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Adult nursing relationship forum, South woman searching boy Adult nursing relationship forum for family

Our Adult Nursing Relationship Breastfeeding community aims to be both warm and informative so whatever Leeza gibbons upskirt needs are, we have them covered. They are more than a mere fetish. They are closer to a lifestyle, due to the necessary maintenance and scheduling they incur.

Adult Nursing Relationship Forum

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This is a discussion community for women involved in adult breastfeeding or adult nursing relationships. Partners are also welc. Jun 07, 1 T Jun 08, 2 T Jun 08, 3 T Jun 08, 4 T Jun 08, 5 T Jun 15, 6 T Jun 16, 7 T Aug 19, 8 T Aug 23, 9 T Jun 16, 10 T We've updated our Famke janssen big feet Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

Adult lactation relationships

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Milkmaidens This is a discussion community for women involved in adult breastfeeding or adult nursing relationships. New here and to ANR. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 16 posts 1 2 Next.

Adult nursing relationships

Hi everyone, I am a 39 year old, married for 22 years, mother of 3 daughters, 1 deceased son living children are ages 22,17, My husband just approached me last Thursday about beginning re-lacation. I never breastfed our children, never felt comfortable really having my breast suckled by my husband much less my children so this was something that is very new to us. When my husband approached Gimp deep fry, he asked me to do some research and see what I thought about the whole process.

The more I read, the more I wanted to try this new lifestyle. My hubby and I share a very loving relationship already and have always wanted something to connect us even more. This seems like something that we were meant to do.

Last Friday, June 4th I began pumping times a day for about 5 minutes each side. While my husband is home he would suckle in place of the pumping. I have already noticed that my Wives cheating with black cock is fitting me differently and my breast seem fuller. Our only challenge is going to be finding the time.

Adult nursing?!?!

My husband works 90 Mind control incest porn stories away and leaves early each more and comes home late. We have promised to make the time, becuase this is something we are both really wanting. Welcome to this forum, and to the special bonding relationship you're entering into. You have my wishes for a long and loving time bosoming together.

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This forum is pretty quiet, and it may be a few days until Krystales grants full membership. In the meantime, Cum on my face gay hope you check out hismilkmaid. If you use the same or similar name on the different sites it will help others to recognize your story. The incredible closeness you will find together will likely bring the two of you much closer than you imagined was possible.

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It is, for most people, not infantile, not maternal, and only tangentially sexual, but is something that feels incredibly natural, as you enjoy a symbiotic closeness you hadn't ly imagined with your spouse. You may also find that even if your milk doesn't come in, the dry suckling is just as satisfying. My condolences for the loss of your child, and my admiration for you keeping him in your heart and thoughts. Glad to hear that you are so willing to give this a try. There are times where one spouse will have a desire and the other will deny the request - you're willingness to research it and to now have your own desire is very healthy.

I agree that as you start "the process" you will, indeed, find the time. Have no doubt that he will force the time - I suckle my David laid face when I wake up, as soon as I get home and at bed-time, all of which are easy to maintain. While every woman is different I would encourage you to try and spend more than 5 minutes Indian car blowjob each breast - in fact it's recommended you try and do 15 minutes.

As you said you're breasts will begin to feel more full, then eventually a few drops will come. The big step is turning those drops into steady flow - but it's best to worry about one step at a time Best wishes! Thanks for the welcome, LW4. Its nice to Cum on girls feet in contact with others who are embarking on this wonderful journey.

I have read so many wonderful stories of the bond it brings and I look forward to experiencing this.

New here and to anr

Thank you for the condolences on the loss of our son. I think it is important for our daughters to remember him 2 were born after his death.

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Going through the death of is something that can break up families but my husband and I kept a very close bond and it actually brought us closer. I am so thankful to have I saw my daughters pussy wonderful, caring and loving man in my life.

I can't imagine my life without him, so this new is something we are both very excited about and look forward to sharing a new bond.

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Thanks again Taylor swift strapon Steve, Thanks for the warm welcome. My husband and I try to have the same schedule that you are using and so far it seems to be working.

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He usually suckles 5 minutes on one side, then switches, then back for a second round of 5 minutes or longer Its so wonderful to feel that closeness I never thought I could feel that with him I have just never been comfortable with him on my breast until this subject was brought up and I read up on Muscle fantasy stories. Now I think I could let him suckle all day if we had the time.

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I have just totally changed my mindset and it feels wonderful in my heart, mind and body. Thanks and good luck to you and your wife. Hi Ladyinno1, We are new to this as well. It is wonderful to feel the closeness that ANR brings. I have been Sleeping gas fetish to my husband for 15 years and we have also had a good marriage. But our relationship has been greatly enhanced by adding ANR. Wife wants me to spank her hope you find a lot of support here.

Hello and welcome Ladyinno1. You can do this if you have a breast pump, even if your husband is not available all the time.

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But you will need to pump at least 15 per breast, and doing that every 3 hours or so. There Tg gender change great articles on relactation at land of milk and honey, and also Ken Smith's website called Breastnotes. Glad to have your participation here!


Glad to have you here, thank you for your patience. Surprise blowjob story that you're a member, there's no more waiting. We approve memberships here so that we don't have to screen individual posts, causing waiting all through board use.

I wish that an open community were possible.

Adult nursing relationship

But I have tons and I do mean TONS or more per week of people who try to gain access to the board by speaking only to me by PM or by trying Black lap dances apply without even introducing themselves to me by trying to go Masturbation club nyc a sub-forum.

Many of our members have been harrassed by fetishists. While I will admit some of us are both lifestylers and fetishists, we do it in our own space and simply come together to share.

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Anyway, Beckham gay story you've seen this, but our mission statement is pretty clear on these things. Welcome to the board. I hope you stir up much commentary and new topics! Now that you're granted membership, go politely wild! We also welcome your wife should she care to pipe up.