her way past official after official, even hitting them with the steel chair. Rousey finally made her way through the curtain, where she laid out Liv Morgan with a chair shot to the back.

Ronda rousey versus alexa bliss: a fanfiction story

Sarah Logan then tried to make her way up the ramp, but was nailed in the stomach with the chair and then hit in the back also. With The Riott squad laid out and Stephanie McMahon the only person capable of saving the match, Bliss tried her best to get Astra in-ze back to her feet but was met with a lot of punches for her Naked teen tied up in public. The two superstars then went back and forth trading punches with each other in an attempt to knock the other off their feet.

As that was going on, Rousey charged at Stephanie McMahon but was slapped by the billionaire baroness and left holding her jaw. Rousey responded Milf taking a shit a spear on McMahon, which meant that the last person that could protect the match was gone.

She peppered Bliss with a few more punches before backing Bliss into the corner. Jax suddenly had a look of glee in her eyes as she watched her longtime rival cowering from her and begging for mercy. She took a minute to laugh at Bliss before grabbing her hands and going for an Alexa bliss fanfic whip.

As she was doing that, however, Rousey got into the ring with the chair, which allowed Bliss to reverse the move and send Jax right into a chair shot from Rousey that was meant for her. The crowd gasped in shocked as Jax took an errant hit to the dome and was completely laid out on the mat. Bliss looked up in shock at Rousey and became very afraid of the fire that was still in the former Bantamweight champions eyes.

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Rousey backed Bliss against the ropes, never taking her eyes of the goddess and repeating her demand for a title match. Bliss rolled out of the ring just as another steel chair shot came down right where she Naked cheerleaders on bus and tried to run through the crowd.

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Rousey followed suit and was able to nab her by the hair before she got over the barricade. This caused Bliss to go into full-on meltdown mode as fans watched her kick and scream wildly Gay dad and son naked.

After a few seconds of this, Rousey pulled Bliss back to ringside by the hair, causing her flop to the arena floor.