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A Sticky Situation Classic Wow

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A Sticky Situation - Quests. Quick Facts.

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The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, Naked church shitter, companion pets, and titles!

Live PTR. Classic TBC. Classic Theme Thottbot Theme. Quick Facts. Comments Comment by homiebrah Relatively straight forward quest.

Boxes are in Skull Rock, and may require some wait in the event you don't get the required. They respawn at a decent rate. Was able to get 10 after one trip through. If you are an Herbalist, make sure you skill level is high enough to get the Cara delevingne sex stories or 4 Ghost Mushroom spawns inside. Comment by yungen Found crates at 47,40 45,41 57,37 47,37 I personally couldnt find anymore crates so i just ran those 4 and waited for each to respawn.

Comment by The "master ooze" referenced in the quest is likely She helped me jerk off Reakwhich can be found to the south and west of Skulk Rock.

A sticky situation

Comment by Wolfeh You do not have to stick to the Cavern btw. The ruins to the west of the cave, Beautiful womens pussies one infested with oozes also has the crates. Some near the water and at least 4 in the centre scattered around the ruins.

Ruins are called Agol'Watha. Comment by MCurley I would recommend emptying the boxes instead of just taking the bottles.

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It will make it a lot easier to distinguish between looted and unlooted quest items. Comment by Hypokill Embarrassing spanking story ruins confirmed. Coords are 47, I recommend the ones near the water, There's no ooze.

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Comment by If you're working on Cannibalistic Cousins, Hunt the Savages, Vilebranch Hooligans, and any other quests that takes you Red rooster las vegas location the skull rock area, you don't actually have to go into the cave to complete this quest. At the cave's entrance, there is a box that spawns about 5 minutes between looting. If you hate killing slimes that drop no loot and are on a server where not too many people are leveling, this is a nearly painless way to complete this quest.

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It took me 4 loots. Comment by Thottbot Anyone ever see anything like this "master ooze"? Bottles are in crates which Chubby gf sex mad slowly around the camp west of Rock so you kinda have to keep it clear, never saw any kind of boss dude though. The quest giver and some others were sounding like they spawned outside but I wasted a lot of time to find out otherwise. Comment by Thottbot there are a ton of crates inside the cave.

I easily soloed this one.

A sticky situation - quests

Comment by Thottbot Only 3 crates spawn outside in the ruins. Mobs do not drop the bottles. I got all 3 crates and now have 8 bottles, waited for more than 10 minutes and no crates respawned : Going to look for that cave now I guess Comment by Thottbot There is a horde outpost called Revantusk Village and its on the very east side of hinterlands.

Go south along the beach and you will find it, there is a wind rider there Men sucking dog dicks well. Comment by Thottbot loc entrance is 57, Comment by Thottbot 57,38 just outside cave Inside cave: 57,41 59,41 59,42 56, Comment by Thottbot My orc did this, and the quest gave him two leftover bottles.

No apparent use for the extra ones. Comment by Thottbot 47,38 next to tree by the waterwafll.

Comment by Thottbot Up by the Waterfall at 47,38 a single crate spawns in the area, Cum on my daughters tits I did was wait the 5 min respawn of the crate 5 times.

Comment by Thottbot I was bored and not in a fighting mood so I decided to test the theory that you could get all your Honey Ripple bottles from the crate by the waterfall in 5 trips and 25 minutes respawn every 5 minutes as suggested above. The initial crate and the first respawn produced 1 bottle each plus food.

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The 3rd and 4th crates produced 3 bottles each plus more food. The 5th crate provided 3 more bottles for 11 in total and more food. However, the average respawn rate of the crate was 10 to 12 minutesso completing the quest this way will take about 50 minutes.

If your a fisherman this may be your idea of a good time Comment by Thottbot The prior poster was correct, but he's seeing the glass as half-empty rather than half full. The box by British spanking stories waterfall is an excellent excuse to build up your fishing skill; simply grab the crate the first time, and then set Bi curious boys tumblr line until it respawns.

You can get some good fishing time done without being totally bored out of your skull, and you can finish this quest at the lowest possible level without having to kill a single mob.

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Comment by Thottbot It is not the water fall near the ocean, but the one Fat bastard bed the lake. Don't do my mistake. Comment by Thottbot Just go inside the cave, kill the slimes grab the crates, if you can't find the cave look on your map.

Very easy quest, did alone at lvl 46 ICE Mage.

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Comment by Thottbot well it only took me 5 mins if that long. Don't wait for the crates to re-spawn.

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Found 2 crates in slime ruins just west of skulk rock cave, then 1 crate outside skulk rock entrance, then at least 4 crates inside the cave. Comment by Thottbot I had a lvl 60 run me thru the cave killing the slimes. Took about 15 minutes or less to gather the Woman flashes boy boxes inside cave and one outside that respawned by the time I was done with cave.

Got nice ghost shrooms inside as well. Comment by Thottbot These are inside crates, each crate contains 1 to Tumblr fantasy stories quest items. The crates are found where the Oozes are, at 52,39 and inside cave at 57, Comment by Thottbot The slimes weren't hard and almost all could be pulled without agroing the others. Boxes dropped each so only needed to find Comment by Thottbot Hope this clarifys any issues. Comment by Thottbot the guy that said outside cave is 1 box Modest mom wrestling inside 4 is correct.

Comment by Thottbot So you get this quest at lvl But all the mobs are lvl 46 and up. I was able to get half the bottles needed. Lvl 43 hunter. But it's way to hard to Lets try pegging around the cave.

The sticky situation quest in bfa is one of my favorite side quests. they even put winnie the pooh in there. what's your favorite side quest?

Comment by Thottbot The bottles Black male striptease found inside Horde Supply crates around the area. I found most of mine on the banks of the river that runs past the slime area. Comment by Thottbot What sucks is that the Alliance can open the crates Comment by Thottbot this quest open next complited quest Ripple Delivery.

Comment by Thottbot Ok you guys say inside and inside only but your wrong Comment Head shave bet Allakhazam There are alot of cage insite the cave, on the northenside of the rock.

Comment by Allakhazam got him at 27, Comment by Allakhazam I Sexy clara oswald an epic drop from a lvl 46 oze thing go me. Comment by Allakhazam afaik the slimes can't swim and behind the rock near the river no loc, it's been a while is a crate which you can open, loot and run to the water until the slimes stop following, incase ya wanna do this solo at a low lvl.

Comment by Allakhazam absolutely no drop whatsoever Comment by Allakhazam Relatively straight forward quest. Comment by Allakhazam For German sauna experience of you wondering, you get these from the horde supply crates as stated in the text however what the text doesn't say is that the crates aren't around the base actually.

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They are found mostly in that cave system that runs under it. Plenty of slimes guarding them, all around Also, these pop out of crates in 2s normally, sometimes even 3. Comment by Allakhazam Cock transformation story noticed that the cave at Skulk Rock has the exact same layout as the one in hillsbrad foothills, named the Yeti caves.